Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


20. Chapter 20

Cadence's POV:

Harry carries me home and he takes me upstairs. 
"How does it feel to be Mrs. Styles babe?"
Harry asks me. 
I smile. Harry lays me down in bed and lays next to me. 
"What do you wanna do now babe?"
"I wanna sleep. I'm tired."
I shut the light off and I pull on the blankets. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. When I wake up, Harry is still sleeping so I get up and walk to his side of the bed. I scream and Harry jumps out of bed. 
"What's wrong?"
He exclaims. 
"You were sleeping."
"What happened? Are you ok babe?"
"I'm fine. I just wanted you to wake up."
I smile and I get up. Harry follows me. I go into the kitchen and we make ourselves breakfast and eat together. 

Izzy's POB:

Blood drips down my face as the Doctor and I run into the TARDIS. The cubes were activated for 47 minutes before they stopped. Im not going to lie, I was scared. 
"Shhh its ok. C'mere" 
the Doctor says and embraces me in a hug. I get some of my blood on him and vice versa. 
"Let's go back to the newlyweds house and yell at them for leaving" 
he says and starts flying the TARDIS. It stops and we creep out they're laying in bed, sleeping. I loom over Cadence and my blood, now noticing that its gold, drips little by little on her face. The Doctor spits blood and hits Harry right between the eyes.
The Doctor exclaims and high fives me. Cadence and Harry shoot up. 
"Well hi there!" 
I say, being sarcastic.

Cadence's POV:

I scream at Izzy and the Doctor. 
"We don't have to."
Izzy smirks. I wipe the gold blood from my face. I jump up and grab my wand from the table. 
"I will kill you."
I say as I hold my wand up, pointed at Izzy and the Doctor. 
"I told you before. You can't kill me."
Izzy laughs. 
"I don't care. I will paralyze you or curse you and the rest of your life that will never end will be miserable."
I threaten. 
"You'll wish you were dead."
I see Harry getting up and wiping the blood from his face. He walks over to me. 
"Calm down babe."
He whispers in my ear. 
"No! If they mess with you, they mess with me."
I turn my focus back to Izzy and the Doctor. 

Izzy's POV:

We didn't worry about the cubes for another year. Then, one day, the number 7 showed up on it. 
I screamed from my parents living room. I jumped over the couch and got him in there. 
I exclaim. We both scan the black object with our sonics. 
The Doctor screams. My mum and dad come rushing into the living room. 
"We're going on an adventure" 
he says with a smirk. 
"Now, Isabel, to go pick up your wizard friend and wolfy" 
he says. 
"I don't even like him" 
I say. 
"Too bad, he's coming with" 
the doctor says. I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's my mum. I look at her and smile. She smiles back. 
My dad says. 
"Rory we're going. This is gonna be fun" 
the Doctor fires up the TARDIS. A minute later, we land and I run out. My friend is sleeping. 
I yell. They moan and sit up. 
"Come on it will be fun! You can help save the Earth! It's quite fun" 
the Doctor says. They end up coming with us. We fly the TARDIS through time and space to get to Agent Natalie Titan's squad's basement base. When we step out, Natalie is there to greet us. 
"You two are much more interesting in person" 
she says as the Doctor and I step out of the TARDIS. My parents follow us, Cadence and Harry following them. 
"We have 100,000 cubes being watched every second of the day. Today they activated again, it looks like a countdown to something. All of the cubes do something different" 
she says as we walk past enclosed spaces with a cube and a man in them. 
I say. 
"Isn't it wonderful?" 
The Doctor asks. The numbers switch to 6. 
"Why did it start at 7?" 
I ask. 
"No one is quite sure" 
Natalie says. 
Harry says.
 "Shut up" 
I say. 
"My brain is thinking" 
I take my sonic screwdriver and shove a man at the computer aside. I take his chair as start working at the computer. I hack into a system and pull up a map of where the cubes came from.
 "I think I know where the 7 comes from" 
I say. 
Everyone but the Doctor asks. 
"Seven stations where the cubes came from" 
I say. 
the Doctor says and kisses me. In the corner of my eye I can see my parents making a disgusted face. 
"Congrats on your parenting face" 
I hear Cadence say to my mum. I pull away and glance at a cube. It's at 4. 
"I want to spend the rest of the timer time watching them" 
I say. 
"I agree" 
the Doctor says. 
"Sweetie, don't do that" 
my dad says. 
"Too late" 
I say and enter one of the offices. I lay my hands on the table and watch the cube. When the timer hits zero, the box opens. I take a deep breath and look inside. Nothing. Absolutely nothing in it. The Doctor and I exit the offices at the same time. 
we say in unison as the rest of the people stare at us. We sit down in the chairs at the computer. We hack into the news an start watching the feed. People are collapsing on the street from cardiac arrest. They got too close to the cubes.
 "That doesn't make any sense!" 
I yell. I start working at the computer and mumbling to myself. Suddenly, a wave of pain overcomes my right heart. 
I yell and push away from my chair. I grip my heart. Then I hear the doctor scream. 
"What perfect sense"
 I moan. 
"Kill the human heat that depends on electrical shocks, with electrical shocks. That's what was in the box" 
I moan. 
"Whoever set them up, wants to exterminate the human race" 
I gasp and pound on my chest, trying to get air.  
"And one of our hearts are working" 
the Doctor whispers. 
I scream and Cadence comes running. She pushes me back to the computer I was at. My mum and dad stand over my shoulder. I'm having a heart attack. I only have one heart. I work a little more then scream. 
I yell to my dad. 
"There's. A. Wormhole. Where. Dad. Works." 
I pant. 
"The hospital" 
my dad mutters. 
"Lets go then!" 
My mum yells. My mum helps the doctor out of his chair and my dad helps me. All you can see is the doctor and I hitting our chests trying to do CPR to ourselves unsuccessfully. We practically limp to the hospital. 
the Doctor whispers. 
"Go tell everyone to get rid of the cubes. The world needs your leadership right now" 
he whispers. 
"It's ok" 
my dad whispers in my ear. 
"It's gonna be ok" 
he says. 
"Ok guys just a little bit farther!" 
My mum says as I pound on my chest. I grit my teeth. 
I yell and the Doctor repeats me. I get loose of my dads grip and bang my head against the wall. I feel a hand on my back. It's Cadence. 
"Come on, just a few more feet" 
she says. My dad helps me again. We walk down a hallway then the Doctor and I give up. I sink down against the wall. 
"Mum, I can't do it. Just kill me" 
I say I tear streaming out of my face. 
"Amy I can't do it!" 
The Doctor screams. 
she says thinking. My dad lays us down and gets out the AED. 
"No no no no no no" 
the Doctor and I say. 
My dad says and shocks the Doctor's hearts. He sits right up. He laughs. My dad starts rubbing the things together again. 
"No no nNO NO NO NO!" 
I yell and start kicking. 
He says and a shock goes through my body. I groggily sit up. 
"It's working again" 
I yell and jump up. 
I yell. 
"Thanks Dad, but never do that ever again" 
I say and run down the hallway. I quickly take my sonic out. 
 I yell happily. All throughout the hospital, people are getting wheeled in, because of heart failure. 
"Ahh, the suckers" 
I say. 

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