Suffering In Silence (DISCONTINUED)

Have you every heard the phrase " suffer in silence"? That explains most of my life. I go to school everyday and plaster a fake smile on my face. When I go home I'm pulled straight back into my sad reality. I just wish for once, that someone would see through my fake smile. Until then, I will continue to suffer in silence.
* Original ideas, I am not copying anyone's work *
*Warning: story will contain some foul language.*


9. He ruined my life


     " Audilee, wake up." Zayn whispered as he nudged me. "Humphh." I groaned into his shoulder. He laughed picking me up out of the car. " You can sleep in my room, I'll take the couch." He said. " No, I'll take the couch. I'm not arguing over this." I stated firmly. " Fine I'll get you some clothes." He told me and walked down the hallway. Zayn came back with a shirt and a pair of shorts that would be way to long on me. " Thank you Zayn." I mumbled and walked past him. The shirt came down past my knees and the shorts almost to my feet. " Zayn I look like an idiot." I laughed as I headed back into the living room. " Hey it's not my fault you're short." He laughed. I gasped and hit him on the arm jokingly. " I'm going to bed, night Audilee." Zayn said as he headed out. " Hmm night Zayn." I mumbled into the pillow off of the couch and fell fast asleep.

     " Hi beautiful." Michael kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head in disgust. " Look at me Audilee." He snarled. I faced my head toward the ground, to scared to look up at him. " I'll take care of you." He whispered kissing behind my ear. I whimpered in fear, hoping to get away. He grabbed my wrists pushing me to the bed. " Stop!" I shouted at him. He just wouldn't listen.

     " Audilee wake up!" Several voices shouted at me. I opened my tear filled eyes to see all of the boys looking down at me. I turned my body to face the back of the couch. " You alright?" Harry asked me looking worried. I nodded my head slightly. " Why were you screaming?" He asked curiously. I shrugged my shoulders. " Bad dream I guess." I mumbled. " Alright, just come get one of us if you need anything." He said and they all walked off. I cried and cried until I couldn't cry any more. Michael ruined my life and I will never forgive him. I just wish I could forget that memory, the one that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

     I woke up with arms wrapped around my waist. " Harry what are you doing?" I asked him. "You had another nightmare so I brought you in here." He mumbled sleepily into my back. I laughed feeling his warm breath. " Stop that, it tickles!" I giggled. He rolled his eyes with a smirk. " What were you dreaming about?" He asked me as I turned to face him. " Oh, I don't really remember." I lied to him. I hate lying but there is no way I am telling anyone what really happened. " Okay, you just seemed a bit shaken up." He said worriedly. " I'm fine, I promise." I said into his chest. " You're warm." I giggled. " Well you're really cold." He laughed as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. " What are you guys doing today?" I asked him looking up. " I think we have rehearsals later but nothing for a little bit. Do you need one of us to take you home?" He asked. " Yeah but you don't have to now." I told him. I honestly don't want to go home. Going home just to get beaten doesn't exactly sound fun to me. " Alright then we will just have a lazy morning." He yawned. " Sounds good to me."

     " Audilee you ready to go?" Zayn asked me. I nodded my head and got off of the couch. " Bye guys!" I shouted as I walked out the front door. "You know you could stay here for a bit longer." Zayn told me. I nodded my head. " Thank you Zayn, but I have to go home sometime." I said sadly. " Yeah go home to that asshole." He whispered madly thinking that I couldn't hear him but, I  could. " Zayn I'm fine okay? I told you I would call if I needed anything. I'll be fine." I assured him. He nodded his head and continued to drive. " I'll call you later." I said as I headed inside my flat. Dads not home, luckily for me. " Miss me beautiful?" A drunken voice slurred. Please not again...


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