Suffering In Silence (DISCONTINUED)

Have you every heard the phrase " suffer in silence"? That explains most of my life. I go to school everyday and plaster a fake smile on my face. When I go home I'm pulled straight back into my sad reality. I just wish for once, that someone would see through my fake smile. Until then, I will continue to suffer in silence.
* Original ideas, I am not copying anyone's work *
*Warning: story will contain some foul language.*


4. Zayn Malik, of all people




  Zayn stood in front of me looking worried.... what am I supposed to say?


      " Uh hey Zayn." I managed a week smile. He frowned looking at me closely. He picked up my arm and examined it, that's when I realized that I didn't have my hoodie on. My face was uncovered, my arms are bare, and he could see it all. " Audilee.." he said softly. " what's going on?" he asked sadly. " I- uh- you- um- you can't tell anyone, promise." I managed to chock out while sucking in my tears. He brought me close to his chest pulling me into a hug. " I'll keep you safe." he whispered. But I don't think anyone can. I just nodded slightly trying to the best of my abilities to believe him.  " will you be okay here for now?" he asked. I shook my head yes. " alright here is my number, call me for anything, any time. I'm always here." Zayn said while handing me his number. " I should get back inside now " I said sadly. He nodded slowly pulling me into another hug. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and watched him slowly walk away. Zayn Malik of all people knows my deepest secret. He saw though my fake smile when no one else has. I just hope that he can keep a secret.




* Sorry I know its a REALLY short chapter. its just a little bit of a filler and wanted to get that in. Maybe 5 more likes for the next chapter?

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