One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


2. The Date

Lane's POV
I walked into the pack house with all the food and put the bags on the huge island in the middle of our kitchen, "Evan, it's your turn to unpack the bags!" 
Evan trudged into the kitchen. Evan was the youngest. He was a year younger than me and I'm 17. He has shaggy black hair, fair skin, thin pink lip, muscled but not like me, he was wearing blue basketball shorts and that's all he was wearing. 
He groaned again, "Too many bags!" 
I laughed and walked into the living room. My beta, Henry, was sitting in the black leather sitting chair watching football. "Where's David?" I asked. David was the alpha. Henry thought, "Last time I saw him he was in the office." 
I nodded and head off to the upstairs office. I slowly knocked on the office door, "Come in, Lane." I slowly walked in. 
David shook his head, "We need more wolves." 
"I know."
"You created Evan, can you create more?" 
"Yes, alpha." 
"We have 5! Other packs have 20-100 or more!" 
"How many do you want me to create?"
"At least 15." 
"I can do that. May I ask why you don't get Henry to change anyone?" 
David growled at me, "You dare question my Decision, Boy?!" 
I slightly flinched, David didn't really scare me much, he never has ever since we were boys. 
"No, David, I am not." 
"I'm sorry, brother. You should be my beta but you know how father is, he always thought cousin Henry should be my beta." 
"I know." Yes, David is my older brother. 
"I wish you were my beta not him. If I could I would change it but father is king." Yep, our father is king of werewolves. So I'm prince, David is prince, and I'm breaking the NUMBER ONE rule tomorrow by going on a date with a vampire. 
"Brother, I must be honest with you." 
David looked up from his papers and lowered his pin, "What is her name?" 
"Pretty. Is she human?"
"oh!!! Pixie?? They're always beautiful." 
"Um no." 
"Oh, no, brother please tell me she isn't..." David gave me a pleading look. "She is a vampire." 
David growled at the word, "Nooooo, why, Lane, why?!?!"
"She just...I don't know, when we shook hands I just felt that ping y'know." 
"The mating ping." 
I looked at him funny, "The what?" 
"The mating ping. It only happens when you meet your mate and touch for the first time." 
"Mavis is my mate."
I sat down on the couch and put my head in my hands. I felt a hand rub comforting circles on my back, "It's okay."
"We're going on a date tomorrow night." 
"You better go pick your outfit out then." 
    The next day an hour
      Before the Date
I buttoned the light purple collared shirt up and put the dark purple tie on, "Evan, come here I need you to help me with my tie!" 
Evan walked in and helped me with my tie, "Who's the lady?"
"Just some human." I lied. 
Evan finished tying the tie and smiled, "You look good." 
I brushed my hair and slipped on my purple converse. I was In black dress pants, purple converse, a light purple button up collared shirt, and dark purple tie.  
I took a deep breath, said goodbye to everyone, and left to get Mavis. 
Mavis's POV
I straightened my new gotten side sweep bangs and finished curling my long golden hair and slipped my short light green strapless dress on. I put my light green high heels on.
I started doing my make up when Andrew banged the door open, "Whatcha getting ready for?" 
"Can I go?"
"No, Andy." I finished my make up just as Lane called me. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, Mavis, I'm driving up your drive way." 
"Stop mid way so they won't catch your scent." 
"Will do." 
"See you in a minute." 
"Okay, bye beautiful." 
"bye handsome." and we hung up. I slowly opened my window, jumped out, and ran to Lane's car. 
I opened his trucks passenger's door and slipped in. "wow, you look beautiful!" Lane smiled at me. I blushed deep red, "Thank you." 
     2 and 1/2 hours later
Lane stopped the truck a little ways up the drive, "I had fun tonight." 
I smiled, "I did to." 
"What are you doing tomorrow?" 
I had to think.. What am I doing tomorrow? I had to think it was Saturday and we usually go hunting on Saturdays... 
"My clan and I are going hunting." 
He pouted, "Okay, I'll text you." 
"Okay!" He slowly leaned over and kissed me. We sat there kissing for about 10 minutes then I left. 
          The next day
I put a pair of orange Nike shorts on, some running shoes, and a plain teal tank top then put my hair up in a high pony-tail for our hunting trip. 
I walked down to the living room and saw all the guys in black basketball pants and man tank tops. 
Seriously... I thought to myself. 
"So how was the party?" Andrew asked. I nodded slowly smiling, "Good." Milo was looking at me with a look that made me want to cover my body more. Justan clapped his hands, "Lets go, clan." 

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