Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


4. Chapter 4

James' POV:

She agreeded to play Lucy AND be my girlfiend. I'm so happy now. 
"In honor of Izzy joining the Big Time Rush family, AND her agreeing to be my girlfriend, I'm treating everyone to McDonalds!" 
I say. They all laugh. 
"Iz, do you wanna go back to your place and change clothes?" 
I ask. 
"Yeah, just lemme text my friend and tell her to bring my car over"
 she says. She texts her friend. 
"No response"
 She says. 
"Well lets just wait for a while." 
Logan says.
 "Who wants to go swimming?" 
Carlos asks. 
 I say. We all go outside to the pool. Me, Kendall Carlos and Logan take our shirts off. Carlos is standing at the edge. I quick go and push him in. Kendall laughs. Iz sneaks up behind me and pushes me. As I'm falling, I grab her wrist and pull her into the pool with me. We kiss underwater. BEST UNDERWATER KISS EVER.

Cadence's POV: 

Harry still isn't awake yet. I am so worried about him. 
I say. 
He replies. 
"Can you please go check on Harry? I'm really worried about him."
"Of course."
He gets up and leaves. He comes back a few minutes later. 
"He's still asleep."
"Is he ok?"
"As far as the doctors know, he'll be ok."
I nod. I get really tired and I fall asleep. This time, I don't dream about The Hunger Games or giant iPhones that go around eating people. I dream about Harry where a giant car is trying to eat him. I wake with a start. A car is the thing that hurt him in the first place. I don't know what to do. Lou and Niall are asleep and Liam and Zayn must be with Harry. I grab my iPhone and see that I have a text. It's from Izzy. It says, 
"Can you bring my car over to James' house?"
I reply,
"Sorry. I can't I'm in the hospital and the stupid doctors won't even let me stand."
I send the message. I don't know what else to do. 

Izzy's POV:

I yell before getting pulled in with him. He kisses me underwater for a long time. Logan jumps in and pulls us above surface.
we yell at him. 
"Sorry! Just had to make sure my friends were ok" 
He says. 
"Well, I guess youre forgiven" 
I say with a smirk. We splash around in the pool for hours before we all start freezing. We all get out. I check my phone for texts.
 "Guys, my friend was the girl who got in the accident with Harry!"
 I say. 
"Here, lets go back to your house and you can change, and then we'll all go see her." 
James says. I nod and he kisses my forehead. 
"Meet us at the hospital in a half hour" 
James says to the other guys and we go drive to my house. I run inside and change into jeans, a spiderman shirt and a superman sweatshirt. I throw on my batman converse and get back into James's car. 
"You sure do like superheroes huh" 
James says.
I say with a smile. 
"Its ok, I do too" 
 He says. We drive off to the hospital. We meet the guys inside. We find what room Cadence is in and take the elevator up.

Cadence's POV:

I'm really bored. There's not much you can do laying in a hospital bed. Lou and Niall went to get something to eat so I'm all alone. When they get back, Niall hands me a chocolate chip muffin.
"Thanks guys."
I tell them. 
"How's Harry?"
"He's still asleep. The doctors think he will wake up by tomorrow."
"So he's alright?"
"As far as we know, he'll be ok."
I eat my muffin and lay down. I fall asleep. I wake up an hour later because a doctor came in to check on me. When he finally leads, I lay back down. All of a sudden, the door opens and Izzy and the guys in BTR come in. I try to sit up. 
"Hey Izzy!"
I say. 

Izzy's POV:

Logan says. 
"Dude shut up" 
Kendall says 
Logan replies.
 "God, you guys are idiots" 
Carlos says.
 "So what the heck happened?" 
James asks as I sit in his lap. 
"Car crash" 
Cadence replies. 
"Im never riding with you ever again" 
I say with a laugh. 
"Im serious." 
Logan and Kendall are still fighting. 
"Go get some food" 
James says. 
"Got it" 
they both say and run out. 
"Excuse our friends" 
James says. 
"They're idiots" 
 I say.

Cadence's POV:

I laugh. 
"If I minded idiots, why would I hang out with you?"
I ask Izzy. James laughs. I look over at Lou and Niall. They are sleeping again. 
"Can someone please wake those idiots up?"
I ask. 
"I'm on it!"
Izzy gets up and screams in their ears. Lou jumps up and Niall falls out of his chair. I burst out laughing.
"What was that for?"
Louis asks. 
"You guys keep falling asleep. I wanted to wake you up."
I laugh harder. 
"You could've warned us!"
"Nope. Izzy is an unpredictable animal. You never know what she might do."
I reply. 
Izzy exclaims. I start laughing again. 

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