Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


25. Getting Sussed

Chloe's P.O.V

Since me and Zayn found out I was pregnant 5 months ago everything has been going smoothly, I've been to the hospital for regular check ups and everything is fine. I'm still not used to this whole morning sickness thing, but I've managed to master the technique of keeping it quiet so Bonnie or Harry aren't hearing me every morning. 

I shove on a vest and some sweats and wonder through into the living room "Morning all" I yawn and raise my arms in a half circle above my head as I stretch. I catch Bonnie staring at me,

"Jesus Clo, you've put on a bit of weight haven't you?!" I shoot Zayn a look of shear panic and he smiles at me "too much chicken ay Clo?" he fills in for me.

"Thanks guys, really know how to make me feel good about myself don't you?" I tried to make out as if I was hurt by walking over to the mirror and standing side on looking at my bump "damn" I mumble to myself, I was getting very big, I think someone's going to figure me out soon. 

Zayn pulls me into the kitchen and closes the door behind him "That was too close Clo, we need to think of a few excuses because that can't happen again" he whispers 

"I know, thank you for butting in though. I love you" I giggle back and run my fingers round in circles on his chest. He smiled and knelt down, he wrapped his hands around my bump "hey there little one, it's daddy. Stop keeping mummy for yourself, I need some of her too. We'll share her how about that?" I laughed and he suddenly froze and so did I. "It's kicking!" I whispered and moved Zayn's hand to where I was feeling the kicks 

"What's kicking?" A voice came from the doorway. It was Harry. My stomach started doing somersaults. I reached out for his hand and pulled him into the kitchen next to me and Zayn and shut the door behind him "Where's Bonnie?" I asked him raising my eyebrow.

"Shop" he muttered, "anyway, you didn't answer my question, what's kicking?" I took a deep breath in and so did Zayn "I'm pregnant Haz" I smile at him and his eyes shine bright in the mid morning sun "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER?" He shouted and jumped up and down on the spot. 

"Shh. No one is allowed to know. If you tell anyone Harry I will personally make sure your dick is chopped off" Zayn threatens him jokingly and Haz swallows hard. "I won't I promise, do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?" he sarcastically whispers, but before I could answer Bonnie came bursting through the door.

"They had NO oreos so I got cookies for my fatty" she laughed rubbing my belly and then pausing. Harry's face turned to stone as did Zayn's "that isn't fat" she observed my stomach from left, right and centre. "That isn'T FAT, CHLOE ARE YOU?!" I nodded, smiling as I did so. That's two people who weren't supposed to know who now know. "Please don't tell anyone Bon, we were gonna wait until next week when I'm six months to tell everyone" she smiled at me mischievously "SIX MONTHS? YOU MANAGED TO KEEP THIS SECRET FOR SIX MOTHER FUCKING MONTHS. WOWWW YOU ARE GOOD!" She shouted and Harry moved his finger to his lips suggesting she was quiet. I'm almost glad they know now. Just the rest of the guys to tell.


Zayn's P.O.V

 It's been a week since Harry and Bonnie found out and we decided to tell the rest of the guys today. "Act surprised" I told Harry and Bonnie as they left last weekend to do god-knows what. 

A continuous knocking echoed through the house, then a loud "WREEYYY!" As they all conga lined in. Liam wasn't with Sophia anymore which was good for us because we never really liked her and good for him because apparently he's talking to Dani again. And we all love Dani. 

"Guys I think you should sit down" I say as I pull Chloe into me. They all look at us in utter confusion and I nod at Chloe, prompting her to say it. "So. I'm pregnant. It wasn't planned it just... Happened" Everyone screamed and Lou and El hugged eachother and so did Harry and Bonnie, going along with our little plan. Niall and Maddie did too. Just leaving Liam alone. I felt bad for him, Sophia just took most of his money and left. 

"How long have you known for?" El manages to say through her tears of joy, Chloe bites her lip and looks at me, 

"Six months today" I smile and she hugs Louis again. But suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I don't think we were expecting anyone... So I slowly edge my way over to the door, feeling everyone's eyes on me as I did so. I pulled down the handle and... DANI?! 

"DANI!" Everyone cheers, she drops her suitcase and runs towards Liam. Jumping into his arms when she reached him

"I'm so sorry, I heard the news about Sophia" she mumbles into his neck and he just smiles as I give him the thumbs up. I drag in her suitcase and plonk it near the door. We tell Dani and she kisses Liam with excitement, a bit like El did to Louis.

"Have you t'ought of any names yet man?" Niall speaks up for the first time in the whole night. "Cause if ya haven't I tink you should call it Niall" he laughs, his accent thicker than ever. "No Niall, just no!" I laugh back and pat him on the back. 

"Have you thought of any names though?" Eleanor smiles at us and Chloe looks at me, 

"we both loved Charlotte for a girl but no boys names yet" she replied, kissing me on the cheek.


Chloe's P.O.V

Once everyone had gone, I decided to call my mum 

"Hey mum" I spoke up as she answered

"Hello darling, you okay?" she chirped through the other end of the phone, I took a deep breath in

"Mum, I'm six months pregnant" I bit my lip hoping she wouldn't react badly, but infact she reacted the complete opposite of that. She screamed and accidentally ended it but later replied with a text 

'Congratulations to you and Zayn darling, I will have to see you both soon, Love mum xxx' she'd only just got used to this texting thing and felt the need to say 'love mum' at the end of each text, as if I didn't already know it was from her. Zayn took the opportunity to call his mum who reacted similarly, now it's the public.

My phone continuously buzzed from mentions from my twitter. I didn't read a single bad tweet about mine and Zayn's new baby. Most were congratulating us, and some were saying how sexy our kid would be. I was pretty chuffed with both! 


3 months to go, and our new baby will be here.  

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