One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


4. Punishment

Andrew grabbed one of my arms and Stark grabbed the other then in a flash we were at the front door of our house. "LET ME GO!" I screamed jerking out of their hands as they pushed me into the house as Justan and Milo hissed at me. 
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!?!" Milo screamed at me as he shoved me down onto the floor. "BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WOULD REACT LIKE THIS!!!" I tried to stand up but Justan shoved me against the wall, "Should I teach her a lesson?" 
Milo, the most sensible alpha, nodded, "Yes." 
I started crying and begging them not to. 
When we do something horribly wrong we get taught a 'lesson' we don't really get taught anything they usually torture us. 
By injecting holy water into our veins for a few minutes then letting us cry on the floor in pain until one of us come down to the basement and gives us blood. I started crying and screaming for someone to stop him as he dragged me into the basement and locked the door. 
"Justan, please!! I'll do anything just don't do this to me!!" I cried. 
He pushed me into the wooden chair and strapped my legs to the legs of the chair and my arms to the arms of the chair then, as I screamed, slid a needle into my forearm, taped it down and connected the tube that is connected to the machine that pumps a bag full of holy water into me. 
He turned the machine on and watched as I screamed and cried as the holy water pumped into my veins.
I screamed and cried and trashed my head, "LANE!" Justan taped a piece of tape over my mouth. 
I kept crying and screaming as the minutes slowly ticked by. After an hour Justan shut the machine off, took the needle out, tore the tape off my mouth, unstrapped my arms and legs and went upstairs.
I fell into a ball on the cold cement floor and cried. I was so weak and needed blood. My whole body hurt. I just wanted to die. 

Milo's POV
"Milo, how is it possible for a werewolf and vampire to be mates?" Stark asked as he sat on the couch after a long day's hunt. 
I shrugged, "Mavis is a rare kind of vampi-" Scream. May's scream. 
"Mavis is a rare kind of vampire, she can be whatever. She doesn't understand how much power she truly has." I finished. 
She screamed again but this time it was a name...Lane; but she was cut off mid scream. 
I closed my eyes. I hated doing this to her but she must learn. She must figure it out that werewolves aren't our friends. They aren't allowed to be our mates. 
I honestly dont know how a werewolf is her mate. 

Mavis' POV 
After probably an hour of crying Andrew came down the stairs with 3 bags of blood. 
I tried to sit up but I didn't have enough strength to even prop myself up. Andrew sat the blood bags on the ground and helped me sit up on my butt then he sat down beside me. 
He gave me an opened bag of blood, "How'd you do it?" 
I kept drinking the blood until the bag was bone dry, "Do what?"
"Have a werewolf be your mate." 
"I don't know. I didn't even know I was his mate."
I grabbed another bag and drank it dry. "Have you ever kissed a vampire?" Andrew looked at me with gleaming eyes. 
I shook my head. Then Andy's lips were smashed against mine. I tasted beer. Beer was on his breath as he forcibly  made out with me. 
I yelled, "Lane!" In my mind. I prayed he would come, considering Andrew was forcibly kissing me as I was in my weakest state. 

Stark's POV
I was falling asleep on the couch when the doorbell rang. I groaned and got up then smelt something. 
I hissed and felt my fangs come out. I hissed again when I was at the door, "Who is it?" 
"Lane, Mavis' mate. The white werewolf." The werewolf said very calmly. I slowly opened the door, "What do you want?"
"Mavis needs me." 
"She's in the basement."

Lane's POV 
I ran down the basement stairs and saw one of the male vampires kissing Mavis. The wolf in me growled and told me to protect my mate. 
I growled loudly and pulled the vampire off Mavis and changed into a wolf and growled loudly at the vampire. 
The vampire crouched and hissed his fangs out and his eyes were deep purple. I pulled back my upper lip and growled. I slowly turned to Mavis and nudged her with my nose. 
She giggled, "I'm fine." I gave her a look, "You sure?" 
She nodded and wrapped her little arms around my big hairy neck and kissed my head, "Yes. Thank you for protecting me but I'm perfectly fine." 
"I love you." 
She smiled widely and hugged me tighter, "I love you too." The vampire was gone as soon as he heard that.

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