These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


30. Captive

We just got back from Krispy Kreme, and oh man it was fun! Jack got creme filling all over himself and it caused Niall to almost choke on his donut!

So when we got home, I let Camille set her stuff down and we headed outside. "Brit, are you sure about this?" She asks as we stand on the edge of the forest in my backyard.

"Cam, I've been back here many times. C'mon!" I grab her hand and drag into the heart of my secret forest.

Alright, it's not a secret forest because it's a part of my house and my parents know that it's back here. But the reason it's secret is that I go deep into it that no one knows that I'm back here.

We travel deeper into nature, dodging branches and trying not to disturb the animals that burrow in here. I find the tree that I always go to. It was marked with the initials "B.A.C" Britta Ann Carter.

When I found this tree at the age of ten a month after my dad got arrested, I would climb up to the highest branch on this tree, and that's really high up. But as I got older, I descended down branches. But now that I'm 24, I'd rather just sit in the dirt.

I was hoping Camille would at least try to climb up the tree across from mine, but she doesn't. "So this is where you go if you had any situations going on?" She asked.

I nod in agreement. "Last time I was here was when I was 18." I look around. "My mom told me I was going to be working on her cruise and I didn't want to. So the night after my high school graduation party, I ran out here and sat here for two hours."

Her eyes widen. "Oh, geesh. That's a long time." She laughs. "I'm actually feeling a little relaxed. It takes my mind off of Logan and just to sit out here and enjoy the breathtaking's calming."

We sit out here for an hour until I had to go inside to use the restroom. "I'll wait for you here." Cam states. I knew my way out of here.

I get up, dust all the dirt off my butt, and head out. I walk down, and suddenly, I heard leaves rustling. I snap around and see nothing. A few seconds later, I hear leaves rustling in the other direction. But again, nothing.

Am I hearing things?

All of the sudden, I felt someone grab me from behind. I knew it wasn't Zayn or Camille. I scream in horror. "AHHH!!! HELP!!!" I try to let go and run off, but I was held at my will.


The person has me in a tight hold and puts a towel over my mouth and nose. Damn it, chloroform! In the distance, I see Camille. She's trying to get to me.

I yell once more before I'm knocked out, "CAMILLE GET ZAAA..."

~Camille POV

"AHHH!!! HELP!!!" I hear Britta scream waking me up.

"Brit!" I yell back. No reply. I jump up and start running.

It only took a few seconds until I'm a few yards away from two figures holding Britta hostage with a towel over her mouth. They remove the towel and she's gets droopy. But she says something aiming towards me. "CAMILLE GET ZAAA..." And she's knocked out.

One of the men grabs her foot while the other one grabs under her shoulder. "NO!" I yell catching their attentions. They run away and I run after them even though I suck at running.

But soon after I started changing them, I lost balance and felt a sharp pain in my ankle causing me to fall. I grab hold of my ankle and it hurts. I stepped in a hole and must have broken it! Not only that, I lost Britta!

She was telling me to get Zayn before she passed out. But how can I get to him when my ankle is broken?!

My phone. I pull it out of my pocket and dial Britta's house up.

To my surprise, Zayn answered. "Carter household."

I'm crying because the pain is excruciating. "Z...Zayn I t...t...think I broke ankle. I...I'm in the f...f...f...forest. B...B...B...B...B..." I can't speak of what I saw before I broke my ankle.

Zayn sounds panicked. "Okay okay. Stay right where you are. Have Britta care for you. I'll be there soon." He hangs up.


She's not with me.

She can't care for me.

A few minutes later, I see Zayn running towards me. "Cam! Are you okay?!" I shake my head. "Where's Brit?"

I begin to cry some more. The ankle hurts, but seeing Britta...

"What the hell happened to her?!" Zayn's voice rises.

"S...S...She..." I can't talk. But I finally get out the words Zayn didn't want to hear.

~Zayn POV

Camille couldn't breath because of her ankle. But when she can finally speak, I wish I didn't hear the words that came out of her mouth.

"Britta got kidnapped."


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys. So this week was kind of a by week for me because my school had graduation testing and I don't have to take them until next year so I got to go in late. But because we had a snow day yesterday, I don't to go in until 10:30 St. Patrick's Day. Back to what I was saying. So this week was an opportunity to update as much as I can. But hey, I got in two chapters.

So pretty surprising stuff, huh? This is what was in my head for the past...since November. So a long time!

Okay, so I hope to try and get one more update in next week before I leave for Disney. I hope next Friday night because I promised my friend I'd go to her drumline competition that is being held at my school next Saturday. And well, tomorrow I'm going to my school's production of "Guys and Dolls". A bunch of my friends are in the play. One is Arvide Abernathy, one is a mission worker at Save-A-Soul and one is a Hot Box dancer.

I should get to bed. Night!

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