Behind the Brush

Alison was a makeup artist. She shadowed Lou Teasedale to get experience. Her job mostly consisted of watching and handing Lou the products that she needed. She was never allowed to even adjust the five superstars' makeup or hair. Then, one day, Lou calls in sick the day of the show. Food Poisoning. Alison gets her chance at doing makeup for once, and maybe a chance with a curly-headed boy...... (btw this is for a contest!!!! oh yeah!!!! please like/fave if you do like it!)


11. Chapter 11

*Alison POV*

I ran to the bathroom, tears streaming down my face. I locked myself in a stall, barely keeping the sobs in. Even though Harry deserved what he got, I still felt bad. He is so sweet and kind, concerned for everyone around him. I shouldn't be crying over him, but I am. When I told him that management doesn't want us together, I though that he would have some fight in him, that he would talk to Paul or even Simon.... Harry can charm the pants off anyone. Instead, he got drunk and found some sluts to keep him company. They probably had a foursome... I was so stupid to believe that the Harry Styles was interested in me. He texted me constantly, told me stupid jokes, even wanted to hang out with me all the time.... I was stupid to believe that I was more than just another girl who he charmed.

I wiped the tears off my face and checked my makeup in the mirror. I looked like a panda. I wet a paper towel and smeared some soap on in- my quick-fix when I don't have any makeup remover - and wiped off my face. A bare face was better than a makeup smeared one. I walked back out to face the rest of the crew. 

Ryan was waiting outside of the bathroom for me, with a look of concern on his face. Wordlessly, he wrapped me in a big bear hug and rubbed my back as the boys went on. 

*Harry POV*

I sit down on the couch, sitting on the edge so as to not be suffocated by the boys. Cameras are being shoved in my face as the interviewer begins asking us questions, because it isn't an interview with One Direction if someone isn't filming it. I zone out, letting Liam (the only one who knows how to please management) to talk. I'm snapped back to reality by Niall elbowing me. 

"Harry!" he hisses. 


He nods to the reporter. I look to her and smile. 

"Sorry, I'm really tired. You know that One Direction are crazy busy."

The interviewer laughs. She's an older woman, who thankfully isn't trying to flirt with us, unlike other women. 

"Harry, there are some photos of you circulating the internet, any comments?"



"The women can't help it!" interjects Louis. 

I glare at him. What are you doing? I say with my eyes. 

Just trust me is the response I get. 

"You see, as a very famous boyband, we happen to make girls do crazy things. You see the crowds that gather when it's even rumoured that we are in a specific location," explains Louis. 

"Yeah, we've been flashed many times by girls who I'm pretty sure would never do that in the presence of anyone else," jokes Liam.

The interviewer refuses to be taken off track, she circles right back to me.

"Harry, with all these rumours of being a womanizer, do you have anything to say to contradict that? Maybe a special lady?"


She leans in.

"Do tell, Harry."

"There is this one girl...."

*Alison POV*

"There is this one girl..."

I gasp off camera. Everyone stares at me but I don't care. 

"A model? An actress? A fellow singer?" The interviewer nearly pees herself with excitement.

"No, nothing like that. She's special. She's so down to Earth, and she's so intelligent too. Sadly, I don't think that she's very interested in me..." 

I run out of the set, biting back tears, hating myself for crying so much. OH boo hoo, poor little white girl. She can't date the most famous popstar on the planet so that she can save her job. How hard it is for her. Although I know how stupid it is for me to be this upset, I just can't handle it. Harry is different. He's sweet and charming, and very down to earth. He's not afraid to make fun of himself, and can put a smile on anyone's face. To be honest, there doesn't seem to be a better man on this planet. Management sucks. Honestly. I don't know why the boys even decided to sign on for another term with this shitty management. Sure, they got famous with it, but Modest! is so restrictive and doesn't let the boys do as they please. 

I run outside and lean against the wall, wiping away my tears. Why is this curly-headed boy so damn alluring?

*Author's note* Wow I haven't updated in a while.. oops... i hope that those of you who are still reading enjoy this story still... even though I don't update as much as I should be... Thanks for sticking around and stay tuned for the next chapter :) - Harry'sDimples 

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