These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


34. Kristen Gregory

So this filler chapter is introducing a new character to the story. Her name is Kristen Gregory and she is an intern at the police station. If any of you have read that old book series "The Clique" (I haven't but heard of it plus Wikipedia), that's where I got the name from. So enjoy!

~Kristen POV~

Another day, another long shift at the police office.

I literally do nothing here. I wish I could go out and see some real action, but nooo. I'm stuck here doing paperwork until I move up into the real police force.

"Hey, Gregory!" I hear the captain of the police squad call. I didn't know if he was calling me by my last name or Detective Gregory MacMullen. I look over at Detective MacMullen's desk and it is empty.

So it must be me.

I hop out of my chair and run to Captain Patson's office.

"Yes, Captain?" I ask.

Captain Patson turns around in his chair and looks at me. "I need someone to go to the Amelia Island Hospital and take a first-hand account on a kidnapping that happened a few hours ago. Are you willing to take this for me?"

My eyes grow huge.

This is going to be my first time out in the field!

"Yes, Captain! I won't disappoint you!" I cheer.

"Well, get going!" He shoos me out of his office. I run to grab my notepad and a kidnapping report off of my desk. Well, because I'm the one who files the papers I know where everything is.

"Where are you going, Intern?" I hear someone ask me. But I don't answer and run out of the station and to Amelia Island Hospital.


When I get to the hospital, I show them my badge for whenever I was going to go out on a case. "I'm here to take an account of the kidnapping that happened a few hours ago." The nurse showed me into the room where two people are currently occupying it; a woman with blonde hair sitting on the chair and another woman with dirty blonde hair lying on the bed in a hospital gown with her knee in a cast.

"Um, hi." I slowly start, "I'm Officer Gregory. Well, I'm not an Officer yet. I'm still an Intern but my boss sent me to do this first-hand account on a kidnapping earlier." I ramble.

The woman in the chair wipes away a stray tear and stands up. "Yes. Hi, I'm Katie Patson, and this is Camille Christman."

My mind remembers the last name before. "Are you Captain Patson's wife?" I ask, and she nods. I extend my hand in gratitude and she shakes it. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs.Patson. Your husband talks a lot about you at work. Earlier last week, he was telling us 'my wife's sister is in town and she's been hanging out with her a lot'." I recall mimicking the way he told us.

That's when she starts to cry.

"Oh, no." I apologize, "Was it something I said?"

She sniffles and wipes a tear away, "No. It's was my younger sister Britta that got kidnapped."

Oh, shit.

"I...I...I'm so sorry, Mrs.Patson." I stammer.

She wipes her tears away. "Please, call me Katie." She insists. "And it's okay. I know we can find her." Katie then takes a deep breath. "So the first-hand account."

I snap back to reality, "Oh, yeah. That." I pull a chair up to Camille Christman's bedside. "Miss Christman, you're a miss, right?" I ask.

She nods.

"Okay. Miss Christman, how old are you?"

She's crying during this, for she had seen something that no one should see. But she answers. "I'm 19."

I jot down notes. "Alright, where are you from?"

"San Diego, California. I got to BYU in Idaho."

"So where did you witness the kidnapping?"

" the woods behind her house."

That's when I take a deep breath, "I know this will be hard for you, but can you please go into detail of what happened."

She sheds a few small tears before beginning.

"It was a week after I broke up with my boyfriend, Logan. Everyone was trying to cheer me up but it was my first real relationship. Then earlier today, Britta came to where I was sleeping and told me he and a few people are going to Krispy Kreme and that afterwards she'll take me somewhere she use to go to when she was young. I decided to go and after we got home, we went deep into the woods.

We sat in the dirt for a while until she had to use the restroom. A few minutes later, I hear her voice scream 'AHH! HELP!' and I get up and run towards the noise. When I got to her, there were two guys holding her and she was struggling. One of them forced a towel over her nose and then she started getting all loopy. Suddenly, she passed out, and I yelled in terror. The men noticed me and ran away with her.

I tried to run, but next thing I knew my foot got caught in a hole. The worst part was...was...I let her get away."

Camille starts to sob uncontrollably. I was about to close my notes when she said one last thing:

"The last words I heard her say were 'CAMILLE GET ZAAA...'."

I jot down the last few words she said, and then I closed my notebook. "Well, thank you for your..."

"Hey, Katie, did that officer person come in to..." Someone walks in and interrupts me. I roll my eyes for it was a guy.

But they soon popped out of my head when I turned around and realized that Zayn Malik from One Direction was standing in front of me.

"Hello." He said. "Are you the officer?"

I nod frantically, trying to contain fangirling. When was the last time I fangirled? I don't even know. I'm 25, for fucks sakes. "Hi, Mr. Malik, I'm Kristen Gregory but you can call me Officer Gregory. Well, I'm not an Officer yet cuz I'm still an intern but you know what I'll just stop there."

He and Katie start to laugh. "So you took the first-hand account?" He asked.

"Yes," I reply, and then changed my voice to a serious tone, "I'll get this sorted out and then we will begin the search for Britta."

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It was Katie. "Please promise me that you will find my sister?"

"If I said I won't find her, I'd be bitch-slapping myself." I answer. "Well, I best be on my way. Katie, Camille, Zayn." I'm just about to walk out of the room when Zayn says my name.

"Officer Gregory, if you need any help, I can get the boys and we can join." He was talking about the rest of One Direction.

My eyes widen. "You mean like join the investigation?" He nods. "Well, I'll have to discuss that with my Captain, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks Zayn."

"You're welcome." He walks over and whispers something to me, "Please find Britta soon. I love her with all my heart. I know you know I'm married to Perrie but she is different. I've never felt more happy than when I'm around Britta. I wish it was her that walked down the aisle on my wedding day. So please, please, please I'm telling you Kristen Gregory find Britta Carter and make sure she is safe."

I will, Zayn.


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