This Love Is Difficult

Harry has always had a huge crush on the famous actress Jessy so when he finally meets her and they start dating, Harry feels like the luckiest guy on earth. But not for long... Zayn doesn't get along with her, Louis seems to hate her, Liam becomes a little too close with her in Harry's opinion and Niall always acts very weird around her. Will their love last?


1. Exciting news

I was sitting on the couch with Louis and Zayn when Niall came walking in. "OMG Harry! I have some exciting news for you !" He said. I could tell he was very excited. "What is it Niall?" I asked. "You will never believe what I'm about to tell you !" He answered. "Come on Niall, Just tell me" I said a bit annoyed 'cause I really wanted to know what he wanted to tell me. "Okay, I will. Just promise me you won't freak out!" He said. "Oh for god's sake Niall, could you just tell him!" Louis jumped in, clearly annoyed with the whole conversation. "Guess who's coming to the TCA's tomorrow?" Niall asked me. "I don't know, but I have a feeling that you are going to tell me that" I said."JESSY PARKER!" He screamed. "OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!" I screamed. "Yes, I'm dead serious! She'll be hosting the whole thing !" He said. I got up and started to jump on the couch. "OMG, I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE I WILL FINALLY MEET HER" I continued screaming. I kept jumping/dancing on the couch for ten more minutes before I finally calmed down. "Wow, you really like her, don't you?" Zayn asked. "Duh, he has been obsessing over her since we first met him at the X Factor. Remember?" Louis said. "I'm not obsessed with her Louis" I said to him. "Don't lie to me Harry. We all know you do!" He said. "I'm not lying Louis" I shouted. "Oh really? Niall, is it true that he's obsessed with her or not ?" Louis asked. I gave Niall my "Don't you dare" look but he was looking at Louis. "Yup." He answered, still avoiding my gaze. I looked at Louis who was smirking right now. I just gave him an angry look and walked to my room. He was right to be honest. I am a bit obsessed with her. I've had a huge crush on her since I first saw her in a movie. I can’t really remember the title anymore but I do remember how gorgeous she has looked and well, let’s just say it was love at first sight. I've always wanted to meet her ever since but I never had the chance to because she hardly ever attends award shows and she’s never in the same town as me. I was starting to lose all hope in meeting her but this changes everything! I’m actually going to meet her tomorrow. I can't wait !!

Author's note

It's not really a good time to start a fanfic 'cause schools starts Monday but yeah…

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