Keep on beating

Have you heard about the new people in town? Word is that there coming after the teenagers in the town. But that's not news to me. After all, I've been running from these creatures all my life.

She thought she was finally safe. Now they've found her again.


5. Inside

The cavernous hall amplified my footsteps as I walked through the great wooden doors. It was cold with little decoration other than a massive portrait of Queen Victoria over looking the stairwell. There stone walls loomed ominously around me and the whole place had a feeling of being to big yet like the walls were closing in on you. Completely empty apart from me and Sandra, it seemed as if the building was completely empty giving it an almost haunted eeriness. Still, there seemed no reason to just stand in the doorway so I crept in as if not to disturb the peace. If there was any peace in this place.

Ten minutes later, there was still no sign of anyone coming to greet us so I started to wander down one of the long corridors that lead of the entrance.

"What are you doing?" exclaimed Sandra in a strained whisper.

I'm going," I started in equally hushed tones then, clearing my throat I said in a normal voice, "I'm going to see if I can find anyone to tell us what to do."

And so I strode off with Sandra struggling to catch up with me. Even though we had left the creepy entrance hall, I still couldn't shake the unnerved feeling as I hurried down the more welcoming corridor. It seemed sensible that to find the people in charge, you would need to go down the classiest corridor, the one that has obviously had the most money spent on it to make life comfortable.

After walking for five minutes, we came out into a large and comforting common room were there was what seemed to be a couple of teachers milling around and chatting, mugs of warm beverages clutched in their hands.

Clearing my throat, I stepped into the middle of the room. "Excuse me, I'm the new student and I was just wondering where it is I'm supposed to go."

Silence met my statement and I stood there awkwardly for a moment. Finally, one of the females stepped forward, took me by the arm and lead me back to the exhaustingly long corridor. I guess the idea was that it was so long that none of the students would bother coming down it. Still, there were other ways of doing that.

I was brought abruptly back from my thoughts when we jolted to a stop.  Confused, I looked around in puzzlement at these new surroundings. The walls were bare but painted a sickly yellow colour; a dozen metal beds were pushed up against the wall, covers military style; a small wooden cabinet was set against each bed; a couple of students milled around but promptly disappeared once they realised a teacher was there.

At last, the teacher let go of my hand saying "This is your new room, unpack your stuff and then come down into the main hall. I'll be waiting for you."

She then proceeded to walk quickly and abruptly out of the room.

I found myself alone in this solitary room unsure what to do next. All my life there had been one plan, run away, keep fighting, but now I don't know how I can continue doing that. I had to find a way out of there. At some point Sandra had disappeared probably back to her nice comfy house. I would get to go back there at the weekends but, for now, I was stuck here. Nervously, I fiddled with my necklace, self-concious for no apparent reason. It felt as if someone was watching me. Trying to dispel this feeling, I turned to my new bed and started to unpack my clothes. All of a sudden, I heard this anguished scream and spun around to see a teenage boy, no, vampire, running towards me, the immense carving knife clutched in his hand aimed at my neck...

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