Set in 2050, this story is based upon two societies that are at war, the Broads and the Narrows. The main character Keziah Bellamey and her siblings Favel and Robin are caught up in the middle of the war and are now on the run for the rest of their lives. Master Napier wants them dead, but can they stay hidden forever? especially as Keziah falls in love with Napier's son....


8. Chapter 8

Ronan turned around and stared at Keziah thoughtfully. He walked back over to the bed and gestured for her to sit next to him. Keziah was cursing at herself silently while she sat down beside him. She had vowed that she wouldn’t ask these sorts of questions, but her curiosity had got the better of her, as per usual. Ronan sat staring at the door, contemplating on whether to tell her or not. He finally made up his mind and turned towards her, his eyes filled with sorrow.

“Yes, this is my mother’s”.

Keziah sat there awkwardly, desperately wanting to ask another question.

“He always thought she would come back” Ronans eyes locked onto Keziah’s.

“Where is she?” Keziah asked suddenly, completely giving up on her ‘asking no questions’ vow.

He turned towards the window, his finger extended. “With them” his voice full of disgust. She looked to where he was pointing. Beyond the back garden she could just about see the tall, elegant buildings that pierced into the sky. Keziah looked perplexed, he was definitely pointing towards the towers, the ones that dominated the skyline. ‘But they are in the city?’ she thought to herself, ‘and the people who live in the city are-’.

“Yes” Ronan sensed Keziah’s confusion. “My mother is a Broad”.

Keziah heard herself gasp and shuffled on the bed uncomfortably.

“It wasn’t like that back then though” he continued, lacing his fingers into Keziah’s. “About twenty years ago she met my father, they were very happy, this was before the war of course. She was a Broad and he was a Narrow, but that didn’t matter because this was at a time where everyone got along. They were together for about 5 years and then she had me. We all moved into this house and everything was perfect, until the rumours started. There were always things being said about a war between the Broads and Narrows, at first we just ignored it but then it started to become more uncomfortable around the house. I was only four at the time so I didn’t understand it but mum and dad were always fighting and I never knew why. Then there was a rumour of someone spying in on the Narrows, and a massive search was on the way. And then one night they found the culprit, a woman sneaking out to the city with top secret files and they immediately arrested her. You can guess who it was”.

“Your mother?” Keziah stared into Ronan’s gloomy eyes.

“Yes. My father became so depressed, he would lock himself in his room every night and would never come down. He redecorated the entire house, apart from this room which he would never come into, so he could try and forget about her. And from this day he still waits for her to come back to him, but I sincerely doubt she ever will”.

“Im so, so sorry” Keziah felt appalled at herself, she should of kept her mouth shut. She hated seeing Ronan like this, he looked so devastated and it made her think of her own mother. Her mother had done the exact same thing as his had. Betrayal, hurt and disbelief, was what she had felt when she had found out, and knew that he must feel exactly the same as she did.

“And then she broke out of prison” he continued, staring at his and Keziah’s interlocked hands. “They tried to look for her but it was too late, they couldn’t even find a trace. And then a few years into the war her name sprung up everywhere. The extremely famous Lizette Winslow”.

Keziah recognized the name at once. “But isn’t she the Mistress of the Broads?” she exclaimed.

Ronan nodded his head and gripped Keziah’s hand tighter. “Yes, she is. There are many stories of how she became head of the Broads, but me and my father don’t care, she is, and will always be a traitor”.

Keziah dropped her head, her hair falling around her. She felt so terrible for Ronan. She could see the resemblance though between Lizette and her son. Lizette was a beautiful woman, she had blonde hair, unlike Ronan’s brunette, but had the same long eyelashes, defined cheekbones and pure white teeth. She wondered how much Ronan must hate his mother. She had hated her mother at first but had immediately forgiven her, but Ronan’s mother had completely abandoned him, it was completely different

“Because of her, my father now hates every woman he sets eyes on. It was such an embarrassment about what happened that he swore the people who knew about his and Lizette’s marriage to secrecy. If anyone asks about him and Lizette he completely denies it and blames it on ‘stupid rumours’”.

“It must be awful having to lie about who your mother is” Keziah sighed, realizing her and her siblings were in the same situation.

“It is, but imagine people knowing the truth, we would be shunned and mocked at, and it would be disastrous for my fathers job”.

Keziah was about to ask what his father did but stopped herself, he had told her so much and she couldn’t repay him with any of her history, it was out of the question. They sat there in silence, Keziah staring out towards the city and Ronan down at their intertwined hands. Finally she broke the silence.

“I can’t stay in here” she shook her head, removing her hand from Ronan’s.

“Why not?” he seemed surprised.

“This room means a lot to you and it would be disrespectful if I stay here”.

“Don’t be stupid, I want you to stay here, it’s a waste if no one uses it. And anyway, a beautiful room for a beautiful girl” he smiled at her mockingly.

Keziah blushed “Thankyou, thankyou so much”.

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