Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


3. Chapter 3

Cadence's POV:

Harry and I watch TV until we decide to leave for lunch. We get pizza and then get ice cream. I get vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone with rainbow sprinkles. Harry gets chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. Harry pays for everything. He is the sweetest guy in the world. I really like him. 
"Thanks for everything Harry."
I tell him. 
"Your welcome. I'll do anything for you. I really like you."
"I like you too."
Harry kisses me. It's amazing. I never want this moment to stop.

Izzy's POV:

"Do you know what we do after breakfast?" 
Kendall asks after finishing his bowl of Holy Crap. Its his favorite cereal.
Carlos yells. I laugh. 
"Ok, what kind do you all want" 
James asks. 
"I usually make them" 
He says. 
"Red velvet for me please!" 
I say. It's James and I's favorite kind of cupcake.
 "Bannana for me" 
Carlos says. 
Logan announces. 
"My organic vanilla please!" 
Kendall says. 
"Wanna help?" 
James asks. 
I reply. James and I make the batter for each of the cupcakes. We put the cupcakes in the oven. We have a lot of batter left over. I put a little of each of the batter in a cup and hand it to Logan. 
"I will give you a dollar if you drink this and not throw up" 
I say. 
Logan says and chugs it. 30 seconds later, he runs to the bathroom. We all laugh. James pours a cup of red velvet batter over Kendall's head. Kendall takes some in his hands and rubs it all in James's hair. James is mad. He takes the bowl of chocolate peanut butter and pours it down Kendall's pants. Carlos and I are standing there, laughing so hard we're gasping for air. Meanwhile, we don't see Logan creep up behind us and dump the bowl of organic vanilla on our heads.
We both yell. Carlos goes and sacks Logan and gets James to pour everything on him. James does. 
"I think we all need showers" 
Kendall says. 
we all agree. 
"You can use my shower" 
James says with a smile.
I say. We all end up showering at the same time. We all sit on the couch and watch Carlos clean up the mess we made.

Cadence's POV:

I pull away from the kiss. 
"Does this mean were officially dating?"
I ask. 
He replies. 
"What do you wanna do now?"
I ask. 
"I dunno. Go to the movies?"
"Sure. What movie?"
"Have you seen This Is Us yet?"
"Ok. We're going to the movie that I star in."
I can't believe I'm going to This Is Us with Harry Styles. I drive to the theater. We get popcorn, M&Ms, cookie dough bites, and pretzels. We find good seats and wait for the movie to start. I am fangirling the entire movie. I don't wanna leave when it's over. Harry has to drag me out f the theater. 
"Who's house do you wanna go to?"
I ask Harry. 
"Let's spend the night at mine."
He replies. 
I start the car and get on the highway. Harry and I listen to One Direction. He sings the whole time. It's so amazing. I'm about to turn off the highway when all of a sudden, I see a truck coming full speed at us. I scream and try to turn out of the way, but the truck hits us. My car flips off the road. The front window shatters. That's the last thing I remember before I black out. 

James' POV:

"So then there were these giant ants" 
I say. Izzy, Logan, Carlos and Kendall are in tears from laughing so hard about this interview. 
We all yell and laugh. 
"Then the question was, If you could sing with anyone who would it be?" 
Kendall says, tears flowing down his face. 
"Justin Timberlake!" 
We all say and pretend to throw the card down. Izzy laughs into my shoulder. 
"Good times" 
I say 
"Good times" 
"Hey remember the cambio interview?" 
Logan asks. 
"Who doesnt?" 
I ask. 
"Logan your cleavage is showing" 
Iz says with a smirk. We all start laughing.
 "Yep Kendall we're gonna eat you first" 
Carlos says. Kendall logs onto his laptop.
 "Harry Styles and new girlfriend get in car accident" 
Kendall announces. 
I say. 
"Hope he's alright" 
Carlos says.
Logan replies.

Louis' POV:

Liam, Zayn, Niall, and I are researching ourselves online. It's crazy how much Directioners know about us. My laptop gets an alert. 
I say panicking. 
"What do you want Lou?"
Liam asks. 
"Harry and his new girlfriend got in a car accident. That must mean Cadence!"
"What? We've gotta get to the hospital. Now!"
Zayn exclaims. We run to the car and Niall drives as fast as he can to the hospital. We get there and find out what rooms they are in it. We find Cadence first. She has a bunch of large cuts on her face. It must have been from the window breaking. She is sleeping. She doesn't look like she's gunna wake up soon. Then we go to Harry. He's in the same condition as Cadence. I hope they're gunna be alright. 

Izzy's POV:

"Ok, so Iz, I wanna ask you two things. Number one, would you like to play Lucy Stone on the fourth season of our show?" 
James asks me. 
I yell exitedly.
 "Malese got fired." 
Kendall says. 
"And number two, will you be my girlfriend?" 
James asks me. 
"Oh my god James, yes!"
 I say and hug him. 
"Oh and guess what"
 Logan says. 
"In Season 4, Lucy is James' love interest!" 
Logan says. James grins.
 "No way." 
I say. 
James says. 
"You can ride with us to work on Monday" 
Kendall says. Its thursday. 
"You just have to sign this contract that Scott gave to us" 
Carlos says and hands me a contract and pen. I sign it. 
"Cool we'll get it off to Scott in the morning!" 
Logan says. I'm so exited! Im going to be on Big Time Rush!

Cadence's POV:

I start to wake up. My head really hurts. I see Louis and Niall on my room. 
"Cadence! You're awake!"
Lou exclaims. 
"What happened? Where's Harry?"
I try to jump out of bed. I stand up and collapse back on the bed. I'm really dizzy. 
"The doctors told us to make sure you stay in bed."
Niall tells me. 
"Because you were in a car crash and you and Harry both got really hurt."
"What happened to Harry? Is he alright?"
I start freaking out. 
"He's still asleep."
"I need to go see him!"
I yell. 
"No. You can't."
I start to cry. I need to see Harry. What if he's hurt worse than I am? 

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