Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


14. Chapter 14

Cadence's POV:

All of a sudden, I wake up. I look around and see Harry. He is sleeping next to me. 
"Morning Harry."
I say as I Stand Up and go downstairs to make breakfast. 
"Hey babe."
Harry follows me.
"What do you want?"
I ask him. 
"Do you have bacon?"
"Can we have bacon?"
I go to the refrigerator and take out bacon. 
"Do you want toast?"
I ask. 
"Sure. Bacon sandwich!"
Harry laughs. I smile as I put some toast in the toaster. I cook the bacon and take out the toast. I grab two plates and put three pieces of bacon on a piece of toast and put it on a plate. I do the same for me. Then I split all of the extra bacon in half and Harry and I go to eat. 
"This is really good."
Harry tells me. 
"Thanks. I make it all the time."
I reply. We finish eating in silence. Harry breaks the silence after we clean up the dishes. 
"What do you wanna do today?"
He asks. 
"I have to go to class."
"Oh. Can I take you?"
"Harry, I already told you. If anyone finds out that you know about wizardry, I'll be thrown in Azkaban. Forever."
"Oh ok. When will you be back?"
"In a few hours."
"Ok. Can we go to the movies after that?"
"Sure. I'll see you later."
I grab my books and I walk out the door down the street to the old house. The house opens and I go to my Defense Against The Dark Arts class. My DFATDA teacher walks to the front of the room. His name is Professor Snape. 
"Today we will be having a new student join class."
He tells everyone. 
"This is Mr. Harry Potter."
My jaw dropped. Is this seriously Harry Potter? The guy who defeated and killed He Who Must Not Be Named?"
"Go sit next to that girl over there Potter."
Snape tells Harry. He is pointing to me. Potter sits in the desk next to me. 
"Hi I'm Harry. Who are you?"
Potter asks looking at me. 
"I'm Cadence."
I reply. 
"Well Cadence, do you want to get something to eat after class?"
I ask shocked. 
"Do you wanna get something to eat after class?"
"I heard you the first time."
I snap at him. 
"You don't even know me! Why would you want to go out with me? And my BOYFRIEND wouldn't be very happy about that!"
I am yelling now. 
"Shut up. I'm trying to teach."
Snape say. 
"Break up with him. Wouldn't you rather date a hero like me?"
"Harry is what I live for. Not some jerk like you. Just don't talk to me."
I turn my back to him and I barley pay attention to the rest of class. When class is over, I run home into Harry's arms. 
"Hey babe. How was class?"
He asks. 
"What happened?"
"We got a new student. It's Harry Potter. He asked me out and told me I should break up with you and date him."
I'm almost crying. 
"It's ok babe. I trust you to make the right decision."
I nod and bury my head in Harry's shoulder. He picks me up and sets me down on the couch. He goes over and picks up my disk for The Hunger Games. 
"Do you wanna watch a movie?"
I nod my head and Harry puts the disk in the TV and the movie starts. Harry grabs my hand and we watch it together. 

Izzy's POV:

"Now, you are very special, you know that right?" 
The Doctor says. 
I say in agreement. 
"Yes! New timelord in training!" 
11 says. I chuckle. He wraps his arm around me. 
"Now, we're gonna take a quick ride in the TARDIS and then YOUR going to figure out how to use that screwdriver of yours!" 
The Doctor says and leads me outside. 
"Now, you might get sick on the first trip. Don't worry! They all get sick on the first trip" 
he says. 
"Now, lets go!" 
He says with a grin and unlocks the TARDIS. He hops inside the TARDIS and I follow him. 
"So! Where do you want to go, forewords or backwards in time?" 
He asks. 
"To Ancient Greece!" 
I exclaim. 
"To Ancient Greece we go!" 
11 says and turns some dials, and flips some switches. The room starts spinning and I feel sick. Suddenly it all stops. Matt hops out. 
He exclaims

Cadence's POV:

I wake up. I look for Harry on the other side of the bed. He's not there. I get up and walk towards the door and get stopped by Harry running towards me. 
He yells and pulls me into a hug. 
"How did you know it's my birthday?"
I ask. 
I grab my phone and check my messages. I have two messages from Izzy and one from each of the boys in One Direction. The texts from the boys all say 'Happy birthday!!!!!!!!'. My first one from Izzy says, 'happy anniversary or a major battle in the French Revolution!'. This must be her revenge to me for texting her 'happy 40 year anniversary of Secretariat winning the triple crown!' on her birthday. The second text from her says, 'and happy birthday'. I laugh. I walk to the kitchen with Harry where he made my favorite breakfast. Crapes with bacon. 
"Do you like it?"
Harry asks. 
"I love it! Thanks so much!"
I exclaim. We eat. 
"You're skipping wizard class today by the way."
Harry tells me. 
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you are. I have a surprise for you."
"Let's go then."
I follow Harry out of the house and brings me to his car. He blindfolds me and puts on my favorite music- One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. He sings the songs to me. After about an hour, Harry stops the car and carries me out. I don't know where he's bring me. I feel him climb some stairs and a minute later, he puts me down on a soft chair. 
"Take your blindfold off babe."
Harry orders me. I take it off and find myself on a beautiful private jet. I look out the window and we are already moving. 
"Harry, this is incredible!"
"I want only the best for you."
Harry kisses my lips and he sits in the chair next to me. 
"I brought your favorite movies."
Harry tells me as he holds out This Is Us, The Hunger Games, Secretariat, and Ruffain.
"Which one do you want to watch?"
He asks. 
"Not Ruffian. I don't feel like crying today."
"What's so sad about Ruffian? Isn't she an amazing racehorse?"
"The last race."
Is all I answer. 
"You probably don't want to talk about that now so what one?"
Harry asks holding out the other three movies. 
"Let's watch Secretariat. I haven't watched it in a while."
Harry puts in the disk and the movie starts playing on the giant TV. It must be a 90 inch TV. The movie is amazing still. I just hang out with Harry for a few hours after that when I decide to ask,
"Where are we going?"
"It's a surprise."
A couple hours later, Harry tells me to put my blindfold back on. I do and I feel the jet land. Harry picks me up and carries me out. We walk up what feels like a million stairs before Harry sets me down. 
"Take your blindfold off babe."
I take it off and realize that I am in Paris, on the top of the Eiffel Tower looking over France.
"Oh my god Harry you are the best boyfriend ever!"
I exclaim.
"Paris. The city of love because I love you."
 I hug him tightly. I notice a table with candles and two chairs. 
"Moonlight dinner?"
He asks. He pulls out my chair and I sit in it. A man comes in and gives us our food. 
"Bacon Mac n cheese! My favorite!"
Harry's smiles. We eat. When we are done, one of my favorite songs and the song that got me obsessed with music, Love Story by Taylor Swift starts playing. I look at Harry confused. He smiles. I look back around at Paris. My favorite part of the song comes on. I look back at Harry and he is on one knee. He sings along with the song as he opens a small box. 
"Marry me Juliet, you'd never have to be alone I love you and that's all I ever know."
I the box, there is a beautiful diamond ring. 
"Oh my god!"
I exclaim. 
"Cadence, will you marry me?"
I start crying in happiness. 
I tell him. Harry slips the ring on my finger and pulls me in and kisses me. 

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