Behind the Brush

Alison was a makeup artist. She shadowed Lou Teasedale to get experience. Her job mostly consisted of watching and handing Lou the products that she needed. She was never allowed to even adjust the five superstars' makeup or hair. Then, one day, Lou calls in sick the day of the show. Food Poisoning. Alison gets her chance at doing makeup for once, and maybe a chance with a curly-headed boy...... (btw this is for a contest!!!! oh yeah!!!! please like/fave if you do like it!)


6. Chapter 6

   *Alison POV*

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I'm going to be in so much trouble. We've managed to stop the mobs for the most part, and now I've just gotten Harry mobbed. Management is going to KILL me. Or at the very least fire me. I shouldn't have been speaking so loudly, then we wouldn't have drawn so much attention. My phone rings. Great. It's Lou. I unlock my phone.

"ALISON!" Lou barks through the phone.

"Yes Lou?" I sigh.


"Look Lou, I'm sorry, but Harry was-"

"DON'T YOU DARE PIN IT ON HARRY. HE-" Harry snatches my phone out of my hands. He probably saw my pained expression.

"Hello?" his deep baritone resonates throughout the room.

He chuckles.

"Oh no, Lou it's totally my fault, I shouldn't have raised my voice, or drawn so much attention to myself.........Oh no, Alison was trying to quiet me down........Yes Lou she was being the sensible one..... All right......I'll see you soon.....Bye love," he hangs up.

I looked at him nervously.

"So, what did she say?" I ask, my voice somehow steady, despite the wavering emotions inside of me. 

"She said that you're fired," Harry says. 

I look up at him.

"What?" Tears pool in my eyes.

Harry looks alarmed.

"I'm kidding!" He puts his hands up defensively, "She believed me when I said that you were the responsible one."

I give him a watery smile.

"You fucking dick."

He gives me a cheeky wink.


I check the time.

"Where the hell are the bodyguards? It's been fifteen minutes!"

"Um it's been a while since something like this has happened. Come to think of it, I don't think that they have done anything more physical than getting into their their cars and buying crisps, donuts, and soda."

I giggled. Harry smiled when the bubbly sound left my lips, revealing the famous deep dimples on each side of his face. 

A harsh banging on the glass door ruined our little happy moment. Harry and I look over and we see a bodyguard and his team motioning for us to come out. We open the door and the bodyguards form a protective bubble around us, trying to block us from the fans. We get practically thrown into a black armoured car, and we quickly exit the scene. 


We arrive at the stadium forty-five minutes late. Ryan is arranging and re-arranging his hair tools. Lou is pacing back and forth. All of the backstage crew are scurrying around. Some how, 5SOS are still performing, but I see someone running around yelling at no one in particular that the crowd was getting upset. Lou looks at me and Harry and sighs in relief. 

"Harry thank god you're here! The rest of the boys are waiting by stage, now hurry up, get in my chair. There's not time to fix your hair, and I guess you'll have to go on dressed like that." She looks down at his black skinny jeans, white tshirt, and black converse disdainfully. She practically drags Harry to the chair and plops him down. Her hands move like a tornado, applying makeup to the, as Lou calls it, "problem spots" on his face. I can see that she is using the procedure that she created for when the boys were late. Apply concealer where needed, put powder on their faces, run your fingers through their hair for that "manly rugged" look, hand them a chapstick to put on as they go over to the stage. Within three minutes Harry is walking over to the stage, vanilla chapstick in hand. Niall is looking at his phone, Zayn and Louis are having a laugh, and Liam is taking selfies to post onto twitter to keep the fans happy. Niall looks up. 

"Harry! Mate! Glad you could make it," he says with a smirk.

"Lay off," Harry says with a laugh, "Remember that one time you were in the bathroom for too long, and then our concert was late?"

Niall laughed.

"Yeh. Good times, good times." He looks at me

"Eh, Alison! Have you checked the twitter? Y'er all over it!" 

"WHAT?" I practically scream. Niall doesn't get to clarify what he said, since he is basically being pushed onto the stage. I pull out my phone and open up the twitter app. I check my notifications, and I have more mentions in the last hour than I've had in the past month! I read through them. A few of them are saying that I'm pretty, some post pictures of me and Harry walking together outside, claiming that we were a couple, a few people were gushing at this, and then quite a few people posted pictures of me and Harry running into the Victoria's Secret store, and then from there the comments really spiralled out of control. The mentions ranged from jokes to disgust to threats. I saw my name associated with the word "whore" many times. The Larry shippers started calling me a "beard" and "Eleanor II". I look at those people tweets. Pathetic. They don't even know me but they think that they can judge me. I'm snapped out of my little hate bubble by Ryan. 


I sigh.

"Hey Ryan."

"Alison, management wants to talk to you."


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