Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


9. Repaying the favour

Zayn P.O.V

That was by far the best pleasure I'd ever had. I just can't get over it! We got back to my apartment and sat and cuddled and watched TV, her head slowly found its way to my shoulder, she was beautiful. Her hair fell across her face so I gently moved it to behind her ear, I could feel her smile, I slowly leaned down to kiss her as she turned her face to look at me, our lips gently touched, I couldn't help but smile. It started getting a bit more rough as I moved my lips down to her neck and sucked giving her some lovebites, "Zayn, what are you doing?!" she moaned loudly,"repaying the favour" I carried on, knowing it would wind her up. She bit her lip, I've only ever seen her bite her lip once and that just turned me on. I lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around me, still not stopping to kiss her neck. She was smiling uncontrollably moaning every so often. I threw her onto the bed, and lifted her dress off, and that left her with just her bikini. That needed to come off. I reached round to her back and undone the bikini top, her boobs are just so wow. I kissed down her neck to her breasts and down her stomach, reaching her bikini line, I quickly whipped them off, making her giggle a little.


Chloe's P.O.V

He moved his fingers down and started to rub my clit in a circular motion "Z..Zayn" I managed to whisper, a smile grew on his face. I was a little bit nervous at first, but suddenly a huge burst of pleasure ran through me as he thrusted a finger into me making me moan VERY loudly, then another and started thrusting in and out of me at a very fast pace, making me breathless "I'm... g...gonna .c..c..c...cum" I groaned, and when I finally did, It was the best feeling ever. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, "I love you" he whispers I realise, I love him too, it's not just a stupid little crush, I really love him "I love you too" I murmured, still out of breath. 


Bonnie's P.O.V

I'd just finished with Harry, and was walking down the stairs because of the bloody lift, when I walked past Zayn's apartment because I was gonna stop there to see if Chloe was in. I went to knock on the door and heard very loud moaning sounds coming from the inside, it sounded like they were having sex but I wasn't too sure, I decided to write them a note:

'If you two want to do sexy things to eachother in there, please keep it down because some people are tired and actually want to sleep. Have fun'

And stuck it under the door, I'm glad Chloe's having fun though, whatever way... I really think he loves her, seriously I do, I've seen the way he looks at her and his eyes light up when she walks in the room, perfect couple if you ask me. I just hope she isn't just a fling because if she is, I'll personally chop his what sounds rather large penis off. 

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