Our Moment

17 year old dancer Chloe moves from a small city called Portsmouth to London with her best friend Bonnie. Little did she know she lived two floors up from the famous Zayn Malik, who she is becoming to see a lot more of.


14. First argument

Chloe's P.O.V

I've been practicing day in and day out for my new dance comp. I found out the orange mans name is Leeroy, he's so amazing and he's a lot like my uncle. I have my dance all sorted and just need to manage the splits at the end. I woke up to no Zayn but a note "gone out" so I guessed I'd go see Harry and Bonnie. "Where's Zayn?" Bonnie asked as I let myself in, I rolled my eyes "out" I'd been feeling really depressed recently and Zayn wasn't helping, he'd always be out all the time, and when he was with me he barely even spoke to me. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head of all the horrible thoughts running through my mind 

what if he was cheating on me?

what if I'm just another girl? 

I had to shake them from my head so I didn't cry. I thought about it for a while but eventually decided to go to Starbucks, I went to pull the door down when I saw Zayn sat in there holding a girls hand, leaning in for a kiss. My eyes filled with tears as he looked at me in shock. He dropped her hand and ran out to me "Chloe, it's not what it looks like!" He shouted as I walked away, I turned round so I was facing him "Oh yeah Zayn? You were holding her hand and staring into eachothers eyes, there's not much else it can look like!" I could feel the tears streaming down my face "I..." I quickly interrupted him "You broke all your promises Zayn, when I need you most, you broke them and screwed them up in my face!" I ran away back to my room and lied down on the bed to cry. My phone continuously started to buzz from texts and phone calls all from Zayn, I didn't want to talk to him. Not after what I'd just seen. A knock startled me and I ignored it. I looked at my twitter to find more hate than I'd ever had. 

"Good on Zayn for finishing that whore, always hated her"

"Glad her brothers dead, she's vile"

"Ew she's a mess get her away from my Zayn"

I got up and ran to the bathroom. I crouched down on the floor and locked the door. I fumbled around my soap bag for my blades and stared at them blankly. I pulled it up to my wrist and slowly sliced it into my wrist. Retracing the scars that had already healed. I looked around me and blood was everywhere, all over my hands, my legs, my wrists. I tried standing up but I felt too dizzy. So I sat there and watched the blood trickle out of my wrists, like the tears from my eyes. I'm so ashamed of myself. I promised Joey I'd never do it again, but I have. I need him here with me now, cuddling me and telling me it will all be okay. 

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