These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


41. we've got a lead


A house in the woods.

Two guys who look older than a little girl named Amelia who looks 15.

Screaming from upstairs.

Hearing the name "Britta".

"Niall, can you slow down?!" I ask putting a hand up. "I just gave birth to twins minutes ago and I'm still recovering so let me process this!" It's hard to even process the fact that I'm now a mother. But it is true. All of those small dreams of what it would be like to become a mom when I was little came true. But who knew the nine months carrying two fetuses would be gruesome.

"Sorry, Liz." He apologizes looking over at Clary and Leah. "How does it feel to be a parent?" He asks.

I roll my eyes. "I've only been a parent for half an hour." Wow it's been that long ago.

"Right. If you need help changing a diaper, call me." He says making the "call me" hand gesture.

I sigh. "Okay, so what did this girl say about Britta?" I ask.

"Amelia said that she knew where Britta is. She heard her name in this house that had two guys and I don't know who it would be. But she also heard screaming upstairs in that house." He said.

Two guys. Screaming upstairs. Brit told me about when she told her ex-husband Charlie that she was filing for a divorce, he...

Oh my god.

And then everything with Justin on the ship. And how he got arrested.


"Niall, get everyone in here. And then have someone give what I'm about to say to Rachel when I'm done." I order. And with that, he does.

Kristen POV

"So this is what I think happened. There are these two men, Justin Rickard and Charlie Lunt. They both had a negative affect on Britta's life. When Britta worked on the cruise, she was raped by one of her co-workers who was disguised as Harry. That co-worker was Justin. He got arrested and charged for sexual harassment. She then met Charlie when she ran away from the cruise and attended college at University of California. They got married and had her two children Louisa and Tristan. A year after Tristan was born, she caught him having sex with another woman. She didn't know that he was having affairs behind her back and the mistress didn't know he was married. He got very furious at her and once again, rape.

"If Camille said she saw two figures when Britta got kidnapped, and Amelia said that she heard two male voices when she found the house, and a scream from upstairs, it must be Britta!"

Liz finishes her theory. As complicated as that sounds, she might just as well be right.

Everyone is flabbergasted. "How would Justin get out of jail so early?" Nicole asked.

"It must be for some reason. And wouldn't she have gotten married at like 20?" Louis ponders.

"19." Zayn jumps in. "She was 19 and two months pregnant with Louisa."

That's when everyone's eyes grew.

"Well I feel like Liz's theory is probably the closest we can get. Those two men have serious issues. Hold on." I say whipping out my phone and sending a text to a friend at the station who is in charge of records.

To: Taylor Adair "hey. Can you look up records of these two men: Justin Rickard and Charles Lunt."

I get a text back from him a few minutes later with info: Justin was charged six years ago for rape and sexual harassment. Charlie was arrested for stalking two years ago. Well, those are some pretty serious charges against two guys who would want to kidnap someone.

I show the text to everyone and when I was expecting no reaction, most of their eyes widened.

"Justin and Charlie. Those are the only two guys with negative influence on Britta's life. It has to be them." Louis spoke in shock.

"Okay, I have a plan to get Britta back!" Niall says. The guys and girls, beside me, groan. "What?" He asked.

"Your plans are always stupid." Becca answers. "Remember your plan to..."

"We don't speak of that day!" He sternly states. "Alright. So my plan is that we send someone in incognito to distract Justin and Charlie. And then we try and find where Britta is by sneaking around until we hear her in some way."

He does jazz hands, and we all just stay quiet. I think for a while and I'm beginning to feel this could work. Until I realize that people who aren't members of the police force can't interfere with a case unless given consent from the department's captain. But hey, I'm sure Captain Patson will allow it.

"I can run that plan through my captain and it could work with all of your help." I speak up. And everyone just starts howling.

Until a nurse came in telling us to keep quiet because of the twins.

We all scramble out of the room so Liz can sleep and we can tell Rachel our plan.

On my way out of the room to head back to my apartment, someone pulled me over.

It was Zayn.

"I hope you won't freak out when I tell you this." He says sounding worried.

"Why would I freak?" I ask.

He takes a deep breath. "Niall said that his plan as it goes in depth involves you going incognito." Okay, I've always wanted to go undercover in a case.

"He hopes you're a good hooker. And he almost set Camille as driving the getaway car. Okay, I got to go. See you tomorrow." He walks away.

Okay, now I got to think what I am going to do with these boys.

"How did Britta deal with them?" I mutter to myself.

Okay so I'm sorry for not updating in like forever!!! Marching band ends this week so as much as I am ready, I'm not.

Okay I got to go. I got school.

Love y'all!!!

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