One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


5. Prince Lane

Mavis' POV  I watched as Lane change back into a human. I slightly blushed as I saw his bare chest. He pulled a red man tank out of his pocket and put it on with his grey soccer shorts.  "No shoes?" I asked as I looked at his bare feet. He shrugged, "I don't like shoes." I giggled as he hugged me.  I rubbed his chest as we hugged and his arms got slightly tighter, "I want you to meet my pack." I looked up at him, "I don't think that's smart. Wouldn't they like y'know rip me apart?" He let out a huge howling laugh, "No David knows what it's like to lose a mate he wouldn't let anyone make me go through that pain!" "How does he know? Did his mate die?"  Lane stroked my cheek, "Show me to your room and I'll explain. This room gives me the creeps." I held his hand and led him up to my room. Ignoring all the snarls and hisses from my clove. We walked into my large bedroom full of CDs and DVDs on shelves and on my dresser and nightstand. My bed wasn't made at all. The white comforter was tossed around the bed along with my black pillows. My room was painted white with black trim. My window outlooked our beautiful snow covered meadow.  I adjusted my comforter and pillows and sat on my bed then turned my 32' TV on. Landon sat beside me and smiled.  "What?" I asked looking at his smile that was directed toward me. "This isn't the room I thought you would have."  "What do you mean?"  "I thought you would have this extremely dark room with screamo band posters on the wall. Black walls. Black carpet-" I looked at my white carpet "but no your room is bright!"  "That's Jay's room."  "Justin?" "No no JustAn."  "Oh with an A?"  "Yes! Justan!"  "Oh!! I gotcha!"  "Yeah!"  "So tell me about how you were changed."  The question I've been dreading.. No one knows exactly what happen that night the only thing Andrew knows is that I was in a car wreck and my mom was killed when the car flipped.  I took a deep breath, "2 years ago I snuck out to go to a party and when my mom found out she came and got me and embarrassed the crap out of me.  "When we were in the car we were fighting and she was paying attention and slammed on the breaks when a squirrel ran out in front of us and the car flipped on the iced over roads.  "She died instantly. Andrew found me after while I was bleeding out as I was standing there. He changed me.  "I woke up a few hours later in a room here; this room actually. I was so different. I was more confident."  Lane smiled at me as I blushed.  "How did you change?" I finally asked. He rubbed the back of his neck, "Um I was born a werewolf."  "Oh.. Aren't like the royal family and high in the werewolf world people the only werewolves born werewolves?" "Yeah.."  "So are you royal or whatever."  "I'm one of the rare born werewolves."  "Oh.."  "I want you to meet my pack."  "When?"  "Tonight."  Lane's POV I cut up the zucchini and squash and put them in the tin foil that was on the cookie sheet then sprinkled salt, pepper, and mozzarella then put them in the oven on 350 for 15 minutes.  Then got the steak out and cut the fat off. "Whatcha doin cookin so much steak?" David asked as he leaned against the counter. I sighed, "I was about to come talk to you.. Mavis is coming over."  He curled his nose up, "The female vampire in that pack that hurt Henry?"  "Yes."  "Your mate."  "Yes."  David opened the spice cabinet and got out the spices for the steak, "Well I better go warn the pack."  I sprinkled the spices onto the steak and sighed.  I picked up my phone as Mavis FaceTimed me.  I answered it and smiled, "Hey, gorgeous."  She blushed, "Hey!"  "Whatcha need, babe?"  "Do you like this?" She turned the camera to the back camera and pointed at her mirror. She was in faded skinny jeans, black UGGS, and a pink long sleeve sweater, light nature make up and curled hair.  "You look stunning!"  "Thanks, babe. I'll see you later!" Then she hung up.  I took the cookie sheet out and put the 5 steaks on the huge pan into the oven and went into the living room.  Henry hasn't talked to me since our hunting trip so this meeting was gonna be interesting.  "Sit down, brother." David motioned toward the sport on the love seat next to Evan. I sat down and looked at David who was standing by the fireplace and then at Henry who was sitting in the recliner.  "Mavis is my mate. I don't know how a vampire is but she is. She's coming over to meet you guys tonight. Please don't screw this up." I looked at my pack members. They all nodded. "We won't, Lane." David spoke for Henry and Evan.  "She's here." Henry spoke as he curled his lip back over his teeth.  I stood up and went onto the porch and saw Mavis getting out of her car. She walked up to me and kissed me gently, "Hi."  "Hi, beautiful. My pack is ready and so is dinner." We walked inside hand-n-hand.  Mavis' POV  "Hello, Mavis! I am David the alpha of the pack!" David was the black wolf. He has black chopped hair with blue/green eyes just like Lane's, he was super buff, tan, big lipped, and he looked just like Lane but 2 inches taller.  He shook my hand and smiled.  I smiled, "I'm Mavis I don't really have a title in my clan."  "I'm Evan! I don't have a title either!" Evan was a little buff, fair skinned, thin pink lips, shaggy black hair, and hazel eyes. He was probably about 5'12.  "And that's Henry. He's the beta." Henry has chopped red hair, green eyes, not muscled but you could tell he was strong. He was probably Lane's height.  Henry nodded at me, "Dinner, ready?"  Lane nodded. The pack went into the dinning room besides me and Lane. "I don't think Henry likes me."  "He'll warm up to you." With that I was pulled into the dinning room. There was 5 chairs at the large rectangle dark brown wood table.  Each plate had a piece of Steak on it and a little zucchini and squash with a roll too. We all had glasses of red wine.  "Don't worry. I gave you the bloodiest one." Henry smirked and sat down opposite of the chair Lane was pulling out for me. "Um thanks." I raised an eyebrow.  I sat down and scooted up, "It's amazing of y'all to let me come here."  Henry rolled his eyes, "It wasn't really an option-OW!" David glared at Henry.  I felt really uncomfortable.  I tuned into their thoughts.  "Shut up, Henry." "What would Uncle think? His sons letting a vampire into their house! You guys are the princes!"  "Henry!" That was Lane and David's voice.  I looked at them. Princes? Like princes of the werewolves.  I took a bite of my mashed potatoes. Lane looked at me and mouthed, "You okay?"  I nodded.  "So, Mavis, how long have you been a vampire?" Evan asked as he dug into his steak. "Only 2 years. I was dying from internal bleeding and one my brothers changed me." I answered.  "Ah. What happen?" Evan looked at me.  "My mom and I were in a car accident. My mom died." I closed my eyes and felt Lane's hand on mine.  "So, Mavis, what all do you know about Lane?" Henry asked me in my head.  "Not much.. Just that he's a rare vampire that was born one and not royal."  "Oh, my dear vampire, he's a prince. Prince Lane. Prince of all the werewolves."  I looked at Lane, who was eating, then at Henry, who was smirking. "Lane." He looked at me, "yes?" "I have to go. I'm not feeling well."  "Oh um okay." I got up and glared at Henry then went to the door with Lane behind me. I closed my eyes when we got to the door, "Lane, I don't think we can see each other anymore. I don't fit into your world and you don't fit into mine. I'm sorry." I opened the door and ran to my car and drove off.  After about 20 minutes of driving I pulled over and cried into my hands. 
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