These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


36. Push comes shove part one

~Zayn POV~

It's been three days since Britta got kidnapped. Not much has happened, really. But it feels like a lot has.

Harry and Becca arrived in Florida two days ago, but left Darcy back in England with a sitter. Louis, Eleanor T., Kelly, and Kevin arrived yesterday morning after Louis' football match. Liam arrived in Florida just today because he finally finished recording that song for a movie soundtrack. Sophia stayed behind because she didn't know Britta well, but Danielle came in. I got a text from Perrie saying that she's coming in later this evening. I told her thanks for coming in and that I needed to talk to her.

It's time to tell her the truth about Britta and I.

But to my surprise, Kaitlyn Dietz, Emily Williams, and even Marvin and Jason flew in.

Kaitlyn is a model for a French magazine, so she's been getting this French accent after all this time. She pretty fluent at the French language, but she can still speak English.

Emily is a world-class horse shower and has won many national championships in the United States and won second in a few international championships.

Marvin doesn't work as a bellhop anymore, but he and Emily are married. He works at the same hospital that Jason works at, but as a receptionist.

Jason is a doctor still, but he's single. That's really it.

Camille got out of the hospital and is now in a cast and crutches. She doesn't really talk much because of what she saw with Britta getting kidnapped right in front of her eyes.

"So when did we last see Britta?" Emily asks.

"A group of us went to Krispy Kreme the morning she got kidnapped." Niall said.

"We saw her before we left for England." Louis added referring to his family, Harry and Becca with Darcy, and Liam.

"I last saw her six years ago the morning she ran away from the cruise." Dani said.

"I'm the same with Danielle." Emily states.

"Same." Marvin and Jason added on.

"I never really met her, but I last saw her at Rachel's birthday party." Kaitlyn mentions. Oh, god. Rachel's birthday party at that night club was where I broke up with Perrie and Britta and I started to date for real.

We had a brief moment of silence, and then we hear someone go "I last saw her that moment when she got kidnapped." It was Camille.

Kaitlyn goes over to comfort Camille while we think of possible reasons of who and why Britta was kidnapped. But we couldn't think of any. Britta was loved by everyone, with the exception of a few people but who fucking cares about them.

The doorbell rings, and with the Carter's house being a big-ass house, Mrs.Carter walks over to the front door and opens it. "Hello, and who may you be?" She asks for it was a stranger.

"Hello, Mrs.Carter. I'm Kristen Gregory. I work down at the Police Station." The voice says.

I remember that name. Kristen Gregory was the officer that got the first-hand account from Camille and created the missing person file for Britta.

"Oh, hello, Kristen. Come on in." Mrs.Carter offers as the two arrive back in the living room area. Last time I saw Kristen, she was in her light blue polo and jeans. But now, she's in a white Hogwarts tank top and jean shorts. She must not be working today.

"Hey, Kristen." Katie says. Katie told me that her husband, Zack, is the captain of the police force here and that he highly talks about Kristen.

"Hey, Katie." She says. "Hello, everyone." She waves around the room. We all say hi back.

"So who are you?" Liam asks.

"I'm officer Kristen Gregory. Well, not officer yet because I'm an intern at the police station." She answers.

"Well, I'm..." Liam starts, but Kristen interrupts him.

"Liam Payne." And she goes around the room. "And you're Harry Styles, Rebecca Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rachel Horan, Danielle Peazer, Kaitlyn Dietz; I see you in my magazines sometimes, and the rest I don't know about."

The others introduce themselves and soon enough we all knew each other.

"Is she going to find mommy?" I hear the small voice of Louisa peep out of nowhere.

"Is this someone Britta knows?" Kristen asks.

Mr.Carter picks Louisa up, as she is still crying that her mum is missing. "This is Louisa, her daughter. Her son, Tristan is somewhere hiding."

Her face shows a sign of realization. And for the past few minutes, we said nothing. "I'm gonna go outside." Louis says. And then we all just try to act as normal as we can.

But I, however, can't.

"Hey, Zayn." I hear someone snapping me out of my trance. It was Kristen. "Mind if I talk to you for a second?"

I sigh. "Sure thing." We walk upstairs into Britta's old room. I couldn't bare being in here at the moment, and this is really hard. The two of us sit down on her bed. "So what is it?" I ask.

"You seem so serious of finding Britta." She starts. "When you whispered in my ear after I left Camille's room I wondered...did you two have history?"

I think it's safe to tell the officer because she isn't your wife who should be arriving any moment now.

I take a deep breath and began.

So I decided to end this chapter here. The next chapter is going to be in Kristen's POV with a surprise ending.

So I'm going to update Love The Way You Lie soon since Tuesday was the two year anniversary since the Up All Night tour ended. So expect an update there.

Other than that, thanks for reading!!

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