These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


2. Long morning with the kids

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy!" 

I groan and prop myself on my elbow. "What is it, Louisa?" I ask my daughter. 

"What's for breakfast?" She asked sitting criss cross applesauce on the end of my bed. 

God that kid. "Let mommy wake up and then I'll think about it." I answer. 

She jumps down and runs out of my room. I throw the covers off and swing my legs out of bed. 

I walk towards one of my bedroom windows and notice someone. It was my next door neighbor and friend Camille. She reminds me a lot of my old friend Cassidy. Fun, perky, sweet. Camille is younger than me and is starting college when I graduated college last year, but she's still a sweet person and is fun to hang with. 

She's looking down at her phone and then looks up at me. My phone buzzes and I get a text. 

From her. 

It said:

"Hey! Hows ur morning?"

I text back:

"Louisa woke me up, Tristan is asleep still so need 2 wake him up. Need 2 make breakfast. Same old. Hbu?"

I hit send. She looks at her phone, types and message and looks up. 

I get her message. 

"Fantastic! Logan is having a bonfire 2nite & he said I can bring u. Wanna come?" 

I type:

"Id love 2. But then ill have no one 2 watch the kids. So I think ill pass this time. Mayb next time when Molly isnt out of town for a business trip." 

Oh, did I mention that Camille is dating Logan Lerman? No? Okay. So Camille is dating movie star Logan Lerman. I've met him a bunch of times and he's really nice. 

I walk out of the hall and past a few family pictures. One of me and someone who changed my life. His name was Charlie Lunt, and we dated for like nine months after we met in college until he proposed to me and we got married. Then a picture of us and newborn Louisa Leah Lunt at the hospital after she was born. A picture of Louisa's first and second birthday. Then all of us three and newborn Tristan Alexander Lunt. Then Tristan's first birthday, Louisa's third birthday, Tristan's second, Louisa's fourth, and lastly Tristan's third and Louisa's fifth. And last but not least, the recent family picture of me, Louisa, and Tristan. 

About two years ago, I found out that Charlie has been ditching taking care of the kids for going to hang with his college friends and get high at a bar for the past two months. He even slept with another woman the night I found out. So after crying for so long, I filed a divorce. And we Went separte ways. So he's gone and out of my life while I'm taking care of two kids. 

It was a repeat of six years ago. 

If you don't know who I am, hi. I'm Britta Ann Carter, but call me Britta. I'm 24 years old. I have a degree in the music industry from the University of California in Berkley. I'm a recent graduate. I'm a single mom living in San Diego. 

That's my current life, but you don't know what I had to deal with six years ago. Okay, I'll tell you. You know that old boy band One Direction? They were the English version of NSYNC. you know, tours, girls falling head over heels for them, all that other shit. Well, when I was around Camille's age (18), I worked on my mom's cruise ship and they were passengers on that cruise. I fell in love with that one member Zayn Malik and he fell in love with me. But in that time, he was dating Perrie Edwards so we had to keep everything that happened between us a secret. I really don't want to go into details about that summer, but let's just say that he broke my heart terribly and I left him. 

And the cruise. 

And my friends. 

And my family. 

I left them and moved to California. I left them and I left my hometown of Amelia Island, Florida. Now I'm here in San Diego with new friends. Some which are big movie stars (cough Logan cough). 

Not only has my mental appearance changed, but my physical appearance too. I got rid of my red ombré ends and got them done again. My new hair is still my natural brown at the top but when you get halfway down my hair, it's blonde. I love it. I still love my layback clothing style of shorts, sweats in the fall, and t-shirts. Oh, and I got taller. 

I walk into my youngest son, Tristan, room and nudge him. "Tristan." I softly say. "Time to get up." I do this every time he doesn't get up. 

He tosses and turns. I scoop him into my arms and carry him downstairs. In the living room, Louisa is watching Martha Speaks. I sit next to her with a sleeping Tristan as we watch Martha solve problems. Louisa wanted to get a dog so we can feed her alphabet soup and then we can have a talking dog like Martha. Those are her words. 

"Lou, watch your brother while I make pancakes." I tell her. She loves having Tristan as a little brother. Good luck with the two of them when they get older. 

I named my daughter Louisa for a few specific reasons. One is that my college roommate's name was Louisa. The other is that back on the cruise, Louis Tomlinson saved my butt a few times. I made her middle name Leah because I don't know any other feminine name for Liam (yes Liam Payne). So even though I never see anyone from my past anymore, Louisa's name is meaningful. 

After Martha Speaks ends and an episode of Sid the Science Kid starts, I get a text. 

From: Camille the sexy unicorn potato

When I first met her, she wanted me to set her contact name as that. 

From: Camille the sexy unicorn potato "meet me @ the cafe on Underville. Bring the kids."

Underville is a street where everything is. It's also where I work. I sing at the local pizzeria on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And the other days I'm anywhere with Taylor my guitar and sing for money. Kind of like when I was in England back when I was on the cruise. 

I get dressed into a simple shirt and shorts, set up the stroller, sit Tristan in it, get Louisa dressed, and we walk down to Underville. 

A/N: hey! Happy one year anniversary to me being on Movellas! I'm explaining my experience on a different Movella. 

I'm seeing This Is Us today with friends when I get home!!! If anyone has seen it, tell me how it was! 

I finished this chapter in Canfield, Ohio (the setting of Start of Something New and Right Here Right Now). I saw Train last night! It was amazing!

Who's ready for the sequel? I know I am! 

Can't wait to write this! Thanks for reading. And if you want to see a really cool video of an argument using Beatles lyrics, look up Beatles Argument and the channel is CDZA. 

That's all. 


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