Suffering In Silence (DISCONTINUED)

Have you every heard the phrase " suffer in silence"? That explains most of my life. I go to school everyday and plaster a fake smile on my face. When I go home I'm pulled straight back into my sad reality. I just wish for once, that someone would see through my fake smile. Until then, I will continue to suffer in silence.
* Original ideas, I am not copying anyone's work *
*Warning: story will contain some foul language.*


2. Stalker much?



     I headed off to my next class and again, I sat In the far back corner. The gossip of cheerleaders buzzed in my ears as I sat in silence awaiting for the teacher. " Did you see them yet!?" " O my god I think there here!" that's all that was able to be heard for the next five minutes. And who is here? "Good afternoon class" Mr. Parker said. " As some of you might know, we are have a few new students for awhile. You will treat them like norm-" I blocked the rest out while plugging in my ear buds and blasting BVB ( black veil brides) I was interrupted with a slight tap on my shoulder. " Excuse me love but, do you mind if I sit here?" wow a British accent, nice. " sure " I mumbled not looking up from my desk. As he took his seat, all eyes were on him. Stalker much? Kristen, the head b*tch of the school was shooting me daggers.. okay? Class went as usual. I kept the same old fake smile on and pretended to be happy as I entered the hallway. 


      " What do you think you were doing with him!?" Kristen spat in my face as her ' posy' snickered behind her. " what the hell are you even talking about?" I groaned as I tried to reach my locker through the crowds of people. " You better stay away from him. Got it!" " Yes sir" I saluted grinning as I FINALLY made it to my locker. " I saw you talking to Kristen, what's up?" Maria questioned. " I'm not really sure. Being bitchy because the new kid sat by me I guess. And seriously she was giving me daggers all through out class. Any idea why?" I asked. " Do you happen to know the new kids name? I heard there is some people from a band that are coming here for some time." she mentioned. " no. And I don't really care" I said bluntly as I gathered the books needed and put away the books that were unneeded.


     " Hey aren't you in my English class?" A boy which I am assuming is the new kid asked. " Uh yes, I believe so. My name is Audilee Heart. Nice to meet you." I greeted. " Louis Tomlinson, Nice to meet you too." He smiled. " Would you happen to know where the canteen is?" he questioned. " Oh yeah, you can just follow me. I'm heading there now." I said as we began to walk off.


     " And here it is." I said as we entered the doors. " Thanks, see ya around." he winked and headed off to a group of boys siting at a table. I spotted Maria and took a seat. " You do relies that if you keep talking to the new kid that Kristen will kill you right?" Maria chuckled. " pshh sure I'd like to see her try." I smirked " And why is it such a big deal?" I asked. " Okay my dear, Your amaaaaazingly best friend in the whole entire world was doing some overload on gossip. So here our the deets"-" Don't ever say that again" I laughed interrupting her. " do you want to know or not" she groaned. " Soo his name is Louis, he is British, he is in a band, that band is One Direction. There you go. Your welcome" she said all in one sentence. " Wait.. isn't that the band that everyone at this hell is obsessed with? great. Just great." I groaned while putting my head in my hands.


  " Yeah well get over it because it looks like one of them is coming over to say hi" she said. Just as she said that Louis and his friends came  up to our table. " Hi Audilee, these are my friends." Louis said motioning to the four boys who stood behind him. " Nice to meet you love, I'm Liam." The brown eyed brunette said. hmm handsome. Then next was curly. Yup that's what I'm going to call him. " I'm Harry Styles." he greeted with a cheeky smirk and wink. flirt. Next was a blonde. " Hi I'm Niall. Nice to meet you Audilee. What a pretty name." aww how sweet. I smiled and nodded. " Nice to meet you, I'm Zayn." The black haired boys said. He seems a little quite. Maybe because the whole damn canteen is starring at us right now! Like seriously. what. the. hell? I think Maria could sense that I was getting a bit uncomfortable with all of the glares and remarks being said at the moment. " Well it was nice to meet you all. I'm Maria, Audilee's friend. I think we have to get going. Bye." she said in a rush while grabbing my hand and heading out the canteen doors. "Thanks" I hugged her. " No problem chica" she said and we continued with our day as normal.



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