These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


37. Push comes shove part two

~Kristen POV~

Zayn takes a deep breath and he then he begins to speak.

"Six years ago, I met Britta when the boys and I spent the summer on a cruise. She worked there as a check-in girl, laundry collector, and cabin cleaner. The first impression she had of us was that we were stupid, but I couldn't blame her because Louis and Niall was on a luggage cart.

"When she first spoke to us, she sounded really annoyed. I soon found out that she didn't want to work on the cruise because it was her mum's cruise ship. She just graduated high school then. So after that, at breakfast time, she sat at our table with a thing of ice cream she was eating. She actually didn't know that we were One Direction.

"So the six of us talked and sang a song until four of us left and the only two left at the table were me and Brit. It was the two of us talking for a while and then at that moment, we almost kissed. Almost because I realized I was dating Perrie. So I said that I owed her a kiss.

The next thing you know the boys and I find this club on ship and we invited her with us. When I woke up the next day, I find out that Brit and I were sobering up from being drunk and we had sex. I swear at the time I felt so much guilt."

He stops to wipe away a few tears. I've seen men cry before, but he's crying for a different reason than what I've seen (spouse or kid is killed, have been convicted, guys from my school who saw The Fault in Our Stars when it came out).

"Zayn," I put a hand on his shoulder, "if you don't feel like talking about it anymore, you don't have to. If it's hard, just stop."

He takes a few deep breaths and speaks. "Okay, I just had to tell someone."

I stare at the carpet. "Well, this might be a question to ask when questioning someone, but has anyone else had a specific relationship with Britta? Like boyfriend-girlfriend, sexual, anything?"

He bites his bottom lip. "Well, while on the cruise, she did get..." He stops, closes his eyes, and shakes his head. "she got raped by one of her co-workers."


That one word brings back terrible memories.

"What happened?" I ask trying to keep tears from running down my face.

"We were in England, and she was in her room. One of her co-workers, Justin, disguised himself has Harry and barged into her room and...I just wish I was there to save her. And then when she ran away, she got married to Charles Lunt. She found him one night with another woman and said she was going to divorce him. But he pulled her back and...again." He says.

Those memories were flooding back to my head. I have to keep these feelings hidden. Conceal, don't feel.

Didn't work.

I was soon crying my eyes out.

"Oh, no. Kristen, are you okay?" Zayn asks worried.

I shake my head no. "It's's just...I can't." I place my head in the palm of my hands.

"Kristen, whatever you need to talk to me about, you can." He soothes.

I can tell him. But should I?

"W...Well, when you said that Britta was r...r...r...raped, it brought back something from my p...past b...b..." And I lose it.

But Zayn knows what I was going to say for his voice got more serious. "You were raped?" He asked. And with that, I nod nonchalantly. "When was this?"

I take about a dozen deep breaths. "Ten years ago. I was 15. My step-dad...I thought he was the perfect step-dad I could ask for. But about a month after he and my mom got married while my mom was at work, he came into my room and...and..." Just speaking about that day made me feel sick to the stomach.

"What happened after that?" Zayn asked.

I wipe a few tears away. "I called the cops with the phone I had in my room. They came and arrested him, my mom filed for a divorce after his court appearance, and after that my mom didn't date anyone because she didn't know that my old step-dad was going to hurt me. She trusts me with my decision in guys."

That actually felt really good to get off of my chest. Normally when I watch those crime shows like Law And Order SVU, people who were raped normally wouldn't confess it.

"But what does this have to do with Brit?" Zayn shows worried eyes.

"Britta got raped six years ago, and I lived ten years with the fear of getting raped again." I pause. "Who knows what is happening with Britta." He catches his breath.

Soon after that, we heard a frantic pounding on the door. "Who is it?" I ask.

The door swings open and it's Niall and he has the phone in hand while breathing heavily. "Guys, you need to get me to the hospital." He speaks.

"Why?" Zayn asks.

He catches his breath finally, and spoke.

"Both Rachel and Elizabeth's water broke at the same time at the hotel. They're going into labor."

I finished this chapter while watching The Today Show on Tuesday July 22 (today). This was before 5 Seconds of Summer performed.

Sorry for the late chapter. Marching band started yesterday and I totally lost what I was gonna write.

Thanks for reading!!


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