Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


2. Chapter 2

Cadence's POV:

I sit down next to Harry. 
"Izzy gave me her keys so I can take her car home. You can come with me if you want."
I tell him. 
"Great. The boys can take my car home."
He smiles. We hang out a little bit. We eventually get bored and decide to go to my house. I drive home and Harry and I decide to watch a movie together. I make popcorn and we pick a movie to watch. 
"Let's watch The Hunger Games so I know what it's about."
Harry suggests. 
"You really should read the book first, but ok."
I put the disk in the player and the movie starts. We sit on the couch together and I rest my head on his shoulder. This movie has never been better. 

James' POV:

"Come on lets go do something" 
Logan says as a waiter comes around with some kind of booze. Iz, me, Kendall and Carlos say no because we're all underage, but like always, Logan takes one and chugs it. 
"Lets save paintball for tomorrow" 
I say. 
"Good idea" 
Izzy says. I check my watch.
I say. 
 Carlos yells. 
"I dunno Carlitos, I make the best Smores around." 
Iz says with a smirk. 
"A smores off!" 
Logan says.
 "Dibs on being judge" 
"Dang it"
 I say. 
"Ok Carlos loser has to.... Hmmmm"
 Iz says.
 "Do whatever the winner says for a week!" 
Kendall pipes in.
 "What he said" 
Iz says. 
"Youre on." 
Carlos says while shaking Iz's hand. 
"Lets leave" 
I say. We head out the door and into my car. Iz climbs into the front seat while the guys scramble into the back seat. I turn on the radio. We all end up rapping to some song that I forget the title too. We're laughing the entire way home.

Cadence's POV: 

The movie finishes. 
"That was really good."
Harry tells me. 
"The book is better."
I laugh. 
"Do you wanna stay for the night?"
I ask. 
He smiles. We go to bed and fall asleep. I dream about Harry. I'm not saying that's not unusual because I always dream about One Direction, giant iPhones that try to eat people, or me being in the hunger games. So far, I've only died once in the games. All of my other THG dreams, I've woken up before I died. That's kinda lucky. Death is scary. When I wake up, I can't find Harry. I run around the house looking for him until I find him in the kitchen. He is making breakfast. He's making pancakes. 
"Morning babe."
He says. 
I reply. He hugs me. 
"Mmm. Those pancakes smell good."
I say. 
"Thanks. I learned a special recipe when I worked at a ba-"
"I know."
I cut him off. 
"What don't you know about me?"
He asks. 
"Nothing. I'm a Directioner. We know everything about you guys."
"That's kinda scary. Just like the giant poster you have of me in your room that was staring at me all night."
"Yea that creeped me out at first too. You get used to it though."
Harry and I start to eat. The pancakes are delicious. I really like Harry. I just don't know if I should tell him yet. 

Izzy's POV:

 On the way to the guys' place, we rapped Cant Hold Us by Macklemore and sang BTR songs. It was the best night of my life. When we got to their place, Carlos immediatly yelled 
I laugh as Fox runs between my feet. I pet him. Carlos gets all the ingredients out plus more. Logan sits down and Kendall blindfolds him. 
"So you cant tell whose is whose." 
Kendall says with a smirk.
 "Ready... Set... Go!" 
Kendall says. I heat up a pan over the stove and roast the marshmallow. It becomes a perfect golden brown. I take the grahm cracker and chocotate and stack them together. I place the marshmallow on the chocolate and sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on the marshmallow and grahm cracker. I smoosh the grahm cracker down on the marshmallow. 
Carlos and I exclaim at the same time. 
"Try each then pick, left or right" 
Kendall says. Im on the right. Logan takes a bite of Carlos'. 
"Not bad" 
he says. He takes a bite of mine. 
He yells. 
 I exclaim. 
"Make us some!" 
James says. I whip up 5 smores. I give one to each og the guys. We take a bite. 
"Man Izzy, these are good"
James and Kendall say. 
"Carlos can clean up"
 I say with a smirk. He has to. James has marshmallow all over his lips. 
"Iz, cmere" 
He says. I walk over to him. 
I ask. He gives me a big kiss on the cheek. Theres a print of his lip made of marshmallow. We all laugh. 
"Iz, do ya wanna stay the night?" 
James asks.
 I say. 
"Youre sleeping with me though" 
He says. 
"Lets go upstairs" 
He says. 
"Goodnight boys" 
we both say and go up to his room. He hands me his green Hurley shirt. 
"Put it on" 
He says. I slip the shirt over my head. It smells like his cologne. We both hop in bed. James takes his shirt off and turns the lights off. He wraps his arms around me and I wrap my right arm around him. I lay my head on his bare chest. My head rises with every breath he takes.
 "Goodnight Iz" 
he says. 
"Goodnight James" 
I reply. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. 

Harry's POV:

Cadence and I eat our pancakes. She is beautiful. I really like her. I just don't know if I should tell her yet. I don't wanna ruin things between us just for saying I like her too soon. 
"Do you wanna go to lunch later with me?"
I ask hopefully. 
She smiles. Yes! The girl I really like looks like she's a little into me. This is great. 
"I'm gunna go home and change into some clean clothes."
I tell Cadence. I walk towards the door. 
"Wait. I'll drive. The other boys have your car."
"Ok thanks."
We get in Cadence's car. We drive to my house. 
"I'll wait here. Take your time."
She tells me. 
"No. Come inside. Make yourself at home."
She follows me in. I go up to my room and change quick. I go back down. Cadence and I decide to stay at my place for a little bit. We watch TV. I put my arm around Cadence. She is beautiful. 

James' POV:

I feel a moving on my chest. Izzy is waking up. 
"Morning beautiful" 
I mumble. 
"Morning James" 
she mumbles back. She starts to get up.
 "Mmmm stay here" 
I say. 
she says and lays her head back down on my chest. 
"I could lay here forever" 
I say. 
"I agree" 
she says back. My stomach grumbles. 
"Logan or Carlos are probably making breakfast. Lets go downstairs." 
I say and we both get out of bed and walk downstairs. I notice the shirt that I always put on when I walk downstairs is gone. 
I yell. 
"We though Izzy would like you better with out the shirt." 
Kendall says with a smirk. He chucks my shirt at me. 
 I say and slip the Superman shirt on. Logan serves waffles. 
"Thanks Logan!" 
we all say and dig in. 

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