These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


14. Story of my life part 2


"C'mon, Louisa!" I yell scarfing my breakfast down my throat. 

"I need to dry my hair!" She yells from the bathroom. 

"We live in California!" I shout to her, "it's not like you'll get sick from having wet hair! We're going to be late for class!" 

She comes out with damp hair and dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts. "Well, it's not my fault I like to take my time getting ready." 

I groan. Within the last few weeks I've been here at Berkley and I feel like Louisa has become my sister. We have a bunch of things in common: we love to sing, we have an older sibling who loved to sneak out to parties, et cetera. 

But we have totally different schedules. 

My first class of the day is Music History. I'm majoring in music so I selected a few music classes. And a theater class which is the same class me and Louisa have. 

I had to get to class. My professor hates tardiness. 

As I run out of the hall, I run into someone I haven't seen in a long time. He's definitely different then when I last saw him. Clean, actually. 


"Hey...." He trails off because he forgot my name. Already. 

"Britta." I finish. 

"Yeah. Call me Charlie next time." I nod. "Hey, I have a question." He says. 

"Edgar Allan Poe died in 1849. He married his 12 year old cousin. 10 square root of 17 over 17. White Man's Burden. Halogen family. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club." 

He stares at me like I'm crazy, "What the hell?" 

"Sorry." I apologize, "so what was your question?" 

"So I was wondering....if you..." He's stuttering. Is he trying to ask me out? 


"Yes what?" 

"You're trying to ask me on a date, right?" I stare into his eyes. He nods slowly. "Okay, I'll go on a date with you. I haven't been on one in forever." 

He cocks his head to the side. "Really?" I nod. 

"So pick me up at eight?" He agrees. 


"So we went on the date, a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes." I say, "so we dated for a few months and..."

"Wait, Zayn raises a hand to stop me, "you two met at a party just before you were about to be somewhat raped by a drunk guy and he saved you, then a few weeks after that, you go on your first date together?" 

I roll my eyes. "Why are you so upset with that?" 

"Because..." He walks around, "I didn't do that to you after Justin." 

I bite my lips. "But we were sort of dating. Just not officially because of Perrie." I remind him. 

"Okay," he states, "continue your life story." 

I forget everything he said just a few minutes ago. 

"Okay, so a few months after we started dating..."


"Hey, Louisa!" I yell, "you know where the hair dryer is? Mostly, my outfit for tonight?" 

"Why do you need it so bad?" She asked looking up from her laptop. 

I take the towel off of my head and comb my wet hair, "because Charlie told me I had to look nice for our date tonight." I answer, "not to mention the fact I'm still in my pajamas!" A Beatles t-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms. 

We hear a knock on the door. "You get that. I'm going to take my shower." Louisa leaves to go take her shower. 

Leaving me to answer the door. 

I open it and standing there was someone I wasn't prepared to see in this state of being ready. 


In a suit?

"Charlie. You're early." I exclaim. 

"I know." He steps in. "I just couldn't wait to do this." 

I stare at him questioningly. "Do what?" 

"Britta," he walks over to me and grabs both of my hands, "we've been dating for a few months now. And ever since I met you, I didn't know that I would be doing this." 

I think for a moment. 

And come to realization. 

"Are you breaking up with me?" 

His eyes widen with worry, "No! That wasn't what I was going for!" Okay, that's a sigh of relief, "it's something I was planning for Valentine's Day, but couldn't." 

Then he does the unthinkable. 

Gets down on one knee. 

"Britta Carter, it would be a great honor if you would be my wife. I know we are young, but will you marry me?" 

Oh my god. I can't function! 

When I turn away for a moment to think. We've only been dating for five months and he's proposing to me. This is a commitment, Britta. If you say yes, you commit to being with Charlie forever. 

I turn back to him. 

"Charlie, that is so sweet." I pause for a moment. Then start to cry, "yes, I will marry you!" 

He get up and slips the ring he had for me onto my ring finger. We kiss for a moment. 

Until Louisa interrupted us. 

"Alright, what the hell did I miss?" She asks. 

"Louisa, we're getting married!" Charlie exclaims. 

That's when her mouth drops. 

And her towel. 

I cover my eyes until she picks up her towel and wraps it back around her. Then she congratulates us and wishes us the best of luck. 

I will need it. 


"So we got married, I finished my degree in music, had Louisa, my child, and Tristan." 

"So he proposed to you while you were in your pjs?" Zayn asked. 

I knew since the cruise that boy had a ton of questions. 

"Yes." I answer. "Can I get back to the story?" He nods his head. "Okay, so a few years later after he proposed, three years after Louisa was born and a year after Tristan was born, I came home from work one night late because I had a midnight shift..." 

[So I was in a Beatles mood while writing the end of this chapter. So Story of My Life music video leaked (a classmate in French class told me. She's a Directioner and we have a small French class) and I didn't watch it. I'm waiting till tomorrow. 

So songs for this chapter are:

Story of My Life-...Let's just say until I finish this three part chapter, the main song will be Story of My Life by 1D. Okay? 

Drive My Car-The Beatles

Hey Jude-The Beatles

Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People

And I'm also adding in Question of the Chapter (QOTC) so the first QOTC is:

What was the last song you listened to/what song are you listening to now? Right now, I'm listening to Sail by Awolnation. So yeah. 

Thanks for reading! Hoping to finish the third part by tomorrow! 


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