Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


16. Surprise

Zayn's P.O.V

A mixture of emotions were running through my mind, I was happy that I had my babygirl back, I was angry because of what I put her through, I was scared because of the cuts on her arms and I was excited because she was through. I needed to tell her everything but I just didn't know where to start "Chloe" I started, getting butterflies in my stomach at the questions I was about to ask her "why?" I held her wrists up and showed them to her. She turned away and I saw tears slowly fall down her delicate cheeks. I wiped them away with my thumb and kissed her forehead "Zayn, you know why. I was depressed about Joey and you just pushed me over the edge" she choked. I looked at the floor and bit my lip "I don't know what I was thinking" she looked at me in disbelief "why? why DID you do it Zayn?!" her voice was now just below shouting "I DON'T KNOW CLO!" I shouted back, standing as I did so. I slowly lowered myself back down and put my hand on her knee "but I'm here to stay this time" I looked at her and he perfect makeup was ruined because of me. She nodded and gently pulled me out of the cupboard we were in, "I want to take you somewhere" she sighed, as we walked to her car. "Why don't we take mine and pick yours up in the morning?" I suggested. She shook her head, you won't know where you're going" she explained as we got inside her white mini. I couldn't help but stare at her as we drove into the dark, her body in her leotard was perfect, everything about her was just perfect. The car pulled to a stop and I looked out the window to see a huge tree with a tree house attached to the top. It was lit by lanterns and surrounded by vines that had grown over it to camouflage it from the rest of the world. "Joey would take me here when I was feeling upset and we'd stay the night here. I wanted to do the same with you" she smiled at me and pulled down a not very safe looking ladder. We climbed up into the top and sat on the sofa which was carefully placed in the corner. It was well furnished, like a small house. I was speechless. Chloe came and sat down next to me "I miss him Zayn" she blubbered into my shoulder.  I kissed her on the head "I know you do baby" I didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry for putting you through this Chloe, I don't deserve you!" I eventually concluded. "Don't be silly, it's me who doesn't deserve you. Who knows where I'd be today if it wasn't for you. Dead most probably" that made me so proud for her to think of me like that. 


Chloe's P.O.V

I got up and brought the ladder up and locked the door. I opened a chest of drawers that Joey had bought up here "we'll live up here one day Clo!" he'd shout as he hoisted the chest of drawers into the house. I grabbed his favourite t-shirt from them and sniffed it, it smelt just like his aftershave. "I'll leave you to it" Zayn said turning round. I spun him round and lifted off my leotard. Kissing him gently on the lips and pulling his tshirt over his head. He smiled at me seductively "you sure you wanna do this?" he said staring at my half naked body. I bit my lip, and with that he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he unclasped my bra (fully this time) and stared at my breasts. I slowly pulled his trousers down with my feet and then his boxers, revealing his humongous Mega Malik. He removed my underwear and slammed me up against the wall "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this" he whispered in my ear and started sucking against my neck I let out little moans, but I was saving them for later. He carried me over to the sofa and gently laid me down. "First time?" he asked while putting his condom on "yeah..." I nodded. He walked over to me and lined himself up, and slowly inserted his dick inside of me, slow at first but started picking up some pace. It hurt for about 30 seconds until a huge burst of pleasure ran all the way through me "Oh Zayn" I moaned, "faster!" I screamed, he started to go faster, in and out and with every thrust another burst of pleasure came through, he groaned every once in a while. "I'm gonna..." he looked at me and smiled while still thrusting "not yet" he ordered and I wanted to obey, so I tried to hold it as long as possible "NOW!" he grunted. I felt it all gush out of me. He was right, it was the best feeling ever. He collapsed on the sofa next to me. "I love you so much" I whispered, still out of breath. "I... Love you too princess" he smiled at me and with that, we fell asleep, cuddling into eachother.

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