These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


29. one week

~Britta POV

It's been a week since Camille found out that Logan was cheating on her with Levin. I can't believe that he would lie to her right in front of her face! Once Cam finished reading the article Liam found, she called Logan up, asked if it was real, and broke up with him. No text, no e-mail, no social media, just a straight forward "we're done" and she hung up.

Ever since then, we've been trying to cheer her up in some way possible. I took her out to the movie, Katie took her shopping, Rachel had to get a sonogram so she took Camille along with her and Niall to see her soon-to-be son, Nicole and Eleanor R. took her to Barnes and Noble so she can try to use books to cheer her up. But none of them worked.

Not even going to Universal Studios in Orlando worked! The gang decided to take the kids down to have some fun with them. She got to go up and be sorted by the sorting hat when we went to the Harry Potter theme park. I would've gone up, but I knew my house when I got sorted on a visit there when I was 17. I'm a Hufflepuff.

Well, yesterday marked the one week anniversary of my return from hiding away in California. We really didn't do much. We went out to dinner, came back, and watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with the kids.

However, everyone is slowly going home.

Becca got called in for an emergency project so she, Harry, and Darcy had to leave two days ago.

Eleanor Ralston is still here, but rarely comes due to her online courses.

Liam is recording a song for a new movie coming out soon and he and Sophia had to go home.

Louis has a game against Manchester City soon and since he hasn't been practicing, he, Eleanor, Kevin and Kelly left yesterday.

The people we are really scared about is Rachel and Elizabeth. They are extremely close to their due dates and who knows when one of their water will break.

I, however, am scared for another person. Camille.

"Hey, Cam, wake up." I nudge her while she's lying on the guest bed.

"Go away." She grumbles.

"You wanna at least get breakfast?"

She moans in her sleep and growls. "Bring me a donut and a glass of orange juice."

I roll my eyes. "Alright, Camille. You made me do this!" I push her off the bed.

She gets back up and I see her face was red. I can tell she was crying. I experienced something similar back in college my second night. Louisa heard me and she turned on the lights and saw me sobbing and, like Camille, red face. I'd rather not go into details about that night.

"Brit, I told you to not do that whenever I need to sleep!" She complains.

"Camille, you aren't sleeping." She sits on the bed. "Look, I know how you feel about breaking up with Logan, but boys like that are stupid. You may think that he was everything to you, but there are other boys that won't compare to Logan." I rest my had on her shoulder. "I remember when I found out Zayn was cheating on me. It was pretty hard and the fact that he was seeing someone else behind my back for a month really hurt me."

She looks up concerned. "You dated Zayn?" She questions. "How come I've never seen it on the news before?"

I chuckle a little. "Because it was on a cruise ship I worked on. I'll tell you the story sometime later, but now is not the time. Wanna go to Krispy Kreme with Katie and I? And then maybe I'll show you a secret hideout of mine that I used to go to when I was little and was having problems."

She wipes away the tears coming down her face, and smiles a little. "Alright, let me get changed. Is anyone else coming?"

I think for a moment. "I was going to meet Katie's husband, but he's at work. But Cassidy and Jack Oswald are coming. Rachel and Elizabeth aren't coming because they could burst any minute. Niall and Carly are coming and bringing something back for the two. Sereen and Nicole are coming and bringing extras back for Josie and Eleanor. Zayn is staying here cause he wants to sleep in and my parents are still sleeping. That's about it."

"Since when did Zayn care about sleep?" Camille jokes. I burst out laughing.

"I don't know for the fact. But, however, I do know that he is a loud snorer."

"Brit," She starts to look a little down. "I know you and Zayn have know." She does a hand gesture of llamas smooching. "But I know he's married to Perrie. I do watch the news. And I know he's about to expect his first child. It's been a week, and what if Perrie starts to get concerned? I know by the way Zayn looks at you, he's in love with you but that doesn't take away the fact that he is a married man. You, on the other hand, are divorced. So do you think that maybe you should lay low on this?"

Wow, she's right. I completely forgot about Perrie. Maybe I should keep calm with all of this. "I'll talk to Zayn later. But for now, let's go get those donuts."

And with that, we get dressed and head off to meet up with everyone else.

Oh my god so the next chapter is one that I've been dying to write!!!!!!! I'm fucking dead serious here!!!! The next chapter is an idea I've had in my mind since the day I started this sequel!!! The only people who know about it (as far as I know) are myself (obviously) and Camille (DumbBrunnette). If you want to try to get a hint of what it is (if you want to), comment below and I'll try to lay down some hints.

In two weeks I'll be in Disney and in three weeks as of Monday, March 10, 2014 will be two years since I first heard of One Direction.

QOTC: This is a weird one, but what is the first random memory that pops into your head? Mine is the first time I broke my arm. Which means I've broken my arms more than once!  

Thanks so much for reading! Sorry for the wait.

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