Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


26. It's time

Zayn's P.O.V

As Chloe's due date slowly creeps forward, I'm starting to get really nervous. I'm actually so nervous, I went to the bookstore the other day to buy some parenting books. I'm just so scared. Everyone so far is being really supportive, so that's an upside. The baby's room is finally decorated and it's so nice, we've put a mixture of baby blue and baby pink inside because we kept the gender a surprise. Secretly, I want it to be a girl, so I can spoil her rotten, but I don't know anymore. 

I was going through my draws and found a photo album in there. I pulled it out and sat down on my bed. I opened the first page and it was labelled 'friendly date' I turned the page and smiled as I saw pictures of Chloe eating her burger with a knife and fork. And me shoveling my dinner down. Then at the end on the other page, there was a picture of me and her smiling. I then turned it over and it was our first date at the beach. Wow, that brings back memories. Amazing memories. All of them were of both of us smiling and her in that sexy bikini. I got pulled out of my thoughts by a scream "ZAYN" Chloe screamed from the kitchen. I dropped the book and ran as fast as I could into the kitchen. Chloe was stood against the counter holding her stomach. 

"The baby's coming" she shouted. I picked her up bridal style and carried her down to my car, sending a quick text to Harry "grab Chloe's maternity bag, she's gone into labour" and sent it. I pushed my foot down on the pedal, I couldn't think, I had Chloe on one side of me, screaming about how much pain she's in, and the engine roaring on top of that. 

We got to the hospital in about 10 minutes and I carried Chloe in. Doctors and Nurses instantly came rushing to our side and we placed her in a wheelchair and wheeled her down into a room "you'll have to wait here sir until I can get her to say she wants you in the room" a snooty doctor said to me, smirking as he did. 

"She isn't going to be saying fuck all while she's screaming through the pain, so let me in to see my girlfriend you son of a bitch!" he just chuckled 

"I understand you're stressed but until she says so, you can't be let in. Soz" I pushed him out the way and opened the door. Chloe was sat on the bed half naked with her legs crouched up. "She's almost fully dilated" a kind Irish Nurse stated as I sat down in the chair next to Chloe, grabbing her hand. She was sweating "Come on baby" I whispered, kissing her hand softly. She nodded.

"1...2...3 PUSH!" the Nurse screamed suddenly, making me jump a little. Chloe screamed with all her might and pushed as hard as she could "The head's almost out. 1...2...3 PUSH!" the Nurse screamed again, I felt Chloe's hand squeeze down on mine, hurting it quite a bit. "Head's out, 1...2...3 PUSH!" Chloe repeated what she had just done and there was a sudden silence around the room and then filled with a little baby's cry. I looked over at the Nurse who was cleaning it up and wrapping it in a pink blanket "Congratulations, you have got yourself a gorgeous baby girl" The Nurse cooed as she placed our new baby in Chloe's arms. "What shall we call her?" Chloe spoke for the first time, her voice sounding weak. I took some time to think about it, and finally thought of the perfect name for her.

"What about Charlotte, babe?" I suggested and a smile grew on her face "Charlotte Malik. I like that" she whispered as she kissed Charlotte on the nose. I took a long stare at my new princess and adored her features. She had a cute button nose, and tiny little fingers and ears. The door creaked open a bit and I saw Harry's curly hair popping through the crack. "I brought a bag, some chocolate and some magazines" he smiled as he walked in with Bonnie. Chloe handed Charlotte to me "go to Daddy, while I take this off of Uncle Haz" she murmured as she put her in my arms. She was so tiny. I sat and admired her face, and suddenly her eyes started flickering open, we all stopped what we were doing and took a look. We couldn't tell what colour they were, as she was only an hour old, so it's virtually impossible. But her eyes were big, and her eyelashes were long like mine and Chloe's. I know every parent has to say this about their child but my daughter truly is perfect. 


"Can I have a hold?" Harry asked as he sat in another chair across the room. I smiled at him, "sure" I walked over to him and gently rested Charlotte into his arms "she's beautiful Clo, good job" he giggled to himself and rocked her back and forth slowly. I admired them both for a second, because Harry is so amazing with kids. I mean, look at him and baby Lux. And now looking at him with Charlotte, makes me think he really is ready, but the thing is, does he have the commitment?


Chloe's P.O.V

As I stared at my beautiful baby girl in one of my best friends arms, I couldn't help but congratulate myself and Zayn. I'd pushed such a gorgeous little girl out of my fucking vagina, and probably screamed the whole hospital down, but you know what? It doesn't bother me because it was worth it, I now have the two most important things in the whole wide world in the same room as me, little baby Charlotte and my amazing boyfriend Zayn. Someday, I hope he's more than my boyfriend though, but not until Charlotte is a little bit older to understand it all. I'm a mum. I'm a fucking mother. 


Harry's P.O.V

Looking at Charlotte's big eyes stare up at me is so amazing, and the fact that Chloe and Zayn are going to bring her up to call me and the boys Uncles makes me so proud. And also makes me want a baby of my own, I just don't know how Bonnie would cope. She doesn't do very well under pressure or any kind of stress and I don't know if this would push her a little too far. As I stood up to give Charlotte back to Chloe, I caught a glimpse of some scars on her wrists. Well I say some, I mean loads. They had fully healed, but still. It pained me to see my 'little sister' with slits in her wrists, I hope she won't go back to that though, imagine Charlotte asking "mummy, what are those cuts on your wrists" and Chloe having to explain it to her. "Does anyone want a tea or coffee?" I ask, breaking the silence "no thank you" everyone replies almost as one. I nod and sit back down again. Just then, everyone comes in. Louis, El, Liam, Dani, Niall and Maddie. "CONGRATULATIONS!" They all sort of whisper-shout sort of thing. And bring in balloons and bags of baby clothes. "We heard it was a girl because Zayn text. Sooooo, we went shopping for some cute little outfits" El laughed and put the bags on the floor next to the bed. They all crowded around Charlotte, who was now in her crib, and 'ooo'd and 'aww'd' as the did "what did you call her?" Lou strokes Charlotte's nose and looks up at Chloe. "Charlotte" she smiled and continued staring at everyone. I'm so proud of her.  

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