These Bruises

"Que sera, you'll never guess who I saw."
I was loved. I was hurt. That was repeated when I left you. But there are two other people who I love. As a single mom with two little kids in California, my life got better. It was six years. Six years since I last saw you. Six years since those little talks. Now you can see that these bruises that I've been hiding for those six long years mean. (Second book in Little Talks duology)


45. A set of keys

~Zayn POV~

Zach, Louis, Liam, and I pile into one of the cars. Zach driving, me holding the GPS to the earpiece in shotgun, and the others in the back. Sorry fellas.

"At the intersection, turn left!" I yell directions.

Just hearing Britta's voice for the first time in a week is just a reliever that she is alive. I couldn't stand to see her...dead. But she sounded hurt.

Those bastards are so going to get it for treating her like shit and-

"Woah Zayn calm down!" Liam says. Fuck I must've been thinking out loud.

Once I give Zach the last of the directions, we reach the forest. We park in a local parking area and take off into the woods. Louis shined a flashlight so we don't pull a Camille.


Sorry Camille.

"Are we there yet?" Louis complains. "My arm is hurting."

"We get there when we get there!" Zach answers.

I was able to spare Zach's life after what Britta was saying about how she met Zach when he was pissed drunk at a frat party and such. But he's a really nice guy.

"Guys." Liam states stopping in his tracks. "Look ahead."

And we do so. In front of us was a house. A house in the middle of the forest. Just like Amelia said.

We made it.

~Kristen POV~

I feel sorry for Britta and what she was hearing for the past...hour? Half hour? I don't know. But if I can remember clearly, Charlie and I were loud.

I'm lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. I hear a buzzing noise and my first instinct was looking at Charlie in case he heard it. But I think he is too drunk to realize that my phone is going off.

Also, admitting that a drunk person was good at sex is kind of crazy when you're sober. Well, it's only my second time.

I slowly crawl out of bed, wrapping a spare sheet around me, and walk to my jacket on the other side of the room. I then pull out my phone and I sigh in relief that it's not a phone call. Although I did get a few calls from Taylor Adair, who stopped by the Carter household and told me that Camille was hot.

But I did just get a message from Zayn.

From: Zayn "we are outside the house. Brought clothes for you and possibly Brit. Meet us outside."

I reply back with an okay, gather up my things, and walk out the bedroom door. I close the door quietly and tiptoe down the hall, hearing similar noises Charlie and I made behind me and I assumed it was Justin Rickard and some girl that he brought home.


As I continued to walk down the hall, I heard a whimper coming from a room. It was a small whimper, like a scared mouse. I walk over to the door, kneel down, and whisper underneath the door.

"Hello? Miss Carter?" I hope it was Britta.

I then hear stumbling and I look to see a pair of grey-blue eyes under the door.

"Yes, yes it's me. Who is this?" The voice frantically whispers. This is Britta Carter.

"I'm Kristen Gregory. I work for the Amelia Islands Police Department and..." I was cut off by her.

"Oh you're the incognito woman. Zach told me about you." She states. Wait, how can Captain Patson tell her about me when they haven't met?

" do you know this?" I ask curious.

"This." She answers and rolls something from her room. It was the earpiece I had in before Charlie and I had sex.

"Okay, Britta, listen carefully." I say, "Zach is here now. He brought Zayn and Liam and Louis and..." Once again, cut off.

"Zayn and Liam and Louis?!"

"Yes, Zayn and Liam and Louis. I got a text saying that they are currently outside this exact house. I'm going to go get them and hopefully find the key to unlock the door so we can get you. I'll be right back. I promise." I say before getting up.

"Wait, Officer Gregory!" Brit says as I got up.

"What?" I ask from the door.

A moment of silence came between the two of us, and she speaks softly. "Thanks for finding me. I've been treated like shit by the two. I was raped by them and it still hurts. This is..." She stops and I can hear sniffles. "This is hard to talk about."

I close my eyes in sympathy. I can feel for her. A lot. "I understand. Maybe you want to talk about it later? I can tell my story."

"Please." She answers. "But right now, I just want to be with my family and friends again."

Without anything else, I hitch up the blanket and walk downstairs. Wiping my eyes as I walk into a dining room-like area, I find a set of keys. Next to them, two guns.

I grab the keys and head to the side door. After I open it, I look out to spot Liam, Louis, and Zayn. I whistle to catch their attention and wave them over. They run over.

"Where's Zach?" I ask in a whisper as they walk in.

"He went to get reinforcement." Liam answered.

"Oh, and here are the clothes. We can take it from here." Zayn says handing me the pair of clothes that they have supplied me with.

"Thank you for all your help. Everyone is truly a hero in this case." I say and kiss all three of their cheeks as a sign of gratitude. I then head to the bathroom. "Oh yeah. Her room is the second door on the left when you head upstairs. It's after you make a turn left. It's like a maze. Charlie is snoring like a beast and Justin is in the middle of corny time so don't mess with him. See you on the other side." I then turn around and start walking again.

I hope I see them again.

~Zayn POV~

Holding the set of keys in my hand, the lads and I walk upstairs.

"She wasn't kidding with how the second floor is like a maze. I'm fucking lost." Louis states but thankfully in a quiet voice.

Liam remembered Kristen's instructions to the room Britta was being held in, which were very simple instructions: go straight, turn left, second door on the left.

Finally, we reach the second door on the left.

I step to the door, give Louis and Liam a "this is it" look, put the key in the key hole, and turn it.

I hear a click.

It was unlocked.

I take the key out.

I grab the door handle and twist it.

I push the door open.

Finally an update!!! Well fourth quarter is here which means summer is around the corner!!!

I'm keeping this short because it's 10:42 and I had Starbucks at night. Bad decision.

See when I update something else next! (Working on a chapter for Problems)


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