Behind the Brush

Alison was a makeup artist. She shadowed Lou Teasedale to get experience. Her job mostly consisted of watching and handing Lou the products that she needed. She was never allowed to even adjust the five superstars' makeup or hair. Then, one day, Lou calls in sick the day of the show. Food Poisoning. Alison gets her chance at doing makeup for once, and maybe a chance with a curly-headed boy...... (btw this is for a contest!!!! oh yeah!!!! please like/fave if you do like it!)


7. Chapter 7

*Alison's POV*


Oh no, this isn't happening. I can't get fired. I always do this. I get a great opportunity for myself, and then I fuck it up. What does management want? I begrudgingly walk over to their manager, Paul. He sees me, and practically drags me behind a curtain that is set up.

"Hi Paul. Why-"

"ALISON WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" he nearly yells at me.


"You  know its against your contract to have a relationship with any of the boys!"

What? I never knew that.....ugh it was probably in the fine print.

"Look Paul-"

"Alison, listen to me, I'm not going to fire you because you are a nice hard-working girl, and I like that you don't sass anyone who doesn't deserve it," he smiles, "But the fans will be on our backs if they find out that Harry is in a relationship, especially someone who is working for them. My superiors are going to have my head if this goes on. Promise me that you'll stay away from Harry. I know he can charm the pants off anyone, but this could affect both of us, okay?"

Even though it pained me to, I nodded my head. I was excited for that night because Harry was going to teach Lux how to ice skate, and he wanted me to take pictures. 

I walk away from Paul and straight into Harry's chest. 


Harry catches me before I fall

"Oh my god are you okay?" he says, the concern evident in his face. 

"Yeah, I should have watched where I was going."

He smiled.

"Well that's good, my chest isn't exactly squishy," he says with a smirk.

"If you're done complimenting yourself, can you let me pass? Zayn looks like he's ready to have Ryan's head on a platter."

Zayn was yelling at Ryan across the room. The clamour of the outfit change was too loud to let me hear his words, but he was pointing to his hair, as it was as it was when they went to Japan. His gel probably wasn't enough to withstand the amount of sweating they do one stage. 

Harry look s over to Zayn and chuckles.

"He's such a drama queen."

He turns to me.

'Are you still coming to the rink with me and Lux?"

I avert my gaze.

"Yeah... um.... about that........"

Harry's eyes look down.

"I mean.... If you can't come it's okay..." he mumbles.

He didn't sound sad, just a bit disappointed. 

"We'll discuss this later Harry okay?" I ask.

He gives me a curt nod and turns away to get changed. 


Once more, the boys are yelling out above the screams of the crowd about how they've been the best crowd ever. They all yell their goodbyes once more, and jump into the hole in the stage. They're all beaming with happiness, you can tell that they truly enjoy their jobs, if you can even call it that. They get to tour the world with their best friends and do their favourite thing to do in the world, getting paid ludicrous amounts of money and getting anything they want on the drop of a dime. Niall is jumping on Louis' tiny body, trying to get a piggyback from him, Harry is trying to flick the droplets of sweat that have collected in his hair on Liam, and Zayn is getting the towels from Lou. They all strip their shirts and toss them in the designated "laundry to wash" corner. I walk over to the corner to collect the shirts and hand them over to the dry cleaning crew, but I get blocked by Harry. Harry's tall frame looms over my tiny one, sweat dripping down his lean torso, over the butterfly tattoo that seems to be fluttering its wings whenever Harry breathes. I can feel the heat coming off of him in waves. 


"What?" I ask.

"You said that we could talk after the show."

"Now?" I look around, either no one really noticed this conversation, or everyone is very good at pretending. A flash of a glare from Paul tells me that the latter is correct. 

"Yes, now."

I sigh.

"I just... Can't go..." I'm a terrible liar, and Harry can sense it.

Harry's eyes flicker with an emotion. Disappointment? Sadness? I can't tell. It lasted for less than a second. I push past him towards the dry-cleaning people waiting on the sidelines. Harry turns around and perks up, and jumps on Liam, pretending to be a koala bear. I laugh a little, but I'm a bit disappointed. I thought he was even a bit hurt, I guess he was just acting to be nice. I look over to Paul, and he gives me a curt not and a small smile, as if he were saying "good job", but I don't think that when you do a good job you're supposed to feel like you've lost. 

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