Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


6. 'Friendly Dinner'

Chloe's P.O.V

Last night was so good, the girls are so friendly and welcoming. I didn't really see much of Bonnie because she spent most of the night kissing Harry, they would be the cutest couple. The kiss with Zayn was amazing, I really am starting to like him, and I hope I'm not just "another girl". I don't know why I'm thinking this way, I always think the worst of a situation and end up getting myself worked up over nothing. 

I hopped out of bed and shoved on some sweats and a baggy vest again, I grabbed the nearest pair of shoes near me, my vans, and ran to the front door. Bonnie had been drinking last night so I was gonna go out and get some bagels or something from the bakery just round the corner. I got to the entrance of the flats and saw a familiar quiff in front of me. Zayn, I can't have him seeing me like this, I look a mess. So I quickly turned on my heals and went to walk off "I saw you, you know." a voice came from behind me. I stopped in my tracks and started walking towards him, covering my face with my hands. He grabbed them away and lifted my head up with his hand, "no need to do that. Anyway... Where you off to?" I blushed a little bit "the bakery, Bonnie's so hungover, she isn't a very good drinker, unlike myself" I winked "I'll hold you to that" he laughed and grabbed my hand "come on, I'll come with you" he gave me a huge grin, I pulled my hand away and ushered him forward commenting "ladies first" he let out a huge, over-exaggerated gasp "dogs follow" he said with a very flirtatious tone to his voice. I smacked him on the arm as we walked out. I thought there would be papz everywhere but it turns out the street was empty, he looked down at me and smiled, and I smiled back. 


We walked into the bakery, and waited to get served "I don't suppose you'd want to come on a friendly dinner later? Just the two of us?" I laughed at how he put it "oh I'd love to come on a friendly dinner with you later, what time?" he looked at his watch, "about 5?" I quickly nodded, I ordered two bacon and cheese turnovers and Zayn ordered a chicken and cheese pastie. I honestly didn't think he'd be much of a pastie guy. He smiled at me before he took a huge bite out of his pastie, leaving a bit of sauce on the side of his face, I grabbed a napkin and wiped it gently "I was saving that for later!" he frowned at me and I giggled. He frowned at me, "you better run" he said in another serious tone. I looked at him for a while and just ran away, I heard heavy footsteps running towards me, when suddenly.. "GOTCHA!" he yelled, grabbing me from behind and spinning me round. We laughed uncontrollably and walked home hand in hand.


As we got to the door I gave him a smile "see you later for our 'friendly date'" I tease him, he nods. I kiss him on the cheek and walk off smiling to myself. I get in and Bonnie's sat there on the sofa staring at me. "Friendly date?" she scoffs, I just nod slowly, "FRIENDLY DATE MY ASS" she screams really loud again, I hand her the bacon and cheese turnover and she just shovels it in. She looked like shit. I ran to my bedroom, pulling a tight floral dress I'd been wanting to wear for ages out. I found some black heals and tried it on. I looked pretty good. So I stripped off and ran to the bathroom naked, Bonnie's seen me naked many times so it doesn't bother me. I jumped into the shower and felt the hot water trickle all over my freezing body, it felt amazing. I began to hum a song that I just made up on the spot, I always do that. I grabbed my shampoo and rubbed it into my hair, forming loads of bubbles on my head. I chuckled to myself, I did the same with the conditioner and washed my body. I ran the sponge over my breasts, which are a fair size at 32c for someone my age. I jumped out and wrapped the towel over me and one for my hair. Scurrying into my room, I suddenly remembered the other day when Zayn was sat on my bed and saw me naked, which made me smile. 

I dried myself all over and let my hair dry naturally, it was already 3 so I popped my dress on and added some diamond studs, I was going to leave my shoes for last minute as they were, I gave my hair a quick blow dry to speed it up, and it fell into its place, wavy. I added some red lipstick and lipgloss to my lips to make them shiny, and just did my usual make-up routine for the rest. By the time I'd finished, it was 4:30. I looked at my phone and saw a text from Zayn "on my way down" SHIT! I ran into the living room and Bonnie wolf whistled at me and I just laughed at her I got my shoes on and sat and waited. I was so nervous.


Zayn's P.O.V

I started getting really nervous as I got to her door. I knocked three times and Chloe answered. WOW, she looked beautiful. Her dress was mid thigh and her hair fell perfectly down to her waist. Her heels made her look tall, but she was still smaller than me, she smiled at me "bye Bon!" she shouted through to the kitchen. I stroked her hand with mine and entwined my fingers in hers. We walked out of the building and walked to the car park where my car was. I opened the passenger door for her and then walked round to my side. I got in and put my hand on her knee, making her flinch a little. "You made me jump!" she said sounding really shocked "Haha, sorry!" I apologised. We drove for about 15 minutes until we reached the restaurant "what are you going to have?" I turned my head to ask her, she looked at me and shrugged "I honestly don't know!" she said not looking up from the menu. I was so hungry, so I ordered chicken in barbecue sauce and she ordered a chicken burger "Let me guess" she said looking up from the menu, "your favourite food is chicken?? She questioned me, raising an eyebrow, I nodded "And yours is....." I trailed off, her eyebrow still raised at me "chicken?" I say, guessing really. A smile started to grow on her face "well done, but I know you guessed though" I laughed at her. The food came and it was really nice, I looked over at Chloe and she was using a knife and fork to eat a burger. I took the knife and fork away from her and looked at her in confusion "it gets me all messy, and I hate mess!" she stated, blushing. "you didn't seem to hate mess when we had that flour fight" I quickly responded making her smile, I'd never seen her smile with her teeth before. They were so perfect. Like her really. We finished and I paid the bill, she looked at me in shock "you're not paying for all of it!" she almost shouted, I just laughed at her and smiled, not saying anything. We got back to the car "that was a nice friendly dinner" she said sarcastically. "Haha, very friendly indeed" I pretended to push some glasses up my nose. She giggled to herself, "We'll have to do that again sometime" I said to her, and put my hand on her knee, this time, she put her hand on to mine and smiled. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about her. I think I really like her.


Chloe's P.O.V

We got back to his flat and I sat on the sofa next to him, he turned at me gasping while he turned "wanna have a movie night? I have popcorn" I loved the sound of that "sure!" I said with a very flirtatious smile, it was dark, so I text Bonnie to let her know what I was doing

'Having a movie night with Zayn. So don't get worried, love you x'

'MOVIE NIGHT MY ASS. WEAR PROTECTION!'  Was the reply I got, there is no way in hell I'm losing my v to a boy I've known like 4 days. But that doesn't mean I won't do anything else....

He came back through with a bowl of popcorn and two glasses of wine, "ooo Zayn, you do know how to impress a lady" I said in a posh voice, he laughed. He sat down and put the movie on, we watched The Titanic, I'd only ever seen this film once and I'd balled my eyes out at it. Zayn jumped up and went to his bedroom. I felt a little awkward, but he came back through with a t-shirt "for you, you looked a little uncomfortable" I jumped up and kissed him gently on the cheek "Thank you" I said walking off to the toilet to change. I slid my dress off and put the t-shirt on, it went as low as my dress did, so it covered everything. I came out with my dress in my hand and smiled "beautiful" he said looking me up and down, I walked over to him and sat down, putting my legs up. He unpaused it and we started to watch, I slowly put my head onto his shoulder, and I felt him smile which made me more comfortable. The sad part came along where the ship started to sink, I felt a tear run down my cheek and soak into Zayn's shirt. "Are you crying?" he coughed. I wiped my tear from my cheek and sat up "No my eyes were sweating" he nodded sarcastically.

The next thing I know, I'm asleep. I felt someone lift me up bridal style and carry me to the bedroom, it took me a while to realise where I was. Zayn's. I carried on pretending to be asleep and felt him put me down onto a soft mattress. The mattress starting going down on one side, he was getting in next to me, I was so happy. He wrapped his arms around me, making me feel safe and secure. I turned around and snuggled into his neck. "I love you" I slowly heard him whisper. But I was too tired to reply.

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