One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


8. Leaving

I sat in the back of the Altima for 3 hours in complete silence. I closed my eyes and thought, "David, go to Justan please. Tell him everything." I opened my eyes as we pulled up to a HUGE house with small houses all over the land. 
He parked the car beside Lane's truck and they both got out then one of them dragged me out and pulled me into the house and into an office. 
A tall man with grey hair and blue eyes and a strong build was pacing as we walked in. "Your highness." Both the men bowed and left me there alone. 
The King smiled evilly, "You're going to be so much fun." 
Lane's POV
I went out to the garden and saw my gorgeous mother watering the flowers. I bowed, "My Queen." 
She jumped and turned around her braided black hair slinging around. She wagged her finger at me, "Don't you ever scare me again, Lane Tristan Nichols!" 
I laughed, "Yes, ma'am." She went back to watering the flowers, "Why did you do it?"
"Do what?" I asked helping her move dirt onto the new flower bed. "Break the bond with Mavis?"
"I saw her and David kissing plus she wanted to break it anyway." 
"Did she tell you that?" 
"No, ma'am." 
"Then how did you know? Because I know for a fact that she was in love with you and David kissed her first. Mavis fell In love with you the moment you two saw each other." 
My mother is an All Knowing. A women that sees visions and can read people. I closed my eyes, "I broke the bond so there's no going back now." 
"Yes there is." 
"What do you mean?" 
"There's this man in Romania that can rebond you two." 
"Mavis won't agree to go with me she probably hates me." 
Just as my mom opened her mouth I heard a scream in my head. I covered my ears and howled. My mom held me as the screaming got louder. 
I started crying, "Mom, who's screaming?"
"What screaming, my son?"
"I hear screaming." She looked at me, "Mavis is screaming in your head." 
I closed my eyes and actually listened to the scream. It was Mavis' scream. 
I looked at my mom wit side eyes, "Why is Mavis here?!?!" She shrugged and rubbed my shoulder then squeezed it, "Go see your father." 
I quickly walked to my father's office growling and snarling at anyone that came near me as I walked. 
I barged into father's office and saw Mavis bleeding on the floor with my father over her his crawls and teeth out. 
I growled, "What are you doing?" 
"Teaching this vampire not to mess with my family!" 
"I broke that bond! She is not your mate anymore! Now go!"
"I will not leave until you let her go!"
"You dare defy me?!"
Father jumped on her and slashed her stomach open causing a deafening scream to escape Mavis' Lips. I pounced on him knocking him off my girl and onto his butt on the floor by the fire place. 
"I do when it's an unjust thing that he is doing." 
My father pounced on me knocking me onto the ground he kept punching my face as he pinned me to the ground then would let the healing process begin then punch me again twice as hard.
A Shriek escaped a women's lips as Father pulled his fist back to punch me again. He looked up and his eyes filled with regret as Mother looked at me with pain and fear in her eyes. I just laid there not wanting to get up; no matter that the bleeding had stopped and the bruises were barley there I still hurt from the punches. 
Father got off me, "Lisle.." Mother just looked at him with fear then ran off. Father just stood there with heartache wrote all over his face, "You have 30 minutes to leave this place before I put you both in prison." Then he walked out of his office in the direction of where Mother went. 
I slowly got up groaning as I moved and helped the healed passed out Mavis up and held her bridal style as I walked/ran to my truck. 
I put her in the back seat and climbed into the driver's seat and drove off; leaving my pained mother and scared little brother behind me. 


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