Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


1. The Move

Chloe's P.O.V


I was really nervous about the move really. Because I've lived here, in Portsmouth, my whole life. I have so many memories here and I'm just leaving them behind. But I need a new start, somewhere I can have more of a life, and I know 17 seems like such a young age to be moving away from your parents, but me and my best friend, Bonnie, also 17, have been dreaming about this for years. We've been best friends since we were 2, because of our mums being old school friends. Bonnie is a beautiful girl, she's relatively short, with long brown hair and blue eyes, and always gets the boys. I, on the other hand, am 5ft 6 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. And I never get the boys. 


Bonnie's P.O.V


I was so excited for the move, I'd been kicked out of my actual house by my mum and dad for losing my virginity at 16. I went and lived with Chloe, her mum understood where my mum was coming from but could not see me without a roof over my head. I know it's a very early age, but it was legal and seemed right at the time. But I now know what a big mistake it was because 

1)The boy only wanted me for my body

2)I've lost the two most important people in my life

But the only thing I can think of now is the fact that in a few hours me and my best friend will be living in our own house, no rules, just us. And I can't wait. London is full of shops, and that's mine and Chloe's favourite thing to do... Shop


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