Keep on beating

Have you heard about the new people in town? Word is that there coming after the teenagers in the town. But that's not news to me. After all, I've been running from these creatures all my life.

She thought she was finally safe. Now they've found her again.


2. New Town, New School

The dreary weather continued as my new foster mother exited the A26 and drove into the 'quaint' town of St Cecilia , ultimately headed for the petite secondary school in the centre of town for 'troubled teens' called Queen Victoria's Secondary School for Problematic Children. It was apparently set up in 1902 in honour of Queen Victoria, as if I cared. So what if I had to go to a secure school because I had runaway from my past families since I had been put in the care system when I was five years old. I couldn't bear to dwell on the past any longer than I had to just as I couldn't staying one place for too long, but nobody could know why. Ever.

I returned my gaze out of the window to see a relatively dulcet town winding past, full of Tudor and Georgian houses if you looked above the store fronts. The people on the street where all strangers to me as I was to them but for me, I was used to people not recognising me, being the outsider. As it had been for the rest of my life, there was no point in changing this situation as I would be moving on before to long and any connection with these people would just put them in harms way.

So my life was a solitary one, a lone wolf abhorring the company of other people. Not that it had always been that way or that I would have chosen to do so had I been given the choice. But I hadn't because my only other option would be to let the people around me, innocent people, get hurt.

My name is Fiona but most people call me Fi. I am thirteen years old and have an uncanny ability to find trouble. But the most important thing about me is that I was born to kill vampires.

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