Keep on beating

Have you heard about the new people in town? Word is that there coming after the teenagers in the town. But that's not news to me. After all, I've been running from these creatures all my life.

She thought she was finally safe. Now they've found her again.


3. Sacred Destiny

Most of what you know about Vampires already is probably wrong. Wooden stake through the heart? Myth. Drinking blood? Based on a serious illness. Burn in the sun? Confusion. All Vampires have a heart but what makes it different from ours is that when it beats it sends a flash of flame coursing through their bodies, creating their undeniable beauty and making them almost impossible to kill. The way they pray on there victims is sort of like mind control. They can grasp your mind and either drain you, change your genetic makeup or alter you memories and personality. In other words, they can kill you just by looking at you and when they turn you, you will remember no one but the one who changed you. So, weeks later, you could kill your best friend or mother.

However, there are a race of people whose purpose in life is find and destroy Vampires. You might call us Slayers but we prefer the name Dragon Hearts. You see the only way to kill a vampire is for a creature with a dragon heart to stab them in the heart with silver or gold. So, in answer to that question, yes, we literally have the heart of a dragon. You see, the magic of the dragons is very powerful and they can share their heart with another being. Our ancestry comes from a group of fifty of the wisest dragons who decided that the dragons were becoming a hunted race by the humans that had taken over the planet. So, they all split their hearts with fifty young humans who they then raised and taught how to fight and kill the vampires. These fifty Dragon Hearts all had children, some with humans, some with the other Dragon Hearts, but the result was always the same. A Dragon Heart. First there were fifty. Now there's only one. Me.

If a Vampire attempts to turn a Dragon Heart, they die. Our hearts are so pure that when a Vampire tries to turn them to evil, they stop beating in order to protect us. Our defense mechanism is a silver dragon that we wear which stops the Vampires from accessing our minds. We never take them off but if the Vampire can remove it in the fight, then they can kill us, lessening the threat on their existence. When I was just three years old, my father, a Dragon Heart, was killed by a Vampire whilst trying to save my mother, a human, from being changed but he failed and my mother changed, completely forgetting her child hiding in the other room and, in some ways, that was a blessing in disguise, as they left me alone for the next two years. My father was thought to be one of the last Dragon Hearts, so when they heard about me when I was five years old, they came to find me in the mountains where I had been hiding. When they arrived, I fought like an animal and managed to escape to the nearest village. When I was found, I was taken to Social Services. All Dragon Hearts tend to be overly pretty from the purity of our hearts and I was no exception to the rule. I had very pale skin, green/brown eyes and scarlet ringlets that bounced around my shoulders. It's probably for that reason that only six months after I had been found, I was adopted. Seven months subsequently, I ran away from my foster family in Carlisle and headed down to Yorkshire. This pattern pretty much continued for the rest of my life. I would live in one place for awhile with seemingly nothing wrong and then live for no apparent reason. The real reason, of course, was that some group of Vampires would have found me and I would kill a couple of them and then move on to keep the people in whatever town or city I happened to be in at the time. Usually, if a cove of Vampires came after a Dragon Heart, they would eradicate the Vampires but I'm not a full Dragon Heart yet and I'm the last one so I have to be more careful.

When a Dragon Heart turns sixteen, they earn a gift, as well as super speed and strength, that's all their own, that no one has or will ever have. I'm only fourteen so I've still got another two years until I can be a Dragon Heart in blood and bone. I live in fear that I'll be found and killed and , more importantly, that I'll get someone else killed; A Dragon Hearts ultimate aim is really to kill Vampires and keep the humans safe from them. My aim is to protect them.

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