Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


18. Chapter 18

Cadence's POV:

Izzy and the Doctor drop Harry and I off at Harry's house. 
"I can't believe BTR died."
I tell Harry after we get upstairs. 
"Same. Oh well. We'll have to live."
He replies. 
"I agree."
I lay down on Harry's bed next to him and I grab my book. I open to my page and I start to read. 
"You're still obsessing over that series?"
Harry asks when he sees the book I'm reading. 
"Yes. I have to finish The Last Olympian before House Of Hades comes out tomorrow."
I reply. 
"Great. There's more books for you to obsess over."
I smile and continue reading. Harry rolls over. 
"Night babe."
He says as he falls asleep. I don't pay attention. I just continue reading. After I read for a few hours and finish the book, I shut of the light and I fall asleep. 

Izzy's POV:

"Bye mom"
 I say as I hug my mother. 
"Bye sweetie. When you're done with the Doctor you two come back and visit us!" 
She says in her Scottish accent. The Doctor laughs. 
"Goodbye sweetheart" 
my dad says and we hug. 
"Take good care of my girl, Doctor"
 my dad says. 
"No problem Rory" 
he says and laughs a little. 
We both exclaim and shut the door to the TARDIS. 
"This is going to be amazing" 
he says and starts flying the TARDIS. Literally 3 seconds later, he opens the door to the TARDIS. 
"Now jump out" 
he says. 
"What? No!" I yell. "Just do it" he says. I jump and he grabs my ankle. "Woah!" 
I yell. 
"Shouldn't I be dead?" 
I ask. 
"Nope, I expanded the air bubble on the TARDIS" 
the Doctor says in his adorable accent. He slowly drags me side to side. I can hear him giggling from inside the TARDIS. I look at the stars. I'm flying, but not really. I look back at the Doctor and I see him grinning from ear to ear and he's giggling. It's adorable, really. 
"Come along, Pond" 
he says and pulls me back in. He hold me in his arms. We both laugh. He intertwines my hands with his. He leans in closer, and closer and we kiss. 

Harry's POV:

I wake up with Cadence sleeping next to me. 
"Morning babe."
I whisper. 
She replies. I get up and go downstairs to make me and Cadence  breakfast. A few minutes later, I hear someone walking down the stairs. 
I say as I turn to see Cadence. She is already dressed and ready or the day. 
"Woah. How did you do that?"
I ask. 
"Do what?"
"Get ready so fast."
"You learned a spell?"
Cadence nods and sits down next to me. 
"What's for breakfast? I have to get to class soon."
She asks. 
"Do you have to go?"
"Because I can't keep missing class. I've missed it twice in the past week. That's too much."
"What's for breakfast?"
I finish cooking the bacon and we eat. Cadence leaves for class and I sit there doing nothing until she gets back. 

Izzy's POV:

After 9 Earth months, the Doctor and I return home. I'm finally 24. And counting, of course, I live forever. We decide to stop at my parents house. When we finally land the TARDIS, we walk out into the streets. There are black cubes just sitting all over the streets. I take out my sonic screwdriver and test them. 
I say. We pick a handful of them up. We knock on my parents door. We wait for about five minutes. Then, my mother opens the door. 
She says and hugs us. 
"Rory, they're here!" 
My mom announces. I hear my father trip down the stairs and into the kitchen. 
"Come in!" 
She says. 
"What do you know about the cubes" 
the Doctor says. 
"Nothing. They've been here for a day. No one knows what they are." 
My dad says. 
"Well we are going to watch them 24/7 and see if they do anything." 
The Doctor says and puts a stack of them on the table. We all sit down and watch them. I can't sit still, neither can the Doctor. 
"We have to be patient" 
the Doctor says. 
"I can't take it anymore! I have to be busy!" 
I say after 5 minutes. 
"I agree!" 
The Doctor yells. 
"You were the ones to tell us that we had to be patient" 
my dad says. 
"Patience is for wimps!" 
I say and the Doctor takes my hand and we go outside. We mess around with a soccer ball and he ends up kissing me. Again. 
"What do we do about the cubes?" 
I ask. 
"We wait" 
the Doctor says.  
"Should we be considered as the Doctor and female timelord, or the Doctors" 
I say with a laugh. 
"I like the Doctors" 
the Doctor says with a laugh. We lay down on the grass and watch the clouds. 
"Look, that one looks like the TARDIS" 
the Doctor whispers into my ear. 
"That one looks like an elephant" 
I say and he laughs. 
"That one looks like a dinosaur" 
he says and makes a silly face, trying to be like a dinosaur. I laugh and bury my head in his chest. 
"This is fantastic" 
he says. 
"It sure is" 
I reply. 
"It sure is" 

Cadence's POV:

I walk through the door. 
"Harry! I'm home!"
I yell. 
"Hey babe."
Harry walks over to the door and picks me up. 
I reply. 
"How was class?"
Harry carries me upstairs and sets me down on the bed. 
"You know, we need to officially plan our wedding."
He tells me as he takes out his laptop. 
He turns the laptop on and starts to type. 
"We're having the wedding at a beach, right?"
Harry asks. 
Harry types that. 
"A giant wedding cake with M&Ms."
Harry starts to type but I interrupt him. 
"Blue M&Ms."
"Why blue?"
"Who's Percy? Are you cheating on me?"
Harry asks. He sounds like he's getting mad. 
"You know one of the series of books that I'm obsessed with?"
I ask. 
"Percy is the main character. He's fictional. I'm not cheating on you."
"Oh ok. Then we'll have blue M&Ms."
Harry writes that down. We set up everything else. 
"Now for the guests list."
Harry tells me. 
"Your mum and sister need to come. So do the boys and Izzy."
I tell him. 
"And your family."
"I don't have a family."
"Yeah. Who else?"
"Ed? As in Ed Sheeran?"
"Yeah. Is that ok?"
"Yes! It's amazing!"
We finish the list and start to make invitations. We print them out and we mail them out. 

Izzy's POV:

"Call your American friend and ask her about the cubes" 
the Doctor says as I pull out my phone. I call Cadence. 
I say flatly. 
Cadence says. 
"Yes, that's me" 
I say. 
"Listen, the Doctor and I are laying in my mum and dads yard, and yesterday, these black cubes appeared all over the streets. Are they in America as well?" 
I ask with a sigh. 
"Yeah, Harry and I picked some up" 
Cadence says. I sigh. 
"This is so boring come back to me!" 
I hear the Doctor yells. 
"Hold on a sec!" 
I yell. 
"Listen, I gotta go. Bye" 
I say and hang up the phone. I go back to the Doctor. 
"Are you really 950?" 
I ask. 
"Well, yes, in Gallifreyan years. In Earth years I'm 24" 
he says with a smirk. 
"You've been alive longer then you think Junior" 
"Wow. 950 years old. Hm." 
I say. 
the Doctor says and kisses my forehead. 

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