One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


7. Broken bond

Mavis' POV David stared at me with wide eyes, "I came here to tell you not to and that story didn't help?" I shook my head and wiped my eyes, "Lane doesn't need me! He's a freakin prince!! I'm a vampire!" David raised his hand up and struck me across the face then shook me, "Stop it! Lane is in love with you! You have always loved each other since you guys were born! I always knew Lane was going to have some rare girl be his mate and I'm looking at her. Mavis, you have so much power that your "brothers" have yet to tell you. "I was told when I first became an alpha that a rare vampire called the Chosen One will cross my path and when she or he does to never lose sight of them because they will be needed either in a good way or bad way. "You're the Chosen One, Mavis! I can smell it in your blood! Since Lane came home from the super market and I smelled your scent on him I knew he had met the Chosen One." I just stared at him with so many things running through my mind. Chosen One? Powers? What's else is going on that I don't know about? "What powers do I not know about?" I whispered. David dropped his hands, "Come home with me. I have a book about you." I shook my head, "Lane is there." David picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his car. He shoved me into the passengers side, locked my door, and got into his side and drove to their house. "David, this isn't a good idea." I crossed my arms and pouted slightly. He looked at me in the corner of his eyes, "Mavis, you're gonna have to deal with this." "Not any time soon." "You love him and he loves you. I don't think you want to break the bond. I think you're scared." "I don't want the king to kill Lane or whatever he'll do." "My father will not kill Lane. He loves us more than anything." "He'll kill me." "No, he saw the pain I went through when I lost Suzann. He won't let Lane go through that." "Look, David, I don't understand any of this Chosen One crap but I do know one thing I love your brother more than anything BUT I don't deserve a werewolf as my mate. It's not the circle of our world." He pulled into the drive way and dragged me out of the car kicking and screaming and into the house. Henry was watching football. Evan was doing laundry. And Lane was in the doorway of the kitchen with arms full of fattening food. "Mavis?" Evan looked up from folding clothes, Henry smirked at me, and Lane dropped all the food. "Hey." I waved slightly. "Why are you here?" Lane whimpered as our eyes met. I just looked at him. He looked dead. "Um your brother needed me to come help with some crap." David grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs and into an office. "Hmm now where's that book." David went to a book case and started looking. "He looks sick." I finally said looking at a map with red pins on it. "He's barely eaten and all he does is cry, Message or call you, and watch tv." "I shouldn't have left that night." "Henry is stupid." "Why is he your beta and not Lane?" "My father always thought Henry, who is my cousin, would make a better beta than my brother." "Whys that?" "Because Henry doesn't have a heart and will stop at nothing in a fight. He has no soul. At all. Lane does." "So because Lane actually has a heart and would let a wolf go because he doesn't like killing your father would not allow you to make him your beta?" "Exactly." David grabbed a book and threw it at me. I caught it and looked at the black leather book with claw marks on it (the king's Symbol) and it was really thick, "Is this about me?" "Yes." I opened the book to a random page and read it. "Invisibility? I can turn invisible?" "Obviously." I read through it: "The Chosen One thinks about being invisible and they become invisible and when wanting to be seen again they think about it. Can be used as a friend or foe in combat." I thought about being invisible. I thought about it so hard my head hurt. David turned around to face me and looked around, "Um, Mavis? Mavis??" I giggled and thought about being seen again and giggled louder as David jumped when he saw me beside him. "Remind me to put that as 'not a good thing' under that one!" David grabbed the book out of the my hand and flipped through it, "so you really didn't know you were the Chosen One?" "Milo and Justan keep me sheltered. I don't know much about myself besides why I was changed and my old life. From me being turned to now I barely know anything just that I have gifts others don't." "You never asked?" "I have a lot. Milo just tells me that I'll figure it out when the time is right and the time isn't right yet." "They should have told you. You should have demanded they tell you." "The Alphas have more control over me than you do your pack." "Are you saying I'm not a good alpha?" "I'm not saying that at all. It's just it's a proven fact that Vampire Alphas are scarier to their "pack" than werewolf alphas to their pack." "Oh I didn't know that." "I get bored sometimes so I read books in our library." David's POV Mavis was beautiful there was no denying that. She was Lane's mate but she wanted to break the bond. I don't know if I should take her to the King to get it broke or just take Mavis into my arms and kiss her or do both. I moved a crazy strand of hair behind her ear and let my hand linger on her cheek and then pressed my lips to hers. She put her hands on my chest and kissed me back. After awhile of Kissing we heard a howl then a whimper. We pulled away and saw Lane at the doorway of the office with tears running down his cheeks. "Lane.." She whispered pulling out of my arms and walking toward him. He backed away shaking his head, "No. Don't touch me. I want the bond broke. Today." Then he turned around and left. Mavis stood there with tears flooding her eyes. I gently touched her hand, "Mavis." "You did this. You kissed me. He's breaking the bond because you kissed me." "You wanted it broke anyway." "I wasn't going to do it." Lane's POV I walked out of the house leaving my broken heart at the doorway of David's office; shattered on the ground in a million pieces. I got into my truck and sped to my father's "castle" 3 towns away. I turned on Pandora, clicked on my playlist or heartbroken songs, and jammed out all the way to the "castle". I got there 4 hours later after getting numerous calls and texts from Mavis and David. This was my time to ignore her. I parked my truck beside my father's charger and got out. I walked into the "castle" holding tears in. It wasn't really a castle it was like a 3 story huge house that he lives in with my mom and my younger brother and my father's royal pack lived in houses on the land around the "castle". "LANE!" My little brother, Cooper, jumped on me. "Hey, Coop! How are you buddy?" "Pretty good!! I think I found my mate! She's Frank's daughter, Stella. She's gorgeous!" Cooper was 15, he looks identical to me. Shaggy dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes, tan, buff, skinny, and he was a gray wolf. He hasn't found his pack yet or found his alpha like I did with David. He hopes David is his alpha but we won't actually know who is alpha is until he is 16. Which is in a few months. "That's good! I'm happy for you!" I ruffled his hair as we walked toward my father's office. "Have you found your mate yet?" I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as he asked that. What was I supposed to tell him? Yes but I'm breaking the bond because she's a vampire and was kissing David? No I haven't but maybe my mate is out there looking for me as I am her? I sighed, "I'll explain when you're older." "C'mon, Lane, I'm 15. I've gone through puberty and I'm a big boy now. I'm old enough to know." "Okay then! Yes I have found my mate. But it's a complicated deal. Now where's Father?" "He's in his office. Is she pretty?" "Gorgeous." "Do you love her?" "Yes." "Then what's complicated?" "A lot of things!" I walked into father's office with Cooper beside me. I saw Father at his desk with his glasses perched on the brim of his nose jotting notes down. "Father, may we speak?" I looked at my father as he looked up with my "alone please" look. Father waved his hand at Cooper, "We need to be alone, Coop. Go work with a sword or your claws." "But-" Father cut Cooper off in his alpha voice, "NOW!!" Cooper whimpered and walked out. "What's wrong, my son?" Father asked as I sat down in a chair opposite him. "You can't get upset or angry with me." "I will not." So I told him about Mavis. Everything from the moment I met her to this very moment. After I was done Father just stared at me with wide eyes and an open mouth. "So yeah.." I finished and breathed deeply. "Your mate is a vampire?" "Yes." "And when she found out about you being a prince she ended it?" "Yes." "And she's the Chosen One?" "Yes." "And her and David were caught kissing in his office when he showed her the ancient book of the Chosen One?" "Yes." "And you want to break the bond?" "Yes. Today. Right now." Father stood up and grabbed an old dusty book off a shelf and flipped through it before sitting back down, "I've never done this before. Usually mates don't want to break the bond but in your case I will. By the power vested in me, the King of werewolves, I break the bond of Lane Nichols and Mavis Mahone agreed by Lane Nichols!" I heard a breaking sound and then I blacked out. I woke up on the floor and rubbed my head as my father was back to working on some pack stuff. "Is it done?" I asked as I stood up. "Yes. Go see your mother before you leave." I nodded, "Yes, sir." I bowed, "goodbye, Father. I love you." "I love you too, my son." I closed his office door and rubbed my temples. Maybe Mavis is better now. Maybe she's happier. Mavis' POV I woke up screaming in David's bed he jumped up from his chair and tried calming me down as I kept screaming. He had broken the Mating Bond. I just kept screaming until David smashed his lips on to mine. I kissed back and kept kissing him until he slowly pulled away, "Shhh." I cried and pulled my knees up to my chest, "I hurt. Everything hurts." David held me as he rocked me slightly, "Shh, May, it'll be okay. Everything will be okay." "I can't believe he did it." "I didn't think he would either. But I guess he truly did." Just then Henry came to the door and knocked on it, "David, um some werewolves From the royal pack are here for Mavis." I looked up at David, "They're going to kill me now that Lane broke the bond." I stood up and slowly walked down the stairs to the front door and saw 2 guys with just pants on, "I am Mavis Mahone, you are looking for me." "Yes. Mavis Mahone, you are under arrest for hurting 2 royal family members." One of them cuffed my hands behind my back and led me to a car. He pushed me into the back of it as David and Evan were screaming at them to let me go. "I AM THE PRINCE. YOU HAVE TO OBEY ME!" David screamed at them. The other one growled, "We are under direct orders from your father. We listen to the King over you." They got into the car and drove me to the King's house. I hope Lane is happy.

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