Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


5. The Get-together

Bonnie's P.O.V


I woke up to the door knocking, I looked at my phone for the time, it was 7:30am and I was not willing to get up this early. I tried to fall back to sleep but the knocking became continuous. I threw myself out of bed and the knocking got louder "FUCK, I'M COMING!" I screamed, I opened the door forcefully in anger. And saw a curly haired boy facing the wall. "Can I help you?" I asked sarcastically, he turned around with a huge smile on his face, his emerald eyes glistening. It was only Harry Styles, seeing me in nothing but a big top on, once I got out of my day dream I caught him staring at my legs, "Urm, my eyes are up here" I joked, he shook his head and his hair went over to one side, "Oh yeah, urm Zayn told me to come down here and ask if you and..." I cut him off short "Chloe" he nodded "wanted to come to our get-together tonight? There'll only be like 9 of us, including you... If you come that is" He started getting really nervous and blushing. I stared at him for a second "Sure, what time?" I said cheering up a bit, "Whenever you want babe" he winked at me and walked up to the elevator. Waving as he stood in. I closed the door and fell to the floor, I was so tired. 

I woke up an hour or so later and Chloe was sat on the sofa smiling to herself, I managed to pull myself up and sit next to her. "YOU DIDN'T..." I was quickly interrupted by a look of death, Chloe was still a virgin and I fully respected her for that, and I didn't want her to lose it to an asshole. "NO, OMG! HE KISSED ME AHHHHH" She screamed "So cutting a long story short, we had a flour fight and then he fell on top of me onto the sofa and he kissed me!" I was taken by surprise by what I'd just heard, and almost forgot to tell her about the get-together tonight "Harry Styles just popped round, we're going to Zayn's later for a little gathering" I said, and it sounded normal, but felt weird talking about celebrities as if they were old friends. She nodded and jumped up pulling me up with her "Help me find something to wear?" she begged, I nodded, still very tired. 


Chloe's P.O.V

I finally knew what I was wearing, I didn't want to dress up because we were only going upstairs and I didn't want to under-dress so I just went with some Topshop Joni jeans, they were my all time favourites, and an american football jersey about 3 sizes too big and some converse, I curled my hair and brushed my teeth, and went to find my make up bag. When I finally found it, it had a note in it 

"You have an amazing body by the way" 

Shivers of excitement ran down my spine, I put it into my draw where all the other notes from Zayn were. I dabbed on some foundation over any spots, and put some eyeliner and mascara on. Oh and I almost forgot my favourite pink lipstick by mac. Done, I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked so much like my mother. I ran into the living room to take a picture with Bonnie, we're so vain it hurts. I linked my arm into hers and we walked out of the door and took the elevator up, I counted 12 doors along again, and she knocked on the door, Louis Tomlinson answered, he shook my hand roughly "You must be Chloe, we've heard a LOT about you" he said grinning at me then to Zayn. I could clearly see Zayn was embarrassed. We stepped inside and saw Liam Payne and his girlfriend snuggling into a chair, Niall Horan eating food, Louis giving his girlfriend a hug and Harry sat there staring at Bonnie, and I could sense she was staring back. 


Zayn walked up to me and dragged me to the kitchen where he shut the door behind us. "What are you doing?" I half whispered, he didn't respond, he just smashed his lips into mine, I jumped up onto the counter, not breaking the kiss, and wrapped my legs around him, he moved his lips across to my cheek and down to my neck, my biggest turn-on spot. I tried to hold in a little moan but it came out causing him to laugh, I slowly pulled away biting his lip, he groaned a little in the back of his throat, making me smile. "Patience" I whisper whilst hopping off the counter and walking off, stroking his face as I did. "Oooooo, what were you two doing in there then?" Niall shouts with a mouthful of food, "getting a drink" I lied between my teeth, and Bonnie knew that. She was sat next to Harry, talking and clearly flirting with him, it's about time she got a new boyfriend, it'd been 1 and a half years and I think she's ready for one now she's fully over that complete fuck face George. He slowly led her to the hall way, I kept an eye on her, and all they were doing was kissing. I didn't want her to get her heart broken again. 


Harry's P.O.V

Bonnie's so beautiful, her long brown hair gently falls down to her mid-back, you could get lost in her blue eyes, she was just simply gorgeous. When I kissed her everything felt right, from the touch of her tongue on mine, to the way we stood against the wall. I think I like her, I don't know. I really don't but all I can do is think about her. Wow, just wow. 


Bonnie's P.O.V

Okay so, first thing I know, I'm sat there talking to Harry Styles and the next thing, we're shoving our tongues down each others throats, it felt right though, he's the first boy I've kissed since George, and I'm not having any second thoughts. His lips were so soft, and his breath was so minty. I don't know why I'm saying this as if it means anything to him, he would never in a million years like me back. Fuck it. I slowly moved my lips away, gently biting his lip. He smiled at me "you're such a good kisser" he said to me, winking as he walked away. I felt my knees go weak, this wasn't just a fling to me, I really liked him. I need help, I swear to God. 

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