These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


13. Story of my life part 1

I turn around, taking deep breaths. "Zayn, it's just a scratch." I lie. 

"Don't pull that shit on me. I know it's a scar." He starts to raise his voice. 

"There's a kid down here!" I begin to raise my voice too. 

"So what?!" I gasp. 

"Guys, can you take this argument somewhere else? The girl is getting scared!" Elizabeth interrupts. I look and she Louisa clinging to Liz's knee, a tear strolling down her cheek. 

I look at Zayn. "My room." I tell him and we walk upstairs. 

I open the door and we walk in. I close the door so Louisa nor Tristan will hear us. 

"Okay, so how did you get that scar?" He crosses his arms, "last time I saw you, you never had that scar."

I had to tell him. I can't tell him just how I got that scar. 

I had to tell him the whole story. 

The story of my life. 

"It all started after I ran away from the cruise..."

I pull into the small driveway and stop my car. I've been crying the entire drive. I wipe away the tears. 

This is it. 

My new life. 

The new Britta Carter. 

I open the car door, step out, and slam it behind me. I didn't stop at Amelia Islands to pick up my old stuff. I used all the stuff I brought with me on the cruise. All my clothes, posters, bedspread, all but plates and bowls. 

"College life, here I come." I say to myself. I roll my suitcases behind me and walk into the dorm halls. 

I finally find my dorm after ten minutes. Haha. I take a deep breath, and knock on the door. 

The doorknob turned and the door pulled open. Standing at the door was a woman who looked somewhat a little older than me with dirty brown/blonde hair cut to her shoulders. She was wearing a "Too sassy for you" crop top and a black skirt that covered her stomach, but was a good enough length for California weather. 

"Uh," the woman began, "hello. Are you...." She walks back in and comes back with a piece of paper, "Britta Carter?" I found the right dorm. 

I nod. "That's me." I reply stepping into my new home. I set my bags on the empty bed, "Britta Carter is the name. What's yours?" I ask unpacking. 

"Louisa Pensvalto: sophomore here." She answers. Right. Sophomore in college. 

"So is it fun here?" I ask again. I'm full of questions. 

Just like the boys. 

Stop thinking of them. 

"Oh, yes. Totally!" She cheers. "The classes are okay. It depends on what you're majoring in. But the parties are the bomb!" 

"Oh," I sigh, "well, I'm not that much of a person of parties. Unless it's a family party." Or the cruise. Damn it! 

"Well, we are changing that tonight. There's a frat party to celebrate the beginning of the year and I'm taking you to your first college party!" It's a Saturday. 

"Well, can I finish unpacking?" 

Louisa nods. "But I'm doing your hair and makeup. By the way, love your red ombré." 

A few hours later, I finished unpacking and I'm totally different. I was wearing clothes that I didn't get the chance to wear on the cruise. Shit I got to stop thinking about the cruise! 

Anywho, I was wearing a green tank with a few thin brown lines. The tank was tied up and my black bandeau was underneath. I borrowed one of Louisa's light blue shorts because apparently we found out we wear the exact same sizes! She curled my hair a pinned up bits of my hair. My makeup was light. 

I look nothing like the former Santa Monica Cruise Line worker, the daughter of Kameron Carter, and the ex-girlfriend of Zayn Malik Britta Carter

I look like the University of California at Berkley student Britta Carter. And she's even more beautiful than the old Britta Carter. 

"Okay, since your a freshman, try to stick by me." Louisa gives me tips. Like: don't walk into a room with a drunk guy alone. Try to stay away from the alcohol because it's a college party and there's bound to be alcohol. Don't and I mean DON'T play spin the bottle, the pocky game, or any other game! and that was really it. 

Louisa drives the two of us and we arrive in front of a huge house. We were in the Fraternity area. Top college prep guys. She stops the car and we walk to the party. 

My first sight at a college party was horrifying! Don't even want to describe it! I wanted to leave, but also didn't want to leave. My first college party and I leave without even being here for one minute. Nope, won't happen. 

I turn to talk to Louisa, but she left me. Damn it. My first college party and I'm alone. I walk into the house and it's MAD. I go to the fridge to get a drink, but all there was was beer, liquor, and whiskey. I finally find a lone can of coke and take it. I open the can and drink. 

"Why are you drinking Coke?" Someone behind me slurred. 

I turned around, "because I'm only 18." I say back to the stranger. "I'm not drinking age and there's nothing else in the fridge and I'm not drinking sink water!" Although I do. 

"You're pretty alluring." The guy said. But he couldn't get it out. He started walking towards me as I walk back. My back hits the counter. I'm trapped. The guy grabs my waist tight and I can't breath. He starts kissing me hard. He taste terrible. Suddenly, he was slowly going to my shorts. I try pushing him away, but he was resisting. 

Not a repeat of Justin dressed as Harry. Please!

As he was about to reach the belt loop of my shorts, someone behind him said "don't, Zack. She doesn't want to." 

The guy, Zack, lets go of me and turns around. A guy with very messy dark brown hair and brown eyes was standing there. He barely had his pants on and his shirt was stretched out. He reminded me of Harry but with Louis hair. And brown eyes. 






"Where were you, Lunt?" Zack snapped, "you were having too much fun?" 

"Go screw yourself." The man snapped back, causing Zack to leave. "Lunt" looks at me, shaking and scared. "You alright?" I nod slowly. "Don't worry. Zack Patson is a drinker when it comes to parties like these. So stay away from him." 

"Thanks." I finally get out, catching my breath, "not the first time that happened." 

"Kissed by a drunk guy?" 

"Crazier than that." 

"Oh." He realized. 

It was the two of us. 

I broke the silence, "I'm Carter. Britta Carter." I extend my hand, "I'm a freshman here. I arrived here today." 

"Lunt. Charles Lunt." Charles introduces. "But please call me Charlie. I'm a sophomore here." 

"Charlie, quick question: have you seen Louisa Pensvalto?" I ask. 

"She over in that circle." I look over and see people playing the pocky game. "Want to join the game with me?" 

Well, since Louisa is playing, and she's pretty drunk, I agree. 

I like Charlie. 

[Okay, so this is going to be like a three or four part chapter thing. Like there's one chapter that's part one then the next is part two et cetera. It's going to be Britta's life after she ran away from the cruise and everyone else. It's technically Britta's story of her life. Which is why I'm naming the three or four part chapter "Story of My Life". And not just because of the song. 

So songs for the chapter are:

Story of My Life-One Direction (obviously)

Rough Water-Travie McCoy feat. Jason Mraz

Best I Ever Had-Gavin DeGraw

Thanks for reading! 


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