Behind the Brush

Alison was a makeup artist. She shadowed Lou Teasedale to get experience. Her job mostly consisted of watching and handing Lou the products that she needed. She was never allowed to even adjust the five superstars' makeup or hair. Then, one day, Lou calls in sick the day of the show. Food Poisoning. Alison gets her chance at doing makeup for once, and maybe a chance with a curly-headed boy...... (btw this is for a contest!!!! oh yeah!!!! please like/fave if you do like it!)


12. Chapter 12

*Alison POV* 

I was in the boys change room behind a rack of clothing, the only privacy I can get at this stupid magazine's headquarters. Maybe Harry was just drunk that night? I mean, a lot of girls would kill to get close to him... Yeah, that's it. He still cares about me, he just made a mistake. 

I wipe my eyes and am about to come out from behind the clothing rack when I hear the door open and all the boys walking in. They're joking with each other and generally just being dumb. I clearly hear Liam say, "So H, who's the girl?" 

"What?" Harry sounded a little too confused. 

"You know, the girl who is "so down to earth" that you told the interviewer about?" 

"Oh!" He chuckles. "Yeah I just made something up, I wanted to get her off my back." 

My face burned red and my eyes started welling up with tears again. Of course the prick would make something up. He's just as bad as the media makes him out to be. Why did I ever believe that he could be into me for even a fraction of a second? I wiped my eyes one last time and came out from behind the clothing rack. 

I ran past the boys, ignoring their questions. I ignored Lou and Ryan, and went straight to the hotel. I didn't want to talk to any of them. I just wanted to be by myself and wallow in my embarrassment. 

I get back to the hotel and immediately call my best friend, Kenny. She was the only one who I could bear to talk to at this point. I told her everything that had happened in the past two weeks with Harry, and she sat and listened to me. I was crying again by the time I finished telling her what happened. 

"So?" I asked. 


"What should I do?" 

Kenny thought for a moment. 

"Ignore the dick. He's a popstar, they're all the same. They think that they can just use women for their advantage and play with their emotions because a bunch of 12-year-olds want them. Let them be with the 12-year-olds. You're too good for him. Focus on your dream, becoming the best damn manager in Hollywood." 

I sniffled. "Okay...Kenny?"


"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course honey." 

"Do you think that I'm pathetic for falling for his tricks?" 

"Of course not! I would be more shocked if you hadn't gotten manipulated. We are all blinded by the star power of celebrities. It's not your fault at all!" 

"Thanks Kenny. I think I'm gonna go now..." 

"No of course, you should get some rest. Have a good sleep!" 


I ended the call. Even though it was only 6:30 pm, I crawled into bed anyways. I was too exhausted to deal with the world for now. 


*Harry POV* 

"Yeah I just made something up, I wanted to get her off my back." 

I felt bad lying to the boys, but I didn't want to admit my feelings for Alison just yet. She had been acting so weird after the Victoria's Secret incident, she had barely been talking to me. At that exact moment, I hear some rustling from behind the clothes. 

We all turn around and see Alison speedwalk he way out from behind them. My heart sinks as I see that she's crying, realizing that she probably hear what I just said. "Alison," I call after her, the boys doing the same since they probably realized too that she was crying. She ignored us all, practically running out of the room. 

"What's up with her?" asked Liam. 

"Dunno, probably just stress." The lie felt awful coming out of my mouth, but I wasn't about to out myself right now. 

We all got changed and went back into the tour bus to go back to the hotel. We had a debrief with Paul, who congratulated us for our quick thinking during the interview and gave me a sassy comment about "learning a lesson". I rolled my eyes and stared out the window of the bus, silently urging the bus driver to get us back to the hotel faster. 

Once we get there, I practically jumped out of the tour bus and ran into the elevator, impatient at how slowly it went up the floors. Finally, the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. I ran down the hallway, checking the room numbers as I went. Finally I stopped in front of a door. I checked my watch, 7:30 pm. I knocked on the door. 

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