These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


15. Story of my life part 3


I unlock the front door and quietly walk in. The kids are asleep and so is Charlie. I set my bag down and take off my coat. I begin to tiptoe towards the couch and slowly lie down. 

I had a long day at work. It was quite stressful. 

As I was about to close my eyes, I heard a noise coming from upstairs. 

It's not the kids. They either cry or scream. 

This was a scream. But not the kids screaming my name. 

It was someone screaming my husband's. 

I swing myself off the couch and run upstairs to our bedroom. 

I barge open the door. 

I thought Charlie was being murdered or something horrible happened to him. 

But it's turns out it was neither of those. 

Because Charlie Lunt,

The man who saved my ass at the frat party,

The one whom I promised to live the rest of my life with,

The one who's the father of my children,

The one who lifted me up from a broken heart,

Was with another woman. 

"Charles," the woman whom I didn't know started, "who is this?" 

Charlie, who looks drunk, slurs, "that's...uhh...Britta my...wife." 

The woman gets out of the bed, throws on a t-shirt, all while saying, "SHE'S YOUR WIFE?! AND YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING ON HER WITH ME?! AND LET'S NOT FORGET EVERYONE ELSE YOU HIT ON AT THE CLUB! YOU ARE SICK, CHARLIE LUNT! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FELL FOR THAT!" She runs out of the room and out of the house. 

I stand there. My drunk, naked husband is standing in front of me. "You've been...sleeping with other women?!" 

"Brit, hun, you don't understand..." He tries to say, but I interrupt him. 

"No, you don't understand!" I raise my voice, "I've been working day and night in order to pay for this family to live under a roof and her you are sleeping with random women every Saturday while I'm on the graveyard shift?! Most importantly, you've been out drinking and bringing other women home all while I'm busy taking care of everybody here?! Bullshit, Charlie! I can't stand this! How long has this been going on?!" 

He's totally unstable. "About...since September of last year..."

Oh god this can't be happening, "So technically, you've been sleeping with other women, there's a possibility one of them might even be pregnant, for almost a year?!" I tug on my hair. "I...I...I can't do this anymore!" 

"What are you saying?" Now he's raising his voice.

"I'm leaving the house, and taking the children. I'm filing for a divorce." I'm about to walk out of the room when I'm tugged back. Charlie is holding my wrist and I struggle to release his grip. 

But he squeezes my wrist tighter. 

"Oh, no you don't. You're mine." He states. 

I'm now squirming, but he pushes me onto the ground and pins my arms down. Damn, he's strong. "Will you please stop?" He whispers. 

"No!" I yell trying to push him off of me. 

"Alright, I didn't want to but you left me no choice." 

I really wish I didn't say no. 

Because after that, I was raped, pushed into a window that then broke, and bruised badly. 

I want my family back. 

My mom, my sister, my cousin, my friends, my co-workers from the cruise. 

And for the first time ever...

I want my ex-boyfriend back. 


[So that's the end of the three part chapter! 

QOTC: out of the three parts of the chapter, which part was your favorite? Being the author of this story, I'd have to say this part because there was a lot of drama and emotion that went into it. 

So today, November 3, 2013, is the official day that the Story of My Life music video comes out! And it's daylight saving time! I thought it was 8:32 when I woke up, but it was 7:32. Oh, god! And the TMH tour officially ended in Japan earlier. Oh, sob! Oh, cry! I didn't go to any of the TMH tour shows (they came to Columbus back in June), but to all of you guys who did see them live, I hope it was a fun time to remember. 

And another QOTC: what concert(s) have you been to in your life? I saw Taylor Swift and Train in concert and it was fun! 

So songs for the chapter are:

Story of My Life (for the final time)

Sad, Beautiful Tragic-Taylor Swift

Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri

Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler

Thanks for reading! Like, comment, favorite, fan, go to Applebee's and create a podcast, my calendar in my room is so strange because since August....that's not important. 

19 days till Catching Fire, 20 days till Day of the Doctor, and 22 days till Midnight Memories!! 

Okay, peace!]

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