Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


22. Meeting Zayn's family

Chloe's P.O.V

I woke up extra early so I had enough time to do everything. I ran into the shower and did my stuff and ran back into my bedroom again. Zayn was still lying peacefully on the bed so I tiptoed over to my wardrobe and pulled it open. I caught sight of a salmon coloured dress peeping through my other clothes. I pulled it out and found a white cardigan and some white flats. The dress was short sleeved and flowey with scalloped edges, it was very pretty actually. I dried myself off and let my hair air dry so I was sure not to wake Zayn up. I slipped my dress on and threw my cardigan over the top and sat and done my makeup. I decided for no eyeliner because I didn't want to look over the top but did the rest as usual but with a light pink lipstick, I swear the only thing I ever change about my makeup is what colour my lipstick is. I turned my curlers on and curled little sections of my hair leaving the rest wavy. It was only 7am so I walked through to the living room and turned on the tv quietly and made myself a cranberry tea. I sat on the sofa waiting for someone to get up when I saw me and Zayn shopping yesterday, it made me smile because they read out some tweets about me and they were all very lovely! I suddenly heard a bedroom door slowly creak open, my stomach started flipping, I peered down the hallway and it was Zayn looking very sexy and tired "baby why are you up so early?" he croaked, I smiled at him "because I couldn't sleep, come cuddle with me" he shuffled his feet along the floor and flopped himself down next to me "are you sure you're alright babe?" he said pulling my head onto his lap "what if she doesn't like me?" I whispered, biting my lip. I felt him laugh but no noise came out "don't be stupid Clo! She's ecstatic!" I giggled nervously "you look beautiful by the way" he added and kissed me on the head, but I sat up and gave him more, I slowly moved my lips onto his and they started moving in some formation, he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I did too, but slowly again, our lips continued to move and his hands cupped my face so I flung my arms around his neck. We both pulled away at the exact same time and he jumped up, "I'd better go get dressed then if you're such an eager beaver to go!" he shouted, I couldn't take him seriously with lipstick all over his lips; so I reached forward and with my thumb wiped it off gently, he smirked at me "you should've kissed it off me" he explained as he walked off.

Some minutes later the door opened again and it was Zayn, he looked so handsome, he had styled his hair like when I first met him and was wearing some black skinny jeans, a plain white shirt and a grey blazer over the top and was wearing 'unforgivable' by Sean John which was my favourite on him, "you ready?" he smiled at me with his perfect teeth "as I'll ever be" I sighed nervously and he wrapped his arm around my waist, we strolled out into the freezing cold and jumped into his car which was as freezing as outside. He revved up the engine and we started to drive, I could feel my stomach doing somersaults and wow I was so scared.


Zayn's P.O.V

 I could feel Chloe's knee shaking as I put my hand on it to calm her down, I don't know why she was so scared I know everyone's going to love her! We drove for about an hour in silence until I started running out of gas so I stopped at a station "can you get me an orange juice or a water or something babe, my mouth's gone all dry!" she fluttered her eyelids at me, I know why her mouth was dry, it was because she was unnecessarily worrying. I bought her a big bottle of orange juice and brought it back out with me, she gulped it down quickly nearly finishing the whole bottle "I love you" she attempted a wink at me and then turned the radio on as loud as it would go and we sang for the rest of the two hours there. As we started to pull into smaller roads I glanced over at her as she touched her makeup, up in the mirror "perfect" I commented making her flash her beautiful teeth at me. I pulled into the drive and the front door swung open immediately it was Safaa, her eyes lit up as she saw Chloe in the car with me. I hopped out and she ran up to me "missed you" she said as she hugged me tightly, and to be quite truthful, I'd missed her too. Chloe slowly edged her way out of the car "I've been DYING to meet you!" she ran over to Chloe and hugged her "you're so pretty!" she added and Chloe smiled "thank you! So are you though!" she laughed and Sofaa dragged her inside leaving me with all the bags. I lifted them out the boot and locked the car and walked in "my boy" my mum cooed as she hugged me "mum" I nodded and kissed her cheek, "she's much more beautiful in person isn't she? And Safaa seems to have taken a shine to her" I laughed and hugged her again. 


Chloe's P.O.V

Safaa's made me feel welcome already, she dragged me up to her huge bedroom and we both sat on the bed "so how long have you and Zayn been together then?" she questioned me at first "around four months I think" I hesitated, "I love your dress!" she slid the material through her fingers and I remembered I had another one exactly the same but a smaller size in my bag. "I have another one but in a smaller size if you want it?" I offered and a huge smile lit up across her face "really?!" she jumped up off the bed, "yeah, let's go and get it, and I'll do your hair and makeup like mine after if you want?" she started jumping up and down "thank you so much!" I smiled at her and grabbed her hand and we ran down the stairs to my suitcase, Zayn was in deep conversation with his mum so I decided to leave them to it. We got back upstairs with my dress and I turned around while she carefully slid it on. She really did look wonderful. "Have you got any curlers?" I asked her and she span around in the mirror, she ran over to her excessively large wardrobe and ruffled about in their until she found them. I turned them on and she sat in my lap in front of the mirror "you have beautiful hair" I complimented her, her ears pricked up "thank you" I carried on curling until I was finished, "it looks beautiful!" she spoke and I nodded my head. "I'll go get my make-up box" and with that she jumped up and went back into her excessively large wardrobe and pulled out a huge make-up box the same size as mine. I rummaged through it and found out everything I needed, she didn't need foundation as her skin was just perfect. I did the rest and looked at my amazing work. "Take a look" I span her around and judging by the look on her face, she was amazed "oh my god thank you so much!" she giggled and pulled me down the stairs to Zayn and his mum looking at us "wow don't you look beautiful" her mum smiled at me "leave me with Chloe and Zayn now, you've had your time!" she stropped out and slammed the door behind her "that was very kind of you, Chloe" she laughed and I tucked my hair behind my ear, I started getting nervous again and I think Zayn could see that so he placed his hand on my knee, soothing me a bit "she's such a lovely girl!" I giggled quietly and so did Zayn "I've been looking forward to seeing you for ages, all Zayn does is talk about you!" Zayn's hand tensed and I felt him go red in the cheeks, I nudged him playfully "aw Zayn!" and this makes his mum laugh. "How did you both meet?" she fired a question at me and my mind shot back to when I slipped on the stair and almost broke my nose "Chloe being clumsy and tripping over a stair" Zayn filled in for me, his mum snorted "ahh... I see," she kept asking question and with every one, I relaxed a bit more and my answers weren't as blunt, and by the time it was 9'o clock his mum looked ready for bed "I'm going to bed now, you both come up when you want I made you a bed up in one of the spare rooms" she tiredly smiled at us both and walked up the stairs. 

Zayn turned and looked at me "I think she likes you" he smiled a cheeky smile at me "good" I let out a huge sigh of relief "and I'd say about half an hour and everyone will be asleep" his voice suddenly turned dark and mischievous, "not in your mums house while she's in it!" I whispered and he smiled cheekily again, a smile I could never resist "no!" I insisted, but his lips collided with mine and we fell back on the sofa, his tongue made its way into my mouth and the corners of my mouth turned up. He moved away from my lips and started kissing my cheek, then my jaw bone and then my neck "zayn!" I moaned quietly, I turned my head so it was only our lips touching again. I pulled away biting his lip playfully "I mean, not on the sofa" I giggled and we ran upstairs and flopped onto the bed, him on top of me. I could feel his hand making his way up my thighs, that's when I heard someones door creak. Zayn flung himself off me and I jumped up to get changed. I shoved on my old dance top and jumped into bed. I curled myself up into a ball and closed my heavy eyes. I felt the mattress sink down beside me as Zayn crept into bed, he cuddled up close to me and his skin was warm on mine, he pecked my shoulder "I love you" he whispered and I smiled "I love you too Zayn" he kissed me again "you still owe my one from the other day" his voice turned dark again. I wanted to, I really did. But I was so tired. So I reached my hand down and started stroking up his thigh and to his massive bulge. I reached my hand in and he groaned, but I quickly pulled it out "and you still owe me a lot of sleep after the past few nights" I turned my head around so we were nose to nose, his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. He was so beautiful when he slept. 

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