Sparks Fly

Cadence and Izzy are out at the club one day. When they're there, they meet some boys. The boys are members of famous bands.

This is another fanfic I'm writing with Izzy. I hope you like it and read my other fanfics too. Thanks :)


13. Chapter 13

James's POV:

"James, we know you miss her, but you have to preform and see the Clave" 
Logan says as I put my stele back in my pocket. 
"But I miss her" 
I whimper. 
"We know. But she's special. You even know that" 
Kendall says as we get off the airplane. 
"Yeah, I know" 
I say. There are a couple hundred Rushers there, screaming. We smile, sign some autographs and take some pictures. When we get to the hotel, Carlos gets ahold of the Clave, letting them know we're here. 
"Well she's got Zeus for a dad, and a Herondale for a mom and a trace of timelord blood!" 
I hear the Inquisitor yell from the other room. 
"So what? She's Nephilim, a demigod and Timelord" 
Carlos says. 
"She doesnt know it but its ok" 
The Inquisitor says. They're only talking about one person. The girl I left back in Hollywood.

Cadence's POV:

I look over at Harry. He looks surprised. 
"Harry? You ok?"
I ask. He looks at me. 
"I don't know."
I feel a tear roll down my cheek. 
"Are you mad?"
"No. I'm just really surprised. How could you keep such a big secret from me?"
"If I tell anyone and someone finds out, I could spend the rest of my life in Azkaban."
"What's Azkaban?"
"Prison. It's guarded by Dementors."
"I still think you should've told me from the start."
"I'm sorry."
He just gets up and leaves the room. I lay down on the bed and cry. I think I just lost Harry. I must've lied there crying for an hour. 
"Babe? You ok?"
I jump up startled.
I wipe a tear off of my cheek.
"Why are you crying?"
"Because I though you were leaving me."
"Why would you think that?"
"Because you got up and left."
"Babe, I just didn't know how to handle this. I just needed a few minutes to myself to think. I love you."
"I love you too."
Harry pulls me into a hug. 
"I would never leave you. Or hurt you."
He tells me. 
I reply. He then pulls me in and kisses me. 

Izzy's POV:

I'm sitting at my kitchen counter with my glasses on and my sonic screwdriver and my toolkit in front of me. I have to do some math. I figure out the formula and operate on my sonic screwdriver. After the tenth time it didn't work, I throw it against the wall and it shatters into a hundred pieces. I realize what I've done. 
"No no no no"
 I say and pick up the pieces and bring them to the counter. I try fixing it for an hour. I finally accept that I can't fix my sonic screwdriver. I feel a warm tear drip slowly down my cheek. After James left, I've been a mess. 
"Better get out of my pajamas" 
I mutter to myself. I look through my drawers. 
"Looks like its dress like 11 day" 
I mutter, seeing that I don't have much in my drawers. I put on a pair of jeans and a white button up t-shirt. I tuck the shirt into my pants. I dig through my closet and find my red bowtie. I wrap it around my neck and tie it. I put on a pair of red suspenders and my black vans. 
 I mutter. I comb out my hair and go back to work. Suddenly there's a knock on my door. 
"Let me in before I use my sonic screwdriver!" 
A voice says. Sonic screwdriver. Could I be? I run to the door.  I swing it open. A man, wearing almost the exact same thing I am, is standing at my door. 
"Great minds dress alike, I guess" 
he says with a smirk. He has oily dark brown hair and he has a big nose and hazel eyes.
 "Matt Smith?" 
I exclaim.
 "No no no" 
he says as he enters my house. 
"That's just a stage name. Please, call me doctor, or 11. I prefer Doctor" 
he says with a smile.
 "Wait, Doctor, that's a TV show. Not real life"
 I say. 
"Oh yes it is. Everything you think isn't real, it is. It sure is, Izzy. Demigods, wizards, Nephilim, and even Timelords." 
The Doctor says. 
"Then why is there a TV show called Doctor Who?" 
I ask. 
"Because they found out what we are and they wanted to film us" 
the Doctor says, looking in my fridge. 
"Ooh! Cupcakes! Can I have one?" 
He asks. 
I say and he grabs one and starts eating it. 
"So, Doctor, why are you here?" 
I say, shocked. 
he says with a mouthful of cupcake 
"you are very special. Your dad is Zeus, your mom is a Herondale Nephilim, and you're a timelord" 
he says.
I exclaim. 
He nods his head. My head starts spinning. 
"I'm going to teach you how to be these things" 
"If I'm a timelord, then how come I don't have two hearts?"
 I ask. 
"Oh, but you do" 
the Doctor says. 
"You just haven't noticed" 
"and my Mom's a Herondale?" 
I ask. He nods his head.
 "And my dad is... Zeus" 
I say, rubbing my temples. 
"I know it's a lot" 
11 says. 
I say sitting down on the couch. 
"I have some things for you" 
he says and sits down next to me. He pulls out some things from his jacket pocket. 
"First off, your sonic screwdriver" 
he says and ands me my sonic screwdriver, it looks exactly like my toy one. 
 I say and look it over. 
"Next, your stele and serpah blade" 
he says and hands the serpah blade to me. 
"Let me mark you" 
he says and grabs my right hand. He marks it. There is an eye, the mark every Shadowhunter has. 
"And now, a present from your father" 
he says and hands me a pen. 
"Uncap it" 
the doctor says. I uncap it and it turns into a sword. 
I say 
"is so awesome" 

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