Love life

It is a story about your love life whith Louis from 1D he is not famous in this movella (fan fiction)


2. Chapter two

*****one year later*****


You love the summer holidays you are going to go to Morocco (in Africa) and you are allowed to take a friend with you but you can't decide on Louis or Justin so you put there names In a hat and pick out Louis' name yay you think! When you tell Louis Justin gets jelouse and kicks you. But you make up again later.


the holiday was great! You play with Louis the whole time! When you got on the plane you and Louis sat next to each other and played on your IPads together for the 2 1/2 hour journey. You had lots of fun! By the time you got to the hotel it was 00:03 very late! You went to sleep on a bed and Louis on a mattress on the floor.  But to make it fair you swapped every other night so you both got a turn on the comfy bed and on the uncomfortable bed!


The next day you got changed into your swing costumes.  You put on your green and blue bikini and Louis puts on his swimming pants. You have a great time together in the pool and then you go to have breakfast. You have a chocolate doughnut and three pancakes- one covered in stawberry sauce and one coverd in chocolate sauce and one covered in caramel sauce- yum!


You go and join the kids club and play mini darts whilst your mum does belly dancing lessons- gross! Your dad goes in the sea at the same time.  When you go to the snack bar you both notice the kittens there is about 9 of them and there is three mummy's- no one knows who the dads are. The cats are very thin and small you name two of your favourite kittens Ben and jerry! After the week is over you are very dissapointed and you say sad goodbyes to all the cats. 









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