One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


6. Pain

I finally drove home after an hour of crying and parked my car next to Justan's truck.
I slowly got out and climbed up my stairs and went into the house. "What's wrong?" Stark asked when he saw me from the living room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up to my room.
When we got into my room I grabbed his face and kissed him. He was shocked at first but then kissed me back. 
I took his shirt off and kissed down his neck as he took my shirt off and then all our clothes were off. 
About 4 hours later I was laying in Stark's arms. He breathed deeply, "Wow." 
I wiped my eyes I was still hurting pretty bad. "That was your first time, eh?" 
"Yes." I closed eyes and let this moment sink in. 
"Are you okay?" Steak kissed my head. I rolled over and looked him in the eyes, "Did you feel anything?" 
He shook his head and stroked my cheek, "No, you are not my mate. I won't feel anything with you. You will only feel something with Lane." 
"He's the prince of werewolves, Stark, his father would have my head if he found out that we were mates." 
"No, he wouldn't kill you that would basically kill Lane inside. He would just lock you in a jail." 
I kissed Stark again, "Thank you, I suppose." 
"Just because I didn't feel anything doesn't mean I don't love you. You're my little sister..having sex didn't change that.. It was amazing but you're my baby sister I don't wanna do that again."
I nodded. I understood where he was coming from. I didn't want to either. I love Stark but only as a brother. I was in love with Lane in every way possible. 
I wanted him back but with him being Prince of werewolves I just can't. Stark kissed my head, got up, put his boxers on, and left my room. 
I looked at my phone and saw all the missed calls, FaceTimes, voicemails, and texts from Lane. 
I clicked on one of the voicemails: "Baby, I love you so much. I meant to tell you! I promise! But being the prince isn't a good thing for us! I didn't wanna ruin us!"
I sighed and put my phone on it's charger and slowly fell to sleep as I cried the only sound I heard was my sobbing and the buzzing of my phone as Lane sent me more messages. 
I woke up the next morning depressed, sore, and weak. I don't know why but I was. After about an hour of me laying in bed with a box of Kleenex and the Tv on with a chick flick playing on Netflix Justan came into my room. 
He sat beside me on the bed, "Are you okay?"
I shook my head and started crying, "I left Lane." 
He laid down beside me and held me like a brother would hold a sister, "Shhh what happen?"
I couldn't tell him what lane really was besides a werewolf he already wanted to kill all of Lane's pack. 
"A werewolf and a vampire can't be mates! It's the law! I don't want his species and my species to have a war because we have a kid or anything that's mixed blood!" 
Justan stroked my hair, "I understand." 
I kept crying, "I love him so much." 
"Go to him." 
"It's just gonna slowly kill you from the inside. Then you're gonna get so depressed you'll kill yourself." 
"Better than being killed or tortured by his pack." 
"I suppose so." 
"Or the king killing both of us because we broke the law by being mates." 
Lane's POV
I laid in bed looking at pictures of me and Mavis. I texted her again: "I love you please let me explain." 
I looked at my door as someone knocked on it. "Who is it?" 
I rolled my eyes, "Enter." 
David walked in and slowly sat down beside my weak body, "How are you doing?"
I whimpered slightly, "What if she breaks the bond?" David laid beside me, "She would have to go to father and she would be crazy to do that." 
"She's mad enough to do it." 
"David, she would!" He sat up when I yelled that, "She will not do that. She needs to know what losing a mate does to someone." 
"You're going to talk to her?" I looked at him with wide eyes. "If that's what it takes." 
David's POV
I walked out of Lane's room leaving him to finally eat. I slowly walked to my room dreading talking about my lost mate. I know I haven't mentioned what happen but it's really hard for me. 
I don't even know where to start.
I met Suzann at a party when I was a mere wolf in my father's royal pack. When we met I knew I loved her. I loved her before I met her but I didn't know that neither did she. We talked and fell in love but then we figured out we were in rival packs. 
Then after 3 years of us secretly dating our packs got into a HUGE fight and she was killed. Once she was dead my heart felt like it was on fire. I ran to her body and left out a eardrum bursting wail and cried on her body. 
I haven't been the same since every time I see mates that I know personally I want them to know they need to make every moment count because you never know which one is your last. 
I looked at the collage of pictures in the picture frame of me and Suzann and smiled, "I won't let Lane go through what I went though, snowangel. I love you." I blew a kiss at the frame and put my shoes on then grabbed my keys and went out to my car. 
I drove to Mavis' house and groaned as I smelt the vampire scent. I parked my car next to a black 4X4 ford and got out. I climbed up the stairs and knocked on the door. 
The alpha answered, looked at me, hissed, and slammed the door. I growled, "MAVIS!" A few seconds later I heard shouting, bad words, and Mavis answered the door. She looked like crap. 
Her eyes were sunk into her head. She had huge bags under them. Her hair looked greasy and wild. She smelt worse than she already did from her vampire scent. And she looked like she hadn't eaten in day. 
She was wearing a robe with hello kitty house shoes, "May I help you?" 
"We need to talk. I don't care where just somewhere." She stepped outside and shut the door. I opened my mouth when she put her hand on my chest and kissed my cheek. I just stood there. 
Was my brother's mate coming on to me? 
I blushes deep red, "um." 
"I only did that because if I kiss your cheek or lips my cove can't hear what we're talking about." 
I nodded and sat on the porch swing as she sat next to me, "We need to talk about you and Lane." She whimpered slightly, "Is he okay?" 
"He's hurt like you. But I need to tell you about when I lost my mate." She nodded then I went into telling my story about Suzann.
When I was done she was bawling her eyes out. "David, I want to break the bond. I can't be a werewolf's mate." 


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