Suffering In Silence (DISCONTINUED)

Have you every heard the phrase " suffer in silence"? That explains most of my life. I go to school everyday and plaster a fake smile on my face. When I go home I'm pulled straight back into my sad reality. I just wish for once, that someone would see through my fake smile. Until then, I will continue to suffer in silence.
* Original ideas, I am not copying anyone's work *
*Warning: story will contain some foul language.*


8. Secrets with an "S"


      I woke up with tears stained to my cheeks. I changed into a pair of skinnies and a jumper and headed out the door. " Good morning Audilee." Liam smiled as he walked by my side. " hey " I spoke quietly. " would you like to go out tonight with the boys and I to see a movie? Maria and Elena can come if they would like." He asked. Well I know that dad will be out late tonight so that might work. " sure sounds fun. I'll ask Maria and Elena later." I laughed as he jumped into the air. He just grinned. " so how are you liking the school?" I questioned. " eh it's alright. Most of the people are very kind. Some of the girls can get a bit.. creepy and of course there are the people who just hate us for no reason. Then there is you, your really sweet and you never freak out around us. I can actually talk to you like a normal person, it's nice." He shrugged while a blush crept onto his cheeks.  Liam and I both continued with the small talk and headed off to our individual classes.   " Good morning class."  Mr. Parker said as he entered the room.  " today we will be continuing with the same exercise, write a few things about each person in the class and turn them into me. I know we already did this but I don't exactly have a schedule for today." He chuckled as we all continued the assignment.

     I turned the papers in and waited in my seat. Mr. Parker sorted the papers by name and handed them to the correct person. I opened mine.      " so you're going to the movies tonight? maybe daddy will find out? I know your secret(s) and ill be watching ;) Xx" I crumbled up the paper in frustration. Who the hell is it!? That paper said " secrets" with an "S" what all do they know? How do they know? So many questions are running through my mind. Only Zayn knows about my dad. Only Harry knows about my mom. Apparently they aren't the only ones to know anymore...

     Class ended and the halls grew flooded. " hey Audi!" Zayn yelled from the end of the hallway. I laughed as he skipped over to me. " are you going to the movies tonight?" He asked hopefully. I nodded my head and smiled.  " Zayn I got another note today.." I hesitated. " I just don't understand how they know everything!" I sighed loudly in frustration. He pulled me into a tight hug. " I don't know either but I promise we will find out. Remember, I don't break my promises." He said looking into my eyes. I smiled and we both walked into the canteen. " Audilee!" Maria shouted from across the room earning annoyed glances from others. I laughed as I walked towards her and Elena. " So Liam asked if we wanted to go to the movies tonight, you all up for it?" I asked. " Yes!" They both shouted at once. Liam and the boys headed towards us and took a seat at our table. " So it's a yes?" He questioned. " Yup!" Maria shouted. " What is with you and the yelling today?" Louis asked her while he covered his ears. " You mean she has been like this all day?" I asked while I looked over to see her smiling proudly. " Oh god... what did you do?" I asked her seriously. " Okay so don't be mad but... You know that guy on the football team that is a total jerk?" we all nodded and she continued." Well I punched him in the face but it was his fault! He didn't think a girl could beat him up so I'm all like ' dude I can soo beat you up.' and he was all like ' then let me see you try' so I did and  he has a black eye. And he won't tell on me because then he would have to say how he got beat up by a girl." She rambled on and on while we just stared at her.

     After her rant was over we burst out laughing seeing as the same guy walked into the canteen and he really did have a black eye! " Oh  how I love your moments like this." I chuckled and hugged her. The boys laughed and gave her a high five. " Where is Niall?" Louis asked. " Where is Elena?" Maria asked at the same time. We spotted them sitting at a table together. They were just talking and laughing. " Someone get them together already!" Harry groaned. Maria patted his head like a dog acting as if it was completely normal. " What are you doing?" He asked her. " Playing with Steve." She smiled. " Who is Steve?" Zayn asked curiously. " I named his hair Steve. Don't judge me, I got bored." She said like a little kid. " You need help." Louis muttered into his jacket.

The day ended and we all headed home. I walked in the front door and sat my book bag down. Of course the flat was a mess. My phone  buzzed from my back pocket.


From: Zayn ~ Can the boys and I pick you up at 8?

To: Zayn~ sure. I think Lanie and Maria are going to meet us there.

From: Zayn~ Kk see ya soon :)


      I slipped my phone back into my pocket and headed into my room. I don't have that much, a twin size bed and a dresser. My bathroom is in my bedroom which I like. When I was younger my mom would always get me these little fairy stickers from her work and I would put them all on my bedroom door. They are all still there, I have never taken them down. After the accident and my mom was in the hospital dad tried to sell all of her jewelry. So I hid most of her belongings and I have them hidden in a small box inside of my dresser. I laid on my bed and starred at the ceiling. Quite, so quite. I have about thirty minutes until the boys are picking me up. I changed into my favorite hello kitty outfit. I put a jacket over it to cover the dark bruises  covering my arms.


     The door bell rang and I headed down the stairs. " Hey love, you ready?" Zayn asked with a smile on his face. The rest of the guys were waiting in the car. " Yeah, let's go." We hopped into the car and headed off to the theater. " What movie are we seeing?" I asked. " Insidious chapter 2." Harry smirked. " Get that smirk off of your face Haz, scary movies don't bother me." I laughed as he pouted. We pulled into the parking lot and headed out of the car. " Audilee!!!" A voice shouted. Elena came running up from behind me while Maria was running after her. " I only took one bite!" Elena laughed out of breath. " You. don't. touch. my. Nutella." Maria said with a straight face. " That goes for the both of us." I said. I laughed and she just rolled her eyes and headed into the theater. " You ready?" Liam asked as we headed inside. " Yup!' I chirped and we bought the tickets. Everyone headed into the theater and took their seat. This is the seating from the left to  the right : Harry, Maria, Louis, Niall, Elena, Liam, Me, and Zayn.  The previews were on so I was checking twitter on my  phone. I have gotten a lot more followers sense I have been hanging out with the boys. I usually only get hate from their fans. These people don't even know me.

From: Unknown # ~ Daddy wont be happy once I tell him your gone ;) Have fun :) Xx

     How the hell did they get my number!? I slipped my phone into my pocket trying to ignore that fact that this person might tell my dad that I am gone.

     " You okay?" Liam whispered in my ear. I just shook my head yes. Half way through the movie I ended up falling asleep on his shoulder. " Audilee wake up." A voice whispered. I opened my eyes to see that the movie was over.  " How did you sleep through all of Louis' screaming!?" Harry asked  astonished. I sleepily shrugged my shoulders. Liam picked me up and we all headed out to the car.  " Do you want to stay at our flat tonight?" Zayn asked me. Well if I go to my flat I have a better chance of being beaten to a pulp so yes I would prefer to go to yours. " Yes please." I mumbled into his shoulder with my arms wrapped tightly around his waist. " Your cuddly when you're sleepy aren't you?" He asked. I nodded my head and tightened my grip. Zayn set his head in top of mine and we headed off to their flat.


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