Keep on beating

Have you heard about the new people in town? Word is that there coming after the teenagers in the town. But that's not news to me. After all, I've been running from these creatures all my life.

She thought she was finally safe. Now they've found her again.


1. Prologue

Outside the sound of scuffling feet across the harsh rocky outcrop became more pronounced as they grew closer to the small cave hidden far back in the rock face. Upon hearing the footsteps, the young girl inside withdrew into the farthest corner trying as hard as she could to suppress the adrenalin pumping through her body and keep her breathing as steady and as quiet as the mountain lions she had been studying all day. They could hear her. She knew this but even though she had always known it, for some unknown reason today she couldn't do it. Giving up, she felt the adrenalin resuming its path through her body and stood up, preparing for the fight that was to come. After all, she had been born to do this.

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