Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


19. Niall's new friend

Niall's P.O.V

I decided to go for a walk to clear my head, I'd been really upset recently due to the fact I don't have a girlfriend, and yes I know it sounds so desperate but everyone else had one and I was just left by myself. None of the boys wanted to do anything with me anymore, because they were too busy with their girls. Don't get me wrong, I love the girls but I just feel like they've taken my best mates away. I walked down a path and couldn't see much because it was very foggy. I saw a figure sat on a bench head in their hands. I walked over and sat next to them, it was a girl, a very pretty one as such. She had long brown hair and green eyes, "Are you alright?" I questioned subtly. She nodded at me, giving me a pretend smile. "Fine thanks" she was Irish, "no you're not, you've been crying" I stated, pointing at her eyes. She quickly turned her head away from me. "Fancy going for a walk?" I offered, holding my arm out for her to link, I pulled her up and she locked her arm in mine, "so what's your name?" I started to question her "Maddie, I'm not going to ask what yours is, because I know it already" I laughed at her. It actually made me blush quite a bit actually "favourite food?" I popped "definitely Nandos!" I nodded my head in agreement, she didn't have a coat on and it was nearly winter "you look cold" stating the obvious much Niall. She laughed at me "a little but you know life goes on" she was wearing black skinny jeans and a white shirt and her hair was straight down to just above her breasts "yours won't go on if you don't take my coat!" I replied taking my coat of and wrapping it round her shoulders. She nodded in thanks. Rubbing my hands together, I suddenly had an idea. Why didn't I bring her to meet the girls and boys? They'd love it! "why don't you come back to my flat? The rest of the boys and their girlfriends are in there." A huge smile lit up on her face "ah go on then!" she teased, hitting my arm gently. She was so beautiful, her laugh, her smile. I know I've only just met her, but I have always believed in love at first sight and this was an excellent case of that. 

We got back to Chloe's flat where everyone was sitting. The whole room went silent as we walked in, but Harry ruined it "oi oi, Niall's finally bringing something back other than Nandos!" there was a few giggles but Bonnie hit him over the head "Guys, this is Maddie. I met her earlier. I just wanted you to get to know her" Chloe's face lit up. "Come sit over here with us, we were just talking about how we met the boys! You can tell us your story too!" she pulled Maddie off and they all sat on the sofa, I started talking with Zayn "Just ignore Harry mate, I think he's just jealous" I didn't see how that was possible as he had a girlfriend already. But went along with it. I heard Maddie's voice over the girls as she was telling her story about how she'd met me earlier that day "so, I was in the park thinking about things when he came and sat next to me, he pointed out that I'd been crying and then we just walked and spoke about stuff" I smiled at the thought "I think he likes you!" I heard El blurt out, butterflies started going in my stomach "I've seen the way he looks at you, and he's never looked at any girl like that before, not while I've known him anyway" I nodded my head in agreement not realising what I was doing. "Ni mate, what are you nodding at?" Zayn interrupted my day dream. I shook my head and just replayed the words Maddie just said.


Zayn's P.O.V

"Who wants hot chocolate then?" I shouted over the little conversations filling the room, everyone went silent "me!" Everyone shouted almost in unison. "I'll help you!" Chloe volunteered and pulled me to the kitchen slamming the door shut. I reached down to the cup cupboard and pulled out 10 cups, one for each of us. I stood up slowly and saw Chloe sat on the kitchen side. She pulled me by my collar and kissed me roughly, but still with some meaning. "Someone's happy" I teased her, rubbing my hands over her shorts. "Too happy, and I think you should do something about it" she winked at me and jumped off the side filling the cups up with hot milk and adding the chocolate powder, marshmallows and whipped cream. We brought them all out on a tray, everyone 'mmm' ing as we walked in. I helped Chloe hand them out and we both drunk them rather quickly. "If you don't mind guys, I need to talk to Chloe about something in private" I spoke up for me and Chloe, she smirked at me "Mate, we're all friends here, it doesn't matter" Liam popped out of nowhere, I haven't heard him speak all night "Oh no it's private" I shot a glance at Chloe as she quickly walked to the bedroom. "We won't be long, but it can't wait" I said rushing after her. As I got in, I lifted her up and slammed her against the wall. "I'm tired of being the good boy" I moaned in her ear. 


Chloe's P.O.V

He whispered dirty things into my ear and carried me over to the bed where he threw me down and pulled my shorts down quickly. I smiled at him cheekily. He sexily pulled my lacy pants down and looked at me "mmm" he whispered under his breath. He lifted my legs up and moved his face inbetween them. I could feel his warm breath against me, making me moan softly. He quickly slipped his tongue in, making me moan loudly. He moved it round in circular motions and I could feel him laugh every now and then when I moaned loud. I could feel the hairs all over my body standing on end as I got goosebumps through all the pleasure. "You taste so good" Zayn winked at me as he stood up and swallowed hard. I smirked at him as he walked out. 

I stood up and pulled my underwear and shorts back on and fixed my hair in the mirror. I took a deep breathe and opened the door to a room of people staring back at me, I laughed nervously "That chat sounded... fun" Harry smirked at me and then to Bonnie. "I think we should leave!" Bonnie shot up and pulled Harry with her, giggling as they both left without saying goodbye. Maddie looked at me "thank you for having me, but I'd better be going" She politely said "Perhaps I could walk you home? It's freezing out there" Niall offered, Holding a hand out to her. She took it quickly and they both strolled out, leaving me, Elenour, Louis, Sophia, Liam and Zayn left. "Looks like we'll be off too then" Liam sighed and walked out. Quickly followed by Louis and El. I cannot believe they heard me moaning, I'm absolutely mortified. 


Maddie's P.O.V

Niall is so polite and gentlemanly, "they're such lovely people" I spoke up, ruining the calming silence between us both "yeah they are. I'm just sorry you had to hear what you did!" he replied looking at the floor. We got to my front door, and stood looking into each others eyes for a second. He reached down and held both of my freezing hand in his "You truly are beautiful Maddie" he looked at me and smiled. I didn't see it . "Thank you" is all I could come up with, and with that he leaned in and kissed me softly and meaningfully on the lips. I pulled away gently and smiled at him "Goodnight Niall" he winked at me "N'night gorgeous" and with that I shut the door. I never believed in love at first sight, until I met Niall Horan. 


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