One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


3. Mates...

About 2 hours into our hunting we ran into a pack of werewolves that Justan nearly killed. 
Justan still had his fangs bared at the alpha wolf, while Stark and Andrew held each of Justan's arms, as Milo calmly tried to apologize for Justan attacking the beta causing him to bleed from his shoulder. 
"My brother didn't mean to hurt him. When he hunts he gets too caught up in it and probably just thought you were an animal that he can drink-" the alpha growled at Milo causing him to raise his hands up. 
I looked at the wolves and wiped the blood of my lips and locked my eyes on a large white wolf behind the beta.
Something about him made me attracted to him. I looked in his eyes and noticed something a shine; like Lane's have. 
Lane... I thought.
The white wolf looked at me and just stared at me. I slightly smiled and whimpered as Andrew growled at me. 
Stupid older vampire powers. 
"These vampires are stupid." 
"The chick is sexy."
I looked at the wolves. Another one of my powers is reading minds but I can turn that on and off but when they're screaming the thoughts at each other I tend to tone in. 
"Shut up, Henry!" One of them growled after that. It was Lane. The black wolf looked at Lane I'm guessing that was Henry. 
"Why? We usually always call the hot vampires hot. What's wrong with this one?" 
"Just shut the heck up." 
The alpha growled at them, "Hush!" 
Lane whimpered under the alpha's growl. I slightly giggled and got a dirty look from Andrew.
 I slowly looked at Justan, he scared me when he hunts, his purple vampire eyes were gazed over with hunger, his fangs were the sharpest out of all of us, his posture was raved. 
Milo looked at me then at Lane then at the alpha, "Would you like to come have dinner with us?" 
The alpha howled with laughter. 
"Dinner with Vamps?!"
"That's hilarious!!!" 
"It might be fun." 
All the wolves looked at Lane and growled loudly. In response he growled back. My clan looked at me wondering what was happening. "One of them wants to the rest don't." I answered my clan's questioning looks. All the werewolves looked at me with evil looks and their upper lips were pulled back over their very sharp teeth besides Lane. 
They came toward me and backed me up until my back was against a tree, "Andy, Milo, Stark, Justan!" Then Lane was in front of me growling at his pack. 
"She's the One isn't she?! The one we were warned about. With all those powers?" One of the wolves asked the alpha. 
The alpha growled, "Yes. Now move, Lane!" 
Lane growled, "David, I don't want to hurt you but I will if you don't leave her alone." 
"This is her, isn't it? Your mate?" The alpha, David, asked, his lip lowering. 
I looked at Lane, "You told them about me?" 
Lane shook his head, "Only my alpha. But now the whole pack knows." 
"I'm your mate?" I asked him again. 
"Yes." He howled. My clan looked at me. "What's going on?" Milo asked. Justan jerked out of Andrew and Stark grasps, "Mavis is the wolf's mate."

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